Why no apology, Hibs?

 Greg Roots

A short while ago, Hibernian FC finally got round to releasing a statement regarding the unpleasant events that unfolded after the final whistle of Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final.

It is disappointing that it took them so long to release said statement, given the severity of the alleged actions carried out by some of their supporters when the curtain came down on their first Scottish Cup win in over 100 years.

Yesterday, Rangers released our own statement which was bold, resolute, confrontational and also got straight to the point. In my opinion, Hibs’ own effort misses out one key point which is so pertinent to the whole issue that in effect the statement becomes meaningless – I am of course referring to the glaring omission of a direct apology to our players and staff who were subject to assault by Hibs’ supporters.

Of course, the club may have privately apologised to Rangers – but I feel that they would have mentioned that in their statement if it were the case. Within the statement, Rod Petrie finally acknowledged that violent acts took place, after he appeared to brush off such a possibility in his TV interviews shortly after the final whistle. We can only hope that the club stands by their intentions when they say that

“The Club will do everything in its power to bring to book any Hibernian supporters found to have been involved in the most serious allegations of assault – including assaults on the staff or players of Rangers FC”

There is obviously no place for such acts in football, after all it is their workplace and they have a right to work without living in fear of assault.

Let’s see what results the independent commission produces, we can only hope those responsible are held to account.

The full Hibs statement can be found here: http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/6529


  1. This is getting embarrassing. Lads, can't we get over it? Fisticuffs was a staple part of the Scottish football diet years ago. If you want to see what real fighting looks like, check out the fans at Partizan Belgrade on the net. What we saw on the pitch at Hampden was not nice, but rapping on the Headmasters door every 5 mins in a desperate attempt to get people expelled from school is – to me as a Gers fan – pathetic. We'll get our own back – revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say. Let the authorities do their work and let's discuss our own footballing frailties. And the next time we're in enemy territory, we make sure we're READY.

    • Fair point, but I think it's the injustice of it that is the problem the club are having with it, the fact that Rangers never seem to be acknowledged with the respect other teams are in these situations.

  2. Fucking junkie spoon burning inbred Edinburgh cunts. Scum supporters, scum manager, scum chairman, scum club. SFA are a shower of biased incompetent bastards. Fuck them. We are Rangers nobody likes us we don't care. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Why expect any class from Hibs now ? ….they showed their class or lack of it with the non guard of honour after Rangers won the league

  4. Why expect any class from Hibs now ? ….they showed their class or lack of it with the non guard of honour after Rangers won the league

  5. Why do they hate us so much, I mean what is to them if we sing sectarian songs or we don't like Catholic's or Irish or Polish or Italians or anybody who dares to disagree with. I mean who do they think they are, a mean we're the people ffs

    • You are the perfect example of what's being said. We don't hate Catholics Italians or polish or whatever you want to tar us with. We just hate bitter wee cunts like you!!!!

  6. Hibs supporeters were thugs, over exuberant, whatever you want to call them. But our boys got goaded, sucked in, whatever you want to call it. So we are not 100% innocent victims as they weren't the only ones on the pitch as the photos show. We lost the match and we have to go back to the drawing board. Let the fuckers have their day. They will not have too many more. WATP

  7. just like Motherwell they will do nothing, if it had been Rangers or the tims they would be all over it .

  8. U really dont think they are gonna apologise do you, They like the rest of them do not care 1 jot about us, They only pay lip service when it suits them or they are worried about getting fined by the SFA, Quite frankly i do not give a flyin FK, best thing we can do is win on the pitch & that will shut them up, And with the news that Barton has agreed terms [ BBC] we should do that, Christ but we could have done with him at the weekend!
    Anyway sod em all we are back in the Prem & the journey continues

  9. NO apology this time, and no reason given for refusing to give guard of honour
    after ST,Mirren Alloa. Livingston did the sporting thing.

  10. First Minister Nichola Sturgeons husband is a hibs fan. SFA board member, R Petrie is Hibs chairman. SFA is made up of Shelic board members and ex-players (McClair in charge of football exellence, pleeaassse!) Point being, of course this will be brushed under the carpet, just like the Motherwell fans,, twice opposition fans run onto the pitch and gore us with abuse, and they will get slaps on the wrists while laughing in our faces. There will be no justice in all this,, they will continue laughing our faces,,, Our Board MUST challenge this to the max, they simply must. We are cannon fodder to these bigots. We need to fight back and tell them we will not accept this!!,, Oh by the way Petrie and Sturgeons dick of a husband,,enjoy the first division again, ya pricks!!!

  11. Let's face it Rangers were crap,if the train spotters hadn't invaded the pitch you would all be writing about a poor Rangers performance. The three weeks without a competitive game took its toll. Warburton will have to change his tactics if Rangers are to challenge next season. A big strong center half is a must, the two we have just now have cost us all season.

    • Couldn't agree more both turn in a decent game every now and then. Every time the apposition push forward you expect them to score, both liabilities.

  12. that performance was like many others. lots of possession but no cutting edge.
    the difference here was Hibs didn't collapse like most other diddy teams.
    Stats …rangers 7 shots 2 on target hibs goalie no saves
    Stats… hibs 21 shots 8 on target Stokes had more shots than whole gers team

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