The day Scottish football drowned in hate of Rangers

The day Scottish football drowned in hate of Rangers

Rangers lost a cup final today. This was naturally extremely disappointing in many ways, but after the final whistle blew it became an irrelevance as the hate in Scottish football towards Rangers manifested itself in an unspeakable, ugly, sickening, and frankly frightening manner as thousands of Hibs ‘fans’ invaded the pitch and attacked Rangers players and staff.

At least six Rangers players were assaulted to varying degrees, including Rob Kiernan, Jason Holt, Andy Halliday, Lee Wallace and Dean Shiels, along with staff members such as David Weir.

To describe this state of affairs as a new low for this cesspit of poison north of the border we call Scottish football is nowhere near doing it justice.

To watch videos by journalists such as Peter Adam Smith, sitting there recording the vile events unfold ahead of him, sounding audibly scared as he described the pugilistic conflict scattering the pitch has signalled a genuinely disturbing direction for Scotland.

If we remember last season’s play off final, Motherwell also carried out a pitch invasion on beating Rangers – it took two months for any investigation to take place, and even then the repercussions were meaningless. However, during that match Rangers’ then-captain Lee McCulloch was attacked by a ‘fan’ with an umbrella/flag stick. He hit him twice.

This action was dismissed by Scottish football as either funny or ‘not serious’ – either fans from opposing teams enjoyed watching Jig being hit, or they saw it as nothing more than ‘banter’.

That has given consent for any old tom, dick or harry to now carry out assaults on Rangers players and staff because it is essentially ‘fine’. Oh, and it is ‘only Rangers’.

Mark Warburton’s face as he ushered his men hurriedly off the pitch at full time spoke volumes; the man was disgusted and frankly scared at what was taking place around him.

It is understood Dean Shiels was directly attacked by some ‘fan’ and had to be pulled back to avoid it getting uglier. At least the boy was able to defend himself but Rangers’ statement tonight confirming injuries have been sustained by players from these yobs is a sure sign of the bile permeating our game now.

Rangers-hating has become a hobby, and today it spilled over into sheer violence. Bilel Mohsni famously punched Lee Irwin, and was castigated for it – but it must not be forgotten he had been slammed from behind by the Motherwell man, so was effectively defending himself. That was a sample, a glimpse into the future of the mentality of what the loathing of Rangers has done to Scottish football.

Criminal investigations are now underway but a commonly mooted notion is that if it had been Rangers fans last year or today guilty of this level of abhorrent activity, it would have been splashed over the press as the only story of the day. As it is, it is merely one.

Scottish football is a shameful midden, one which has lost its way, its morals and its sense of morality. When Slim Jim died, there was respect for him from Celtic fans at Ibrox by holding a banner to his memory. That was appreciated and respected.

That common humanity is gone from Scotland, and it is a damn shame.

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  1. There is plenty of proof all over. I hope Hibs are punished as Rangers no doubt would be. We'd likely be banned from the cup or made to play without fans in next years cup and fined.

    • Those kinds of punishment are only for repeat offenders, so you're right, rangers would be. Hibs won't

  2. If the claims are true about rangers players ,staff being attacked are proven I hope the guilty are arrested and receive a prison sentence . I also hope the police and rangers weed out the rangers fans who were guilty of sectarian songs

    • ok sectarian songs are wrong but there we go again trying to reverse it back round to rangers you cant compare singing songs and BLATENT ACTS OF VIOLENCE TOWARDS OUR PLAYERS our players where not singing them songs they are earning a living like most people and them acts of VIOLENCE are on camera for all to see so for you to even say IF PROVEN SHOWS your distaste towards our great club

    • The perceived “hatred” of Rangers is all of the club’s own doing. Years of cheating, on and off the field have built up resentment in all other clubs in the land. Along with the backing of your “friends” in the SFA it was inevitable that supporters of clubs across the globe would enjoy an element of schadenfreude!

    • Sectarian songs? Are you for real or just another inbred polluting the air, yesterday's violence was disgusting and caused by hibs fans

  3. Agree the main point of this article i.e. that there is genuine hatred of our club everywhere we look. I have never understood why so many sing "we don't care" because to me that just makes it worse.

    • Darren Coulson you are a complete idiot honestly your kind of brainless narrow minded people give every normal fan a bad name . Your probably one of those fans teaching your kids this utter dribble. Keeping this shite going on like I said a complete idiot

    • No education for Darren being brought up in and out of care . And when he was home it was his mums special friend uncle tony teaching him this shite while his da was away in jail . Darren is the kind of guy who give Scottish people a bad name never worked a day in his life. But he could tell you what to say when your waiting in line at the bru waiting for his giro to to arrive with a lighter and tin foil in his pocket itching to get his money to get the good stuff. Darren you are a wanker an utter prick


    • Darren is a despicable uneducated pratt, but you anonymous pricks are examples of what makes normal Rangers supporters see why the hatred of us is out there everywhere. Faceless cowardly non-entities. Wullie's erudite contribution is seductive so I will take that later under advisement.

