Rangers’ fan poll: to boycott away matches next season or not?

 Richard Fillingham

I try to make my articles both interesting and informative, however this next topic really does split opinion in our loyal support. So much so that a poll to find out the true percentage of the fans feelings would probably help everybody to decide the way forward – and what is best in the long term for our beloved club. I would like to address the outstanding question for a lot of the Rangers supporters for the forthcoming season.

Should Rangers fans boycott away grounds? At the end of the day, we are all individuals and we support our team in so many different ways.

Some families buy strips, but don’t go to games, some invest money in Rangers, others watch games on television but are still die-hards; we also have world-wide Rangers supporter’s clubs in Dubai, America, Australia and many other far-flung countries. Last, but not least – the loyal fans I admire most, are the fans that go to nearly every game and give loud vocal support to the team, which definitely spurs the team on to better things, and makes the atmosphere at Rangers games so good to go to, and all this by the best supporters in Scotland – a big thanks to all of you!

Ibrox Noise has discovered through the fans’ comments and replies that we receive, and trust me, we all enjoy reading them, that there is a definite split of opinions with this subject. Some fans want the past to be exactly that – in the past, so let’s move on! Others say, “We have to pay the b*st*rds back”, for what they did to us in 2012!

Apart from Celtic, Hibernian and Dundee United were two of the worst offenders for decrying anything decent about Rangers and why we should not be allowed back in the SPL. Both were very vocal in declaring that Rangers deserved any punishment and that the SPL should throw the book at us. This led to the start of our journey, of course, and look what has happened to them since – good riddance! We have also lost St Mirren, another team who didn’t stand up for us. A Championship side for at least another season.

For all our long distance Rangers fans who live up north, I predict that most of them will want to go to Inverness, Ross County (Dingwall), St Johnstone (Perth) and dare I say – Aberdeen v Rangers games, as they are highly competitive battles at times, and they have to travel so far to support us at Ibrox every other week.

The same argument could be made for all our very loyal fans from the east of Scotland with the brilliant, competitive and hugely exciting – Heart of Midlothian v Rangers games.

The Celtic games will look after themselves, as only 8,000 tickets are allocated for Rangers fans, which is a total disgrace as Celtic Park holds 62.000. With these figures we are only allowed 6.375% of the total crowd.

When Celtic supporters come to Ibrox, they get the Broomloan Road Stand to themselves, which holds just over 8,000 in a stadium that holds 51,080. With these accurate figures they are allowed as much as 7.75% of the fans.

How is this same situation allowed to happen every season?

For all the other teams that make up the Scottish Premiership for season 2015-16 – we have: Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle, Motherwell, Dundee and Hamilton Accies.

We appreciate you taking the time to vote and I will give you the result of the poll in a follow up story in a few days.

If you feel strongly enough about the past behaviour of any of the above teams, then press YES or NO to a boycott of away games.

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  1. Pay some of the swines back who were instrumental in booting us out. Hit them in the wallet and on the pitch with the possible exception of Ross County and Kilmarnock

  2. Time we moved on for me. Need be the "bigger man" and accept that our opposition fans dislike us for a reason (or multiple ones). Time to start building bridges again, not burn the last remnants of them. Stand up, be counted, be respected and most of all, be decent people. Boycotting incites hatred, hatred leads to trouble. For fans with young families it's disgraceful behaviour to witness. Time some of our fan base grew up and stopped acting like they are in primary school. "But he did/said this to me". So what! Be a grown up and deal with it properly. I support my team on the park and would hate to think an empty away stand has cost us points. If you can live with that then boycott but losing games are on you.

    • Absolutely spot on… we can't dwell on the past. Even though they deserve it we'll get the flak from the world press

  3. We are back where we belong and it is time to get over what has happened and get behind our team home and away. We can show all the other clubs that we are the best fans and that we don't hold grudges and maybe just maybe we can then move for the good and benefit of Scottish football

  4. I agree to boycotting away matches to an extent…but are we really not going to go to parkhead??? Or to the grounds of clubs who did not not vote to put us down to the bottom division?

  5. No one likes us we don’t care. I will never go to another away game of those teams who through us out of Scottish football. If they could they would do it again tomorrow. I can’t see the point of giving them my money for them to better their clubs when I can spend that money on my own club.

    • Well you took the money of every tax paying person in Scotland at £20 a piece with your tax evasion (legal or not). This includes Celtic, Hibs, Dundee Utd and St. Mirren fans.
      Please give up this hatered and move on.

    • Yes, and RFC is the only business that engaged in such activities. If you are so interested in tax evasion, why not look at all of the companies evading much larger sums of money. And also Celtic, who have evaded at least as much using film companies.

