Rangers new capture ‘confirms’ other signing


Clint Hill, Rangers’ impending defensive addition, has jetted into Glasgow today, and in doing so appears to have confirmed Rangers’ successful pursuit of current transfer target Niko Kranjcar along the way as well.

Hill, 37, has now arrived at Murray Park for his medical and claims in the press state he will be announced later in the day, but his quote for waiting journalists was the most telling of all:

“Hopefully having Joey (Barton) and Niko (Kranjcar) here will compliment the squad we already have.”

The former QPR veteran is growing in popularity with fans, due to the reaction of supporters from Loftus Road, who appear bitterly disappointed at losing the stopper.

And with him now 99% secured (assuming he passes the medical) and even adding another signing himself to the persuasion, Rangers’ preparations for the new season are ramping up in earnest, with a clear shape now taking place.


  1. Delighted with the signings!!

    They're all experienced players that will help our young lads out when the going gets tough.

    Just need a keeper and a striker… would love Danny Ings but surely a prem club or championship club can offer higher wages.

    • The fattest of rats!! A billionaire and still ripping workers and fans off!!
      Tells you everything you need to know about him!!
      Just dont understand his greed, how much does a person need!!.

    • Fattest of rats!!
      A billionaire and still ripping people off!!
      How much does one person need! Tells you all you need to know about the man!!

    • Shaping up?
      A 37 year old
      2 novices from Accrington one of which is injured
      No sign of MW
      No money
      No merchandise income
      I'd hate to see gers in bad shape!

  2. A mix of experienced and young players is a good move and should work very well for the coming season. Maybe a couple more signings and that will be that. Job done MW

  3. Things looking positive,but very unhappy the way Iain Durrant was treated by the club .This is not the Rangers way to treat a legend.

    • Willie two words mate – Ally McCoist. Is that the way treat the greatest legend. Its disgusting.

    • Willie & Anonymous. Iain Durrant was one of the most gifted footballers I have seen (I am 54 BTW) but he has made a very good living from Rangers since Walter Smith returned for very little return that I could see. Two words Ally McCoist!!!! the greatest legend, AYE RIGHT! our record goalscorer yes, legend never. Left us a mess on the pitch through sheer lack of coaching ability and also made a massive dent in what little money we had while sitting on his well upholstered arse. Is that any way for a legend to treat Rangers? THAT is disgusting.

  4. Hill has a lot to prove in my book but he will get the chance in my book. Hope he is the new Davie Weir and will add guile and experience to the team. Most large clubs have one pensioner defender on their books so not too much of a surprise this signing.

  5. I think that MW will play young Matt Crooks at centre back. At 6'5" he'll add some necessary height. He normally plays defensive or attacking midfield, reportedly. But has played at the back and even up front. So he's versatile by all accounts. That's very handy. He's said to be a good tackler, comfortable in possession and a very good passer. All of that would suggest he'd fit in well at the back and be a real asset capable of playing out from the back the way MW likes.
    This experienced signing, Clint Hill, will be of great benefit to young Crooks or any of the other centre backs on the payroll.

    • My understanding was Crooks is ideally a DM. When that is possibly the absolute foundation of the way we play to NOT play our one proper DM in that position would be madness

  6. Trust in the Warburton man. He stated that we would be competitive,and with the new signing's that will happen. A striker and a goalie will complete the squad and then we can compete with the neighbours from the East. WATP.

    • Where is he? Preseason starts tomorrow… You think Warbs would have brought in Joey and Benny? No chance this is Glibby trying to bolster the SB sales on the cheap. I think bringing in an oap will be the last straw for the Hat, he is offski….

    • Take it you've not seen hills interview at the airport. He's busy getting new players you fool

    • "….last straw for the Hat, he is offski….."
      You're on the wrong page Timothy. Go and have a bath!

  7. Time will tell, but got no reason to doubt our Warbs and Weir thus far,, We asked for a Centre Half,,and we got an experience one, so hopefully this will help Wilson and Kiernan who are absolutely dire in the air. I still think Tav and Wallace need competition and cover even,, but hey, its great we're talking about premier league again, WATP

  8. Rangers were rank rotten towards the end of last season, leaking goals,void of ideas. Warburton will have to pull his socks up or he will be off. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think Warburton is the man to take Rangers forward.

    • You dont think Warburton is the man to take rangers forward?

      I'd love to hear who you think should take us forward then?
      Walter, Ali? Mebbe we should call Paul le guen?

  9. You dont think Warbs is the man to take us forward, did you actually watch a Bears game last season, the old firm sf perhaps,compare that one game with any game in the spl or 2014-15 season then you have your answer, believe me one day Warbs will manage an epl club, and when he goes you will remember this post. Who do you think is the man then. I would welcome your reply, in MW and DW we trust. WATP.

    • "I hope I'm wrong but I don't think Warburton is the man to take Rangers forward"
      So many anonymous tims on this thread, you can smell them a mile off!

  10. Just because Warburton has been quiet in the press doesn't mean anything, he was with the squad at their first preseason like normal so don't see what the deal is, all the signings are value for money, hill and Barton bring experience and rossiter winds and crooks bring that new breed of talent that were always moaning to see, some people are never happy, I am tho, in warbs and weir we trust

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