  4. If it had been the other way round Rangers would have been crucified by Pacific Shelf+Quay, Tims, Sheep and journalistic titans such as Spiers, Mclaughlin, Thomson et al. It's the second year in a row that there has admirably been no reaction to the provocation, but if there is no retribution (again), where is the deterrent to prevent a pitched battle next time? Hibs deserved to win, but they should be hammered.
    I doubt they will be though.

    • i heard it was chelsea fans with hibs tops on but come on who would beleive a story like that

  5. If it was rangers I have no doubt people would be screaming from the roof tops for us to be kicked out of Europe. Honestly they would probably have got their way too. if nothing is done about it I mean Scotland is already not very highly thought of as it is but come on this would be to much surly. They'll do something about it to try and save face but it won't be much I think. As for the actual game we were pretty slack from the off with passes all over the place I thought Wilson wasn't that bad but his partner in defence is definitely not doing it for me. And tav at right back you can't argue with him going forward but we get caught out at least 3 times a game with him up front. Miller fair play to him good goal and halidays was a great strike but means fuck all if you don't win . It definitely shows that we need reinforcements for next season and not just in midfield keeper should have stopped their first goal no problem. I meann we were that bad we made stokes look a good player . That is definitely saying something about our defence. W.a.t.p

    • oh come on now kick them out of europe after manchestr we cant talk about anyone oh i forgot that was chelsea fans wearing gers tops

  6. My anger and frustration is with this Rangers display. For the umpteenth time this season James Tavernier was turned and twisted so badly the guy probably won't straighten himself out until Christmas. Stokes had enough chances to win 20 football matches.
    It was a Punch and Judy show and all the Punch came from Hibs players.
    Quite simply Rangers were shite.
    Did this lot throw the game to keep their jobs?. It fuckin' looked like it.
    Tactics if there was such a thing were exemplified with tiny Tavernier man marking Stokes FFS at corners and as we have seen all season the ball was headed into the Rangers net.
    For most of this season I closed my eyes at every corner into the Rangers goalmouth.
    Then crosses into the area were too much to bear with my eyes open and finally after Rangers second goal I couldn't watch as the ball was punted into the Rangers half, usually down our right flank. I could smell this result coming because Stubbs put everything between Tavernier and Keirnan and it won Hibs the cup, and deservedly so.
    As to the Hibs fans flooding onto the pitch. C'mon get off your high horse, if Rangers had turned up for the fight there would be scarcely a green and white fan left in Hampden at the final whistle.
    Mr King should be under no illusions, if we are to be anywhere near the top of next year's SPL he needs to stop bottom feeding and land some killer sharks, and pronto.
    Today's result has undoubtedly cost Rangers millions and surely has had a drastic affect on next year's advertising revenues. Where is the pull factor now for prospective targets to sign on?
    There are many battles to come and on today's performance our present resources are not fit for purpose.

  7. Rangers fans enter the field after extreme provocation, the images are all over the news of Hibs supporters, not just a few but thousands invaded the pitch, many ran the full length to goad Rangers fans into fighting. Our team was attacked by Hibs yobs whilst the police looked on. Yes a few fans reacted, and I'm not condoning that, but this was totally down to the disgraceful actions of Hibs fans and the total incompetence of the police and security. A total disgrace pure and simple

    • SNP are republican and the SNpolice do their masters bidding. Had it been rangers fans the police would have charged with horses

  8. I think the main reason for rangers fans going on to the pitch was the fact that there player and hero's were getting attacked.just saying most die hard fan's of any club would try to aid there own team.both clubs will be hit hard for this.I do think hibs will not be allowed in Europe for this and could be thrown out of next season cup rangers will be fined and next home cup games play in empty stadium hope not

    • There were no Ranger's heroes on that pitch today. Collectively their lack of effort has cost the club millions of pounds. Lucky to get even money on Celtic winning 20 in a row FFS.
      You were right about them having one player, singular and at a guess he was 36 years old.

  9. Beating Celtic was the undoing of us. The players and is as supporters thought it made us world beaters. The saying prima donnas springs to mind. We could not string two passes together. Miller worked his socks off and he is 36! Jobs deserved their victory.
    The rangers players and staff did not deserve to be attacked at their place of work.
    Incredible how silent the first minister has been throughout all of this. Sadly I think this will be swept under the carpet. What other country in the world can the winners not parade the trophy and the runner ups not collect their medals due to safety fears?