      I suspect you don't really care about this though.

  6. I agree the old firm should have equal allocation for each others ground. But I honestly think it's time to start moving forward and support team. Forget the past few yrs. We done what we needed to do. Now its time to go smash all of them on the park and we should be there at every ground to see them do it. I understand why fans want to boycott as they feel it's hurting the clubs that kicked us but cmon think about it. We DID go into administration and the rules are the rules. It's the governing body that fckd up allowing us to go down and in doing so putting Scottish football into darkness. We're the best support in the world. I think we should show everyone why that is WATP

    • Not only administration, but liquidation!!!
      Old gers didn't go down, they died.
      A club named Sevco Scotland was formed from a bunch of assets.
      It later changed its name to The Rangers.
      The only person you should be looking to punish is Her Majesty the Queen, whose revenue and customs branch killed the club for years of not paying taxes.

    • What you said. The old ranjurs are dead and there is a new ranjurs masquerading as the dead ranjurs.

    • yup yup rabbit yup yup yup rabbit rabbit bunny jabber yup rabbit bunny yup yup yup rabbit bunny jabber yup yup yup rabbit bunny jabber yup yup bunny jabber rabbit

  7. Excellent article!

    Season tickets at 'all' clubs are at an all time high due to the Rangers being back!

    This is a year to showcase what the Rangers can do and that's not just the 11 on the park. Rangers have an immense support and we are the envy of every club in Scotland and majority of the UK.

    We can get those bas%a£ds back by winning trophys. Our team needs us home and especially away!

    Forgive but don't forget! No#55 will be all the sweeter doing it with our heads held high

    • Envy of every other club is just wrong. I fear with us being back amongst the big teams our song sheet will get us into trouble. The thousands singing up to our knees need to think about the trouble it will bring us

  8. I would boycott them all none off them deserve the rangers fans money.lets face it we could fill our stadium with our fans alone so we don't need there money.

  9. Your maths is a little bit out …
    8,000 tickets out of a capacity of 62,000 is 12.9%
    8,000 out of 51,080 is 15.66%
    As to 'how is this allowed to happen', I'm really not sure what the complaint is … 8000 away fans is 8000 away fans. Fan segregation, and a entire block given to away fans, hopefully reducing trouble at all stadia.

    • Please. Tell me how.
      Utterly pointless telling someone "You're wrong" without actually explaining yourself.
      If my maths is wrong, then tell me where.

      As to those saying 'equal allocation at old firm games', such an approach would be ridiculous. Both Rangers and Celtic would have to cap ST sales at 50% of capacity to comply with that.

    • Once again, a complete lack of any explanation in your post.
      Is my maths wrong ? If so, please explain.
      Is my point regarding numbers wrong ? No. 8,000 Celtic fans get to go to Ibrox to watch their team play, 8,000 Rangers fans do the same at Celtic Park.

      So I'm left with one of two conclusions : You are a genius and being cryptic, or you have no point to make, so just make random pointless posts.
      Can you guess which I think is more likely ?

  10. a voted no,a think we should just forget past 4 years lets not be bitter about it,just think if we didn't go down we wouldn't have our manager or the players we have got,a think this team come start of season will be much better than the team we lost 4 years ago

  11. st johnscum aberdeen hivs and downdee utd along with pacific shelf are the most guilty parties tried to kill us off i myself am not keen in giving any clubs apart from rangers my money its a difficult one and i will take till season starts to decide

  12. got to laugh at those saying let`s put it behind us,move on etc! No chance! They didn`t demote us they kicked us out of Scottish football altogether because the SFL wouldn`t play their corrupt game and let us into Div2.We had to re-apply for entry and licence! Fortunately the SFL allowed us into then 4th Division but could have said no,then what? Never forget and never forgive! Hit them where it hurts,in the wallet!

    • For how long??

      This is shocking how separated the fans have become over this issue.

      Pay them back by becoming Scotlands No 1 again

  13. The best revenge is to win every away match. Send them home miserable as we dance in the stands.
    We need to grow up and move on…

  14. I,ll never forgive and never forget, but rather than boycott the away games, i,d rather we where there supporting our team, how i,d love, and they,d hate, to see rangers fans celebrating a victory at their grounds.Lets go to these grounds and rub their faces in that we,re back and we're better.

  15. It is a very tough choice. There are those who will follow on anywhere and those who will pick and choose away games. I will miss the OF games at their place but will be ever present at home and Killie away as well as lower league cup opposition. I think we should investigate opportunities to withhold tickets for Hibs and Motherwell games at Ibrox given what has happened. As long as all Rangers fans turn out in force for every game, we should be in better shape for it.

