Jason Cummings: How Scottish football’s double standards know no bounds


On the face of it, a lad on holiday dunking a fellow youth in a swimming pool would be a completely normal act to carry on overseas in sunny climes during one’s ‘vacation’.

Indeed, it is part of the fun of holidaying, the ‘banter’ young lads get up to, the kind of japes included as rites of passaging as one grows up.

Unless, of course, it is a Rangers fan involved.

As we know, season 2014/2015 saw Rangers’ captain Lee McCulloch hit by a brolly by a Motherwell ‘fan’, not once, but twice, as he attempted to retrieve the ball. Scottish football’s reaction was to dismiss it as either funny, not an act of aggression, or to plain applaud the fan for it.

That match was followed by a home pitch invasion which saw Bilel Mohsni cast as the villain for daring to defend himself when Motherwell’s Lee Erwin slammed him in the back. The fan invasion itself was glossed over almost entirely, and the press nearly exclusively focused on Mohsni.

At Hampden, hordes of Hibs yobs assaulted Rangers players, staff and fans, and full-blown attacks were witnessed by all and sundry. Scottish football either called it ‘exuberance’ or outright denied anything malevolent took place.

So….Motherwell fan – ‘just having a laugh’, pitch invasion mostly ignored, Bilel Mohsni – ‘vicious assailant’, Hibs fans ‘exuberant’…and now Rangers fan shoved Jason Cummings into a pool in Ibiza, an incident which clearly saw the Hibs striker compose himself quickly and in no ‘danger’.

Scottish football’s reaction: ‘attempted murder’.

It is beyond laughable I am actually even writing this article – the stinking hypocrisy in Scottish football and convenient double standards to demonise and dehumanise everything Rangers and defend anything that is not is now beyond a joke.

That a Rangers fan gets castigated back home by opposition for indulging in a jape with Cummings and sees a petition started to punish him is something quite beyond the pale. Sure, there is an element of humour in the comments (at least I hope there is) in said petition, but do people really not have anything better to do?

The most worrying fact of all this is how seriously this was taken – by a Celtic or any other fan on a Rangers player it would have been laughed off by all and sundry for the bit of humour and fun it was. But because it was a Rangers fan?

The Evening Times are dross at best but to actually run the story on any level shows how low they have sunk in terms of journalism. Admittedly they took a more fun angle on it, but nevertheless it is depressing to see how angry some opposition fans are over this, and how some actually view it as an assault.

If Rangers so much as sneeze in the wrong direction, it is viewed as news and punishable; and that is very grim.


  1. The "The Rangers" fan wasn't even aware whether the poor lad could swim. However, its no surprise to anyone to see you painted as the villains, as you quite correctly state out in every post you write. You're on zero top league titles. Celtic are on 47, and none tainted and cheated, whether by Masonic referees or by tax avoidance. To coin a phrase, "We welcome the chase", albeit a long one.

    • It's all about the famous Glasgow Rangers the most successful club in the world and you know it so take your little green parrot s*** back to your piggery because we are the people the sooner you realise it the better for you and your health

    • All about the famous Glasgow Rangers mate the most successful club in the world you will really make yourself ill with jealousy

    • What a stink, heard of deodorant mate? I hear there is one free with every season book this year..

    • away & follow follow ur own team or just any other team u vindictive little bigoted troll.

    • Grow the hell up you sad prick. I just love how those stupid minded people think they are above fifa and uefa when they said that we are the same club and still have our trophies. FO back to septics. 55 here we come

    • see if celtic sell out parkhead next season will you'z go back to saying that you,z have the best fans in the world not just in scotland but the hole world ha ha idiots

    • TBH It was just a bit of Fun FFS just get on with life,
      And as for Timmy jumpin on here & goin on & on, Its just BAU Tims we have more titles than you & it will continue so FK off back to your own sit & indulge in the usual sh*te you talk about,

    • your a tramp and your scared we have already pumped you and we are not even out of first gear yet we are the people no surrender

    • The SPFL website states Rangers FC have 54 top league titles and 3 lower league titles. And i think their opinion is what matters. Your jealousy (and fear/bitterness) is glaring. Jog on back to kerryfail).

  2. If it was an attempt at murder then why would you allow it to be recorded then upload to tinterweb?

  3. ed. why do you persist in letting non gers fans to comment on a "RANGERS" site it`s obvious by their posts their not bluenoses,hope you reply as it`s easy to block them. Maybe you think it makes for good banter ,alas it`s tiresome. Cheers.

    • Agree 100% This is a RANGERS site so block the Fuckers from coming on here
      Ive had enough of it,
      I dont give a shit what they say, I wouldnt go on their site & have BANTZ Fk them this is a Rangers site & it should stay that way , So listen to previous commentator & Ban them, Because its gettin a bit of a pain & TBH if it keeps up im off & I dont think I will be the only 1

    • I agree, get them to fuck. They spoil this page like skid marks on a fresh pair of pants.

  4. While the Hibs fans are scum the guy that pushed Cummings in the pool is an effing idiot. Grabbed the boy by the throat as well.If he'd done that to me he'd be minus his teeth. Cummings was quite happy to take a photo with this ned, whilst you might not like Cummings at least he humoured the idiot and had the good grace to do that.

  5. Oh we are hated we don't care and for the manky mob we would rather die with our history than live with there's watp and they know and can't take it get it right up yous

    • forget this nonsense,,,where is warbs n why hasnt he briefed press like he did every 2nd day last year????any truth in bonus payment not paid from last year??

  6. Mason referees,tainted titles,tax avoidance.

    Always cheated never defeated.

    It's the Celtic way.

  7. Celtic fans linining up for season tickets shows how many of these shits are collecting ill gotten gains through the system I suppose if you follow them then along with every season ticket you are due invalidity bennifit and dole money parasites the lot of them and fiddlers as we all know more ways than one

  8. So if you great unwashed smelly skanks from the piggery think we're a new club so that makes you just slightly older as squint eye Fergus McCann(I'll put in 8 and take out 89 million) rebranded your team from afc scum to scum 1888…double standards me thinks…you just can't live with us being the world's most successful club and will try anything to convince yourselves your right..the company encharged with the temporary running of rangers went belly up …rangers is a Scottish institute as the law investigated and found in the institute's favour that the history of said institute doesn't and never will die…now grow up and sort out your own smelly s*it tip …we are Glasgow rangers always and forever …54 and counting wrtp !!

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