    • Beating the Bheasts was the highlight of the season, and our season ended there. Winning the cup & getting into Europe could have cost us the league title next season. I'm happy to have Thursday nights free, whilst we reclaim OUR title from the filthy scum bheasts. Hibs should be thrown out of next seasons Scottish Cup. Rangers would have been already banned by now had we done what the Hibs morons did. Never nice to lose, but every cloud etc.

  10. Forget what happened yesterday. There's been enough said about it. On other sites you have leigh Griffiths spouting on about how great Hibs were. He plays for the "green and white shit" so would he have been as happy if Hibs hadn't been playing us. Why are we giving these morons room on this website? This is a Rangers Website not a Forum for illiterate in-breds to spout on about Sevco etc. You have a preview button. Delete there shit before it is aired. We are all bored with their ill-informed shite

  11. Hibs should be banned from the Scottish Cup and from representing Scotland in Europe. They should be fined and their fans should be banned from away grounds for at least 12 months. Those found guilty of assault should be charged and put in prison and banned from ever attending a football match ever again. Rangers must do everything in their power to ensure that justice is done because in Scotland today the people that run every aspect of the Country are no friends of either Rangers or the vast majority of people that live in the Country. Sadly Scotland is now controlled by Republicans that would rather rejoice in saluting terrorists than in developing the Nation. Until the majority take their country back things will only get worse.

  12. For a team that doesn't care about nobody loving you you guys do go on about nobody loving you a lot.

  13. Congratulations to Hibs on the day.Rangers did the main business for the season. Well done the Management and players.Prevented Celtic from winning the Scottish Cup. Amazing really,given the playing resources available. Surely the constructive criticism staring anybody in the face has been the lack of defensive alternatives open to the manager.How Rangers got through the season with no major injuries to any of our defenders is astonishing. I would assume at least two,versatile,class defenders have been identified for next season.Let us all look forward and leave the crass,behaviour of many Hibernian fans yesterday to the history books and where necessary the courts.After all,sporting integrity and the Law must be upheld!!!

    • Roonknock: We need 2 centre halves who will command the air and wipe out the whole 6 yard box to get the ball, Marvin Andrews types who can also distribute the ball well

  14. I said on this site weeks ago that we should BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT@!!! all away grounds next season.They hatred towards our family for generations has not been clearer and more evident than the last more 4 years and yesterdays public display of hatred should be the final straw for ALL bears.
    Please do not give one piece of the Queens currency to these Moronic cretins who openly despise,mock and goad at every opportunity.
    We have the power!!! Let's once and for all take control and show the world that fans of the greatest institution in the world will no longer stand for unfair,unjust treatment any longer

    • Your family??? A family which reeks of corruption and immoral practices held together only by the establishment which also fairs no better and is latently bigoted in it's ideaology!!! Ranker's have a history of being among the very worst supporters in Europe – 99% of the Hib's supporters' behaviour, whilst completelywrong, was borne out of over exuberance – what were Rankers fan's doing on the pitch??? Congratulating Hibs' deserved victory!!!??? Rankers' hierarchy are now saying they are disguted and helping to blow matter's out of all proportion so as to mask the fact that the better team won on the day!!!!!! Sour feckin grapes!!! Your club is not liked for so many reasons, you really have to look inward on yourselves and be honest as to just why!!!

    • Nobody is perfect. There are elements of our support that disgust me and always have. The fact the religious and politcal beliefs are attached to teams by these cretins and use the clubs they claim to love as a vehicle for those beliefs. However, that goes for both ends of the divide. I fail to see why everything is always Rangers fault and we are told we ignore our own issues (which we do not – any rangers fan on the field yesterday should be hammered and our club fined – along with hibs who should recieve greater punishments for scale of invasion and assaults on players and staff) yet those from across the divide conveniently ignore and deny their own issues. You speak of corruption and immorality at Rangers. Forgive me but is institutionalised child abuse behind green doors and the following coverup, glorifying in terrorist organisations through flags, banners and song, decicrating the minutes silence for those who gave their lives defending the country you are fortunate to live in freely from the nazis, refusing the poppy that honours them in any way moral? The hyporacy reeks and i for one being a proud patriotic scotsman am glad i no longer live in the cesspit of hatred that scotland has become…it is no longer a place to raise children. All fans from all clubs need to acknowledge their own issues and work on them and come together under a banner of unity through sport. However it is clear that the deep seated religious and political hatred will keep scotland in the stoneage for decades to come. From a mixed religious family i find the whole thing disgusting. As a rangers fan with a catholic hibs supporting grandfather who is no longer with us that i loved dearly…he would be looking down in shame at each and every one of you, including his beloved hibees. You are all Scotlands shame and i am ashamed to call myself a scotsman and a scottish football fan if this it what it has come to…you have all become animals and shamed as all in front of the watching world. Hang your heads in shame and do not bring up the next generation with your bile…our children deserve to live in a better world than that

    • Unknown: It's the anti Rangers bigotry from the likes of people like you which keeps the whole thing going an their is no team called Rankers.