  16. Never forgive any of them for their bigoted, anti-Rangers actions. Have any of the aforementioned offenders in this thread asked for forgiveness? Have any of them offered an apology to Rangers FC ? Nope, not a "hope in hell" of that ever happening.

    However, the "Mob from Mordor" are the worst offenders in this scenario and as Tom Pollock asked, "Are you really going to boycott Parkhead?". I really don't think so, the desperation to obtain a ticket for these matches will be as massive as ever, this year's Scottish Cup semi-final proved that for sure.

    So, forget what they did? No chance. Forgive them for what they did? Never in a million years, but always support the Bears, wherever and whoever they play. That's what Mark, big Davey and the team as a whole would want too.

  17. I voted no. Boycotting away games, imo, will have a bigger effect on our team than it will the pockets of those who gave us a wee push when we were on the precipice.

    Our team needs us. Fans can bring a a teams performance up a notch or two. Why deny our players this advantage?

    Buy every ticket and sing your hearts out! On the 18th and 72nd minute marks, remind the opposing fans and team who Rangers are and what we represent. Someone more creative than me can come up with a way to do that but what it must not be is a song that only reflects badly on Rangers. No need to give them ammunition. How about a one minute chant of "You're not Rangers"? Will remind all those wee teams of who they are whilst having a wee sly dig at those who question our history.

    Mon the Bears!

  18. As an older Rangers fan…who, when he lived in Scotland used to follow Rangers from Southampton to Aberdeen….do i think boycotting away games would help our club….the answer is a definite NO..
    Here are my reasons why…
    1. To win away games, in tight battles..the away fans..did make a difference between winning and losing..
    2.If Rangers fans boycott away matches, it wont only affect..the leagues other teams but will affect our team,financially also.
    3.I believe this would also have a very negative effect on Scottish football,in general.
    as the last 4 years have…(till Warburton and Weir arrived,,,thanks, Dave KIng).
    4.Scottish football contrary to what the Scum fans think,would be in a terrible financial mess and that would include Celtic(the only reason..they made any money was because of their free league championships…
    5.As long as we play with other Scottish clubs,we have to only care about one thing..The Rangers!! and thats why,our main team song…Follow, Follow..We will Follow Rangers.
    is most important to me,personally…Boycotting, could be disasterous for us.
    Please, do whats ALWAYS been done..follow our team..whereever they play..!!

    • Superally39 am with you on this one mass boycott for one year to make sure all the clubs understand our pain on missing our on the donations of the most loyal supporters in Scotland. And get the supporters clubs to collect it and invest it back into our club. Bang on brother. WATP

  19. Breaking news. Warburton has landed. He's been speaking with the estimable Phil MacGiollabhain……true, check it out on his blog. Reading between the lines you dodged a bullet as he may have been contemplating walking away. Shame he didn't see sense.

    • Are you seriously citing that university-educated, anti-Rangers bolshevik as a credible journalistic source? The only thing missing from that "wind-up merchant's" rantings is the phrase, "To be sure, it must be true, a little leprechaun told me so, bhoyo!".

      LMAO 🙂 .

  20. A lot of people have short memories. Four years in exile in the lower divisions and it's time to be pals again? Some want us to build bridges, be "decent" and "grow up." Seriously? Do none of you nice, sensible people read papers or keep up with with social media? The last thing on many non-Rangers supporting minds is bridge building or the hand of friendship. Hostile would be putting it nicely. And if people honestly think things will improve if we come crawling back with our tails between our legs begging for everyone to be our pals will make things ok, they must be very naïve. Anyone thinking that the last four years has been bad, but that things can only get better, should wait till they see the hate-fest in store for us next season. These clubs and (especially) their supporters have no wish to be our friends. Anyway, a boycott would never be 100% successful or anything like it. Whatever happens, there will always be thousands of Rangers supporters at away games, and that means that plenty of others who feel strongly enough can boycott without feeling that the team's being abandoned. We should be giving these teams as little as we can, just like we said we would 4 years ago. It's a sad situation, but if Scottish football is to be repaired, the onus must be on every team and its supporters to change attitudes and not just us.

  21. Some folks hate of other clubs out weigh their love for the teddy bears. Nevermind boycott pish. Take over the towns and citys like never before. We will need our support more than ever next season in our first season back. We need to win this league first time of asking. Second is last.

  22. Rangers went into administration owing tens of millions of pounds, from a face painter to HMRC.

    The club, not company, failed to get the support of creditors for a CVA

    Note creditors, not the other clubs, not the SFA, not the SPFL.

    BDO is currently liquidating the club.

    There will be no appeal to the Supreme Court……….the 15 titles and trophies won during the DOS/EBT years will be rightly stripped as they should have been when the side letters were revealed.

