Should Rangers forgive Scottish football?

 Richard Fillingham

Rangers are finally back to where they belong in the Premier League. We also have a Scottish Cup final against Hibernian to look forward to, and the fans are absolutely delighted with their management team, and now everyone seems to be very happy in the Rangers camp.

The main objective for the management team, scouts and their incoming players’ agents at this time of the season is to look through the hundreds of players that will become available this summer and decide which ones they can afford, and if they will eventually sign any of them if they prove to be very good value for money. I am looking forward with great delight to proving our quality in the Premier League, depending on our new signings performing next season of course.

Many fans are saying, “Don’t dredge up the past, and forgive everybody that was against us, in our hour of need”. Well I am halfway between deciding what way to go with that attitude. I really do think that Rangers have truly recovered, and now that we have, I think that certain things have to be said first, before I can move on sufficiently, to do all the forgiving. If I even should.

Could the SFA or the Scottish Government, have done anything to help their world-record breaking football team, Rangers F C? Why would they allow a Glasgow giant like Rangers, who have played in European cups and finals for the past hundred years plus to nearly fall into the abyss? Especially when they have been such a credit to their country for so many years.

I would like to think that they stood back and did nothing in the hope that the SPL could and would do the sensible thing for the whole of Scottish football and be able to come up with a feasible and agreeable idea to save the state of an already weak Scottish Premier League, which had already become a two-horse race between Rangers v Celtic every year.

For the last fifteen years or more, the SPL was mainly considered to be a Mickey Mouse League, down in England. This was before losing a team of the calibre and quality of Rangers. Once they were expelled, unfortunately it became an uncompetitive joke league, with Sky TV reducing the fees for showing very poor meaningless games and the viewing figures plummeting, along with the attendances at grounds throughout the country.

Could you imagine the Spanish Government or their football association doing absolutely nothing to prevent Barcelona or Real Madrid from almost going out of the game – not a chance!

It all seemed so unfair that nobody was prepared to say anything decent or constructive about our plight or even try to defend us. Everybody came out of the woodwork to stick their very biased opinions of all the bad things that should happen to Rangers. The fans had the right to think that St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Dunfermline, Dundee United etc. would want to keep us in the SPL, as we always sold out our away tickets, which helped these clubs to survive financially for years. Where were all our ‘friends’ when we really needed them?

Rangers; with a team that was full of senior and young internationalists throughout the squad. Why did the powers-that-be stand by and watch Scottish football committing the equivalent of financial suicide for every team in the SPL? It simply didn’t make sense to anybody that understood the situation. What were they thinking (or not thinking)?

Now let’s be very honest here, Rangers did make monumental financial mistakes in the running of the club for years, but so do other teams in almost every country in the world.

Donald Trump has been bankrupt a few times in his life, but he fought back each time, and could soon be the President of the United States. Making mistakes in business does and can happen, and you can fully recover to be successful again.

However, some good has come out of the fiasco, as I loved the way the fans reacted as one to unite the club and its supporters together to save the dire situation we were all in, with crowds of over 40,000 at Ibrox for every home match against Third Division teams, absolutely astonishing figures from the best and most loyal fans – in the world. We are indeed the people who did it (you see what I did there)?

It has been a very long road back, which started with Ally McCoist and was completed by Mark Warburton. It wasn’t just a relegation – Rangers were ‘dumped’ into the bottom league. Nobody could actually believe it would happen to us. Let’s be honest, it should never have happened and it was a disgusting, bitter pill for us all to swallow. But as I have said, I loved the way everyone at the club stuck together and fought to get us out of the lower leagues, and back to where we undoubtedly belong.

Do you think that I (or any of us) should forgive everybody that let us down so badly four years ago, when we really needed them?


  1. Say nothing about it and let the team do the talking on the pitch. I don't think any real football supporters, regardless of their team would deny Rangers play entertaining football under Warburton and you can automatically tell what camp the ones who say different are from. There's no good to be had from always pointing back and not moving on. Just look at what it's done for the dark side, if anything they've gone backwards.

