Premiership fixtures; karma is back, but is the Blue Pound?

Written by Greg Roots

Yesterday’s SPFL Premiership fixture release for the upcoming 2016/17 season was one of excitement for us Rangers fans as we can truly put the last 4 years of lower league football behind us. The more competitive, and dare I say higher quality of football, environment will be a welcome sight. Not to mention the return of our beloved Old-firm derby on a regular basis.

However, despite this excitement and almost novelty feeling, it was hard for us not to divert our attention to the reactions of some of our country’s smaller clubs, which were, in my opinion, petty and embarrassing. Before the reactions are discussed, it is worth remembering that there are quotes from circa June 2012 which were along the lines of certain Scottish clubs wishing administration upon themselves rather than welcoming Rangers back in to the top flight instantly.

I don’t for one minute believe that the rest of the top flight thought they would be fine without us, but I do think that they all saw a chance to take a cheap kick at our great club as they thought that it would never have any repercussions; conversely, we have rallied, strengthened and are now back to stuff those words down the throats of SPFL Premierships clubs’ chairmen.

It therefore was no shock whatsoever to see the outcry from Motherwell, Hamilton and Patrick Thistle over the fact that they have been afforded less home ties with Old-firm clubs, meaning significantly less revenue – £120,000 for Motherwell over the course of next season. Boo Hoo.

Somewhere in their club statement, they muttered about a ‘sporting disadvantage’ as obviously clubs travel to Ibrox (and Parkhead) as massive underdogs. However, we all know that it is the money they care about. Motherwell’s man said that they even planned their yearly expenditure based on having 3 home games against the Old-firm.  You read that right, hosting us actually keeps them ticking over! So much for not needing us!

The affected clubs are demanding compensation for this oversight, and whilst it may be narrowly unfair on the face of it, I hope the SPFL tell them where to get off. The Old-firm is bigger than Scottish football and the SPFL know this. The renewal of the derby next season is what has already brought in increased TV revenue. Small clubs are not answerable to in this case, particularly the affected ones who only want to care about Rangers when it suits them.

It has always been all about The Rangers, and now we have football clubs confirming what we knew all along – the blue pound is more sought after than any other: why do these clubs want an extra home game against us as opposed to Hearts or Kilmarnock… We all know the answer.


  1. Two wrongs do not make a right. Yes, it is diabolical how vindictive some clubs were in kicking us when we were down (though not necessarily the clubs with the unfair fixture lists). Yes, it is clear that those clubs cut off their noses to spite their faces, preferring to see Rangers suffer even at a financial cost to themselves. For what? The actions of a small number of crooks, into whose hands this great club fell. They should have had sympathy, not delight, at our plight.

    But none of that justifies a fixture list which gives some clubs 4 home Old Firm games and some two. The SPFL should correct that – if they can ever admit making a mistake about anything.

  2. Is this the same Motherwell who gave us a restricted ticket allocation last time we met ?
    Couldn't make it up

  3. If only fans would band together we could force some real change that is required in Scottish football ,but alas as we seen with our own troubles the brave that boycotted brought about the required change however there are always a large percentage who profess a greater love for the club that they cannot bear not to attend and I'm sure this would be the same if a away boycott was suggested

  4. I would like to push a boycott on Motherwell next season…

    I personally don't feel aggrieved by Accies for Thistle, but Motherwell don't deserve a single blue pound next season over their hypocrisy, but then where it hurts

  5. schadenfreude
    pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
    To hell with them they hate is & now we are back they are desperate to make a buck of us, Parasites the lot of them, Harsh but very true,
    Look what we have done to organise our support Rangers First Follow Follow etc,
    People chipping in money month after month, followin the Rangers here there & everywhere, Why the hell dont they get off their fat arses & do the same,
    No they are quite happy to sit on them & pick up easy money from us

  6. Please please continue to boycott these people and to boycott Sports Direct WATP we have the power now lets show them all both on and off the park

  7. It's hilarious when one of the chairmen said they have 120k of lost income due to these fixtures. Just not true because they didn't have the Rangers games last year so they can't lose money they never had in the first place!!

    I understand the point they are making, some teams get more and others get less but where do you draw the line? Don't fancy three away trips to Pittodrie so will complain.

  8. All of these Gangsters are in it for the money,
    If there that desperate to get supporters in then go into schools in there area & encourage young kids to go & watch them Cut prices for their own fans,
    Or is it just too easy to do fuck all & whinge like a wean to get their slice of the Blue Pound.
    I say boycott the bastards remember all the wee snide comments we have had to endure over the last 4 years & tell them to get to fuck

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