  15. I've finally calmed down….Many glasses of Red Helped.
    We are back and we have many great additions to our squad arriving!
    We are back! That manky hibs mob will never be good enough again and will rot in the championship
    for many years! Steal Cummings for a song and watch them fn rot.

  16. Be interesting to see any comments that come from Republican HQ in Edinburgh bearing in mind half their members and probably 3/4 of their supporters are brain dead knuckle dragging trolls exposing themselves one by one via the medium of social media, nothing gets done about their own political howlers never mind the ones needing addressed

  17. Boo hoo nobody likes us, boo hoo we got beat. Boo hoo why did your lot not just go on home at the final whistle instead of looking for a fight as usual.

  18. Do you really think these fuck wits from the methadome actually believe the shite they write or is it just that they are brain dead.

  19. Unknown: It's the bigoted attitude of supporters such as yourself which continues the problem and by the way there is no team called Rankers.

  20. Listen forget the shite of Hibs fans invading the pitch & whether or not the authorities deal with them, Frankly i do not care, The main thing is we were shite we need to get that sorted out & pronto otherwise we will be getting horsed every fkn weeek, That has to be addressed now, This is a good time for us to have a reality check & stop fawning over Warburton & some members of the team, yes he has been great & some of them have been great but since we beat celtic they have gave up & the season, Miller was the only player who put in a shift, halliday scored a great goal but where was he for the rest of the game, the others were invisible, And I want something done & i want it now I dont want fkn exscuses I want a PROPER CENTRE BACK & A PROPER FOOTBALLER, Not people like Kiernan & Wilson who only seem to play when they can be arsed!

  21. Where is the bigotry from me?and fyi your right muppet there is no team called rankers it's the famous Glasgow Rangers.

    • Actually, we're just called Rangers, or The Rangers. There's no Glasgow in our name. Also, Ally stopped being super quite some time ago. Now he's just a cunt who stole wages from Rangers.

  22. The strange thing was that the onfield TV interviews went on as if the mayhem all around wasn't happening. BBC are supposed to report events fairly.

  23. Gents
    You are missing the major point.
    As a consequence of the Hibs supporters ( 20000) of them! Where are they every week at Easter Road invading the pitch we as loyal Rangers supporters who pack 45k to 51k into Ibrox every home game were denied the opportunity to applaud our team for a super season. We would not have left the stadium until we had shown our appreciation.
    But hey ho according to the media it is just Rangers!
    Let us be quite clear we will be back stronger than ever next year.
    As rangers fans we don't do walking away.

  24. Fuck the BBC fuck the SFA fuck the whole of Scottish football. It's time we applied to join the English league i would start right at the very bottom in the meantime next season boycott boycott boycott all away games don't give them a single penny!! We are the people!!

  25. Is warburton as great As we think ? Yes he has transformed the team,too many times this season , the performances have fallen below our normal standards ! ! Our performance against hibs was amaturist too many players never turned up ? Why ?..
    W A T P.

    • Lack of funding to bring in better players!
      The Board has to start releasing funds to Warburton otherwise third placed Championship sides can beat us!

  26. Rangers had a bad day jobs wanted it more we must accept that shit happens and we must move on his will be punished but it will be nothing to what would have happened if it was rangers who invaded park but we know that also ,rangers will always be punnished simply because we have no representation on SFA who dislike the thought of rangers being strong again we need to get away from Scottish football it wood be great if a European invitation league was set up as sky would only like clubs who have big fan base unfortunately Celtic would be invited unless kiddie fiddlers are excluded

  27. I think the policy of allocating 20,000 tickets to a team who only have circa 8,000 'supporters' every week is a major contributory factor. As was proven Saturday, this allows 12,000 waifs & strays with no real affinity in terms of truly supporting a team on a weekly basis to turn up and ruin the day. No such problems at the Rangers v Celtic game where the vast majority in attendance were season ticket holders. Hibs demanded 20,000 tickets which they in turn then sold to circa 12,000 anonymous morons, that's where the blame lies.

  28. The club "statement" was embarrassing. It lashed out at everyone except the pope. Can we get a professional to do press releases?

  29. Funny thing had it been the other way around we would have been crucified, yes rightly and the Hibs fans would be seen as big heroes, guardians fighting off the big bad Rangers hordes, no matter what Rangers fans do it gets distorted and is chosen to be the wrong thing. The statement was the best one from a Rangers board in god knows how long.

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