Warburton eyes invincible defender

 Greg Roots

If the latest rumours are anything to go by, then Mark Warburton has his eye firmly set on Ivorian centre back Kolo Toure.

The 35 year old was recently released by Jürgen Klopp after a lengthy spell in England, playing for clubs at the highest level. Toure was famously part of Arsene Wenger’s ‘invincible’ Arsenal side as well as appearing in a couple of major European finals, although unfortunately he won neither of them.

The lean defender has a reputation for being agile, versatile and strong in the air. Despite his age, his previous experience and current abilities would allow him to be the exact kind of centre-back that the faltering Rangers back line craves so badly. His footballing abilities would allow him to slot straight in to Warburton’s fluent system, however his defensive qualities are above and beyond anything that Kiernan or Wilson provided last season, with nobody denying that the latter two need to either show vast improvement or be replaced if we are to mount any serious challenge to Celtic next season.

Toure’s wages would be the only stumbling block. He was paid £65,000 per week last season, so would need to take a huge pay cut to join us, and there have reportedly been offers from Chinese clubs to allow him to join them whilst earning even more money.

Just now it looks unlikely, but it is definitely a rumour that is exciting and does seem to be gathering momentum across social media platforms.


  1. Hmmm 34 yr old Barton, 35 yr old Toure, whos next? Distin or Terry? All well and good having experienced head but my preference would be experienced heads around 27/28 yrs old and not ones who are probably going to run out of steam before Christams.

    • Unfortunately we can attract players of this quality in their prime! I think we are better with a player who's qualities are proven at high level rather than relying on inexperience. David Weir is a perfect example.

    • Rather have a quality, experienced centre back who can lead the line than stick with Kiernan and Wilson who are a calamitous partnership. We need a leader who can organise use the defence and make sure Kiernan/Wilson/Ball(?) are in the right place and doing the right job. We just need SOMETHING different.

  2. Not to go being a spoil sport but someone on twitter posted this as a joke about him going to celtic, a while ago, I'd would pay very little attention to this rumour.

  3. "the lean defender" – great tongue in cheek reference to fact he was banned for taking his wife's diet pills…!!

  4. I think the criticism of Wilson and Kiernan is out of order. They were magnificent in old firm game, and we actually won a lot of games 1-0 from January onwards with defence keeping it tight. Trouble is, along with Ball, they are the only players we have, who can defend set pieces. We are meant to defend as a team, but most of the time, the midfield are no help whatsoever. They are always badly exposed.

    • Ball was key in that game but truth is too many chances were given up for anyones liking.

    • Only when the midfield was doing its job winning the ball back quickly and protecting the defence did Wilson and Kiernan look halfway decent. When they were relied on to defend themselves they proved a liability. The defensive midfielder is absolutely vital

  5. Altho in someway i agree with the chap above but these 2 are a different kettle 1 a defender 1 a midfield anchor pace & stamina not as essential with these chaps and gives the youths some experience in the side also sir davie of wier was solid until his final game with us and was he not 39 only time i thought davie was done was when hooper easily outpaced him at the start of tht season it never happened again thats what the experienced heads bring you

  6. I'd take him providing his wage demands weren't to high. Get him fit and he'd walk the SPHELL. Plenty of big game experience and hopefully he'd show Kiernan and Wilson how to actually defend. Hope the Krancjar deal is off though. Injury prone, inconsistent and playing at a poor level just now. Waste of a wage imo.

  7. Wud rather have bougy bck n i wud imagine his wages wud b alot less plus hes a beta player than that numpty!!

  8. if hes on 65k per week wee have no chance its just some Rangers fan dreaming making up storys,but if true him and Hanley would be the best partnership of all time,just think Wallace Hanley Toure Tavernier that would make my peepee hard 🙂

  9. We obviously still need a CH theres no doubt, however our worst part of defending was from corners and Joey Barton is superb at winning headers in own box so hopefully that will reduce the goals conceded there & he could help the younger guys on the pitch more in these situations, add 1 proper bread & butter defender to the mix & we will be far better in these situations next season

  10. I think the boy crooks will go into the defence & Wilson or kiernan will get benched, Or he will play in front of them to shore them up, He is good at defending set pieces [ I watched him a few times last season] & he is a helluva fighter for possession he scraps like hell, So im hoping him & Barton can tighten things up & Tav, Wallace & Wee Barry can bomb at defences, get the crosses in fro Wag & Windy to score goals, Bring it on

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