  2. Never forgive, never forget! The jealous bastards throughout the Scottish game wanted us dead and buried. Fuck the lot of them. Boycott every away ground and let the fuckers die a death of a thousand cuts. I hope that the Arab bastards are the first of a long line of casualties.

  3. Yes we should "forgive". We should be playing by the same rules as everyone else. Doesn't matter how big we are. Barca and Real should to. Not saying they would just that they should. Your right it was a painfully bitter pill to take as the fans done nothing wrong. But look what's happened. Our club is in safe hands. Our fans are unbelievablely United "emotionally so after that semi final against them "me included" I seen grown men cry over that pen shoot out. We have a dynamic young hungry squad with a captain who would be worthy of any Rangers team and we have Warbs n Weir orchestrating it all. It all adds up to me being just about as happy as I have ever been as a Rangers fan. Sometimes things happen for a reason. We're on the front seats of a roller coaster. Forget the rest of the haters. Just hang on and enjoy the ride. Our team will represent us and we'll support them LIKE WE ALWAYS DO!!!


    • I agree lets forgive we are Rangers we already have team in the East End whose fans specialise in boulder on the shoulder mentality.I want to look forward to an exciting season on the park and as for the rest of those that don't like us we shouldn't care.

  4. totally agree with all of above they all hate us ,but Kilmarnock never went against us only team .

  5. If they thought we were bad before, they are in for a shock.
    I and everyone I know will be utterly unbearable when the Rangers start winning major trophies again, hopefully, beginning next week. All suffering bears deserve this cup, and I hope we get our day in the sun.
    On Rangers On.

  6. Hate,hate and more hate, if I was a gers player I would say fcuk the Scottish team wanders the lot o them

  7. There is one man and one man only who stands head and shoulders above all and that is Mr David Murray, he is the one who sold the jersey's and all the history of Rangers F.C. with-out batting an eyelid, the others mentioned above will always hate the mighty Rangers.

  8. Lets be honest here. We weren't relegated. We had to reapply to join the SPL. Teams voted. They decided against it. Can you imagine how corrupt and greedy Scottish football would look if they had let us skip the queue and jump straight back in the Premier league? Now we can hold our heads high. We earned our right to be in the premier league and got no favours from anyone. I certainly prefer our story to be written into history this way…

  9. we should never forget what they did to our club and that gos for fat ashley as well who thought our club was there for a few £££££ the newcastle support must be mugs giving him noney each week as they will only fill his piggy banks up GET THE FAT RAT OUT OUR CLUB NOW,,, WATP.

  10. I have said it several times on here and I will say it again and WILL stick to it, despite some saying "true Rangers fans will follow, follow" everywhere……

    All those in the SPL when we were done in were equally guilty…. I say DONT go to any of there grounds. DONT give any of them any of our money… They didn't want us, don't want us, well so be it, give them NOTHING. Let them all hurt financially, Rangers don't need them. Spend your "travelling money" to Rangers instead. Buy a RangersTV season ticket instead, do whatever but don't go to there grounds.

    Does that make me a "bad Rangers supporter"…..??? Well I have follow, followed rangers home, away in Europe etc for over 30 year and will continue to do so. If by not being willing to follow follow them as the homes of our enemies makes me a "bad bear" well so be it.

    Over and above that….. Get us out of Scottish football altogether.

  11. It is what it is, They dont like us we dont care, Grow a pair & get over it.
    We can only look after ourselves & get better,
    We will have our ups & downs but we are & will get better with each game,
    With W&W at the helm & with the new signigs things are lookin up,
    FFS look at where we have been & the sh*te we have had to endure on & off the pitch,
    Not only crap from the tims but so called FKN Journos havin a pop,
    So lets just get the FK on with it & power up this leagu,
    I think we are good enough to win it & I think if Aberdeen,Hearts play harder against the Tims it will only help our cause, onwards & upwards I say!!