    HMRC was lied to, The SFA and SPL were lied to by SDM and his obedient board, which included King and PM.

    Is it any wonder that the club is hated, not just by CFC fans but by those of every other club in the country.

    Dry your eyes, apologise and recognise the dirty deeds done in your name by SDM, Whyte and Green.

    Truth then reconciliation, the fraudulent 2011 UEFA licence application of course still to be acted on.

  23. I am sick to death about people saying move on be bigger than they are well just take 60 second's and if you can honestly say that these clubs and their fans would not want to this day still try to take our titles away then you are living in the twilight zone. These morons hate us for all the things we stand for they would have danced on the ashes of our club just remember that when your handing over your hard earned cash they hate you and Rangers F.C

  24. There quite simply must be a reaction via a boycott! Why should we as Rangers fans help other teams by supplying revenue? We cannot damage the dirty unwashed however all the others would certainly feel the financial implications of no Rangers away support. We have been away for four years so a boycott for that length of time would seem appropriate.

  25. Well im gonna try & get to as many games as I can & I live in England, I dont give 2 fks for anybody but Rangers, On the other hand if we petition Mr King could he open up Ibrox to X Amount & show the away games on the Big screens or would the SFA no allow that, just a thought, But as I said at the start I just wanna see the Rangers!!!

  26. Let me ask you all people… What is going to really irritate these clubs the most? Obviously it's us winning the league and in order to do that we have got travel in our usual masses to these places back our team to the end and give the opponent some hell too by making us loud and clear.

    Do you really think your Motherwell fans, Aberdeen fans and etc. Are going to be more annoyed at not getting our ticket money that will or us celebrating the title in the home ground? Come on guys.

  27. go to away grounds if you must but deny the income such as programmes or even pies and bovril go buy nothing in or out of the ground that could be a source of income dundee utd already done themselves in hibs same boat st mirren thats three of the vultures dont look upon this as an attack on the rangers fc what has been done to us i the last four years it was and still is a substained attack on our protestant ulster scots culture by and band of republicans irish or scottish who see rangers as the state club and all the others who happily joined the crusade to kill us off me personally i would make ibrox and its surounding streets a place not welcoming for any supporters of those clubs who tried to end us,that includes the bbc and their crews we took the pain we held the line now we go forward they hate us now let them fear us we have the power we have the people let them find out the hard way when they backed the second oldest imigrant club against the picked the wrong side p.s. try singing the sah to the tune of the old brigade it really bugs them ……………………..

    • Hmmm ………… is it any wonder that some people feel that the way Rangers were dealt with was justified? This just about sums it up perfectly!

    • could any trolling hibernians fan or celtic fan enlighten me as regard the name change of ireland so callled as name change seems to occupy their time so much so which is it a.irish republic 1919-21 b. sour=thern ireland 1921-22 c. irish free state 1922-1937 d. republik of oireland 1949 till ???AFTER ALL WHATS IN A NAME MICHEAL ?????????????????????

  28. I would rather pay and watch the reserves play/train at ibrox on away days. I remember during the gattuso days we had 30+ thousand at a family day kickabout pretty season. More money for us.WATP indeed are.

  29. IF we are who they say we are and that is not Rangers. They are proving themselves wrong by coming on and trolling a Rangers forum and say what they are saying. Also if you want to be accurate celtic the company where not formed in 1888 the club was but the company was formed 1892 and changed hands numerous times.

    • Their arguments are terrible. If a company is a club, then Celtic was formed in 1892. If they deny this, then they are saying that a thing isn't self-identical, which is a logical absurdity.

  30. I like how they put the word RE-APPLIED to get back into the split, how can a new team RE-APPLY?? Surely it would be classed as a first time application if it were a new team? This sevco nonsance is getting really old, she'll holding companies and football clubs are 2 different things, the mighty glasgow rangers are still alive and well and truly kicking there way back to the top, exciting brand of football, good management team and a board that actually cares obout rangers, let's not boycott and follow follow to all grounds, yeah don't buy anything from the ground while there I agree but the team needs our support guys so let's not forget bt help push our team all the way against these haters and prove once again why we are the most decorated club in the world!!!

    • Sean I wouldn't worry. The diseased mind of the bheast only gets to such a conclusion by ignoring all facts and evidence, just like a flat-earther.

      Don't get mad, just mock them.

    • I see the nauseous nathon cockerham has reverted back to norm when he is upset by a post,your family and friends must be ashamed of your repellent responses , I don't believe you are stupid I just think in your mind you find it funny to call people beasts , based on what football team they support

  31. Boycott maybe? I suppose the fans could always support the youth right up to the reserves home matches in numbers, plus by doing so giving Rangers ALL their backing?

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