  12. We should just forgive and forget. Prove we better than the rest of them by doing our talking on the park. Get back to winning trophies and providing we are the biggest and best club in the world. No-one likes us, we don't care.

  13. It all starts with Murray,and ends with Scottish football,this whole thing could off been avoided but instead too many thought about themselves and the true hatred towards us as fans and our club took over,it would never happen anywhere in world football what was done to us,and then too let fans off rival clubs to dictate the faite off a club they are jealous and hateful off is beyond laughable,I will never ever forget what was done to us and will never forgive,fuck the lot off them our club is bigger than Scottish football and we have shown that,our club dictates Scottish football and history shows a ross county fan aswell can't wait to see the rangers next season big rangers following up here,and Roy mcgregor didn't vote against rangers!

  14. Anonymous 13.23 .I think you'll find whatever Murray ,white did the history of Rangers f.c is intact.

  15. Very good article and will definitely divide opinion amongst the bears.

    Rangers FC are bigger and better than any other club in the world, our fans have followed supported this great club not just for the the past 4 years but for the past 140 years.

    We've had the unique opportunity to win everything Scottish football has to offer and we have done so proving we are the best in Scotland.

    Forgive them, they mean nothing to us! They're merely a vessel for us to claim 3 points week in week out. If we keep rattling on with hatred and bitterness towards them it shows that we're weak and possess an immaturity that only those in green and white display.

  16. Forgive and let karma do the talking….it's already started its path of payback. Rangers and their fans are bigger and better than some of the nonsense put out there. Rising above those who are hell bent on keeping us down has proven just how much of threat we are to these clubs. They envy everything that Rangers stands for and wish that their own clubs had the reputation, stature, traditions and following that the most successful club in the world holds. Jealously has driven them mad and by trying to destroy us they have only made us stronger.

  17. as supporters we follow our team anywhere but there is a principal here as been said they did not want us so kicked us out we are back and hopefully our football will put them in there place going to away games is a matter of choice so i say do what you think is right for yourselves o and by the way is it not ironic that Thompson and Dundee utd are relegated and fined as well o its a hard life

  18. Do what I do. If rival fans start going off on 1. I say I no it hurts, I know it burns that you didn't kill us. But you know what I'm obviously the better human being cause I forgive you. Absolutely does their nut in…….I don't forgive them and probably never will totally but taking the moral high ground keeps you out of the gutter where the rest love wallowing.

  19. Im 63 now and i cant remember anything but hatred towards rangers forgive them no chance ill be shouting rangers on in every game to hammer the haters

  20. We would never been in the mess we we're in if it wasn't for EBT . If we win our case how will we feel then . We were sold to a bunch of greedy bast for nothing . Players walked away and they ran our club into the ground . If the SFA had done the same checks on white and green as they did on mr king who is a true Rangers man they wouldn't have been near our club . David Murray did wonderful things for Rangers . Aye blame the tax man most of our problems . In the name of sporting integrity the rest just fed off the carcass . We got into this mess ourselfs and we got out it ourselfs . Thank god for King the three bears Paul Murray and most off all the rangers fans . Aye ready as they say , we will go from strength to strength we have warburton and weir master stroke from King and the rest . It's time to move on move back to the top of the table where we belong . We will never forget how the rest of the Scottish game kicked us when we were at our lowest they thought we were gon but hey hoe we are back . They can all sit back now and watch the bears regain our place at the top and law well and the rest of his merry men can all fuck off buy a ticket for there ground but not any programs or pies or anything else that puts a blue pound in there pocket onwards and upwards . C mom the Rangers we are the people

  21. I dont think we will ever forgive or forget, but ask yourself a question,,,, would our players want us to attend away games,,, of course they will,, also, our attendance to their ground would probably wind the opposition fans up more than anything,, we go to their grounds to support our team,,the team that got us there and into two cup finals this season,, Be the bigger and better Rangers bear,,i couldnt give 2 monkeys about other teams and what they say,, our lads will hurt them on the pitch, and i wont miss that for the world!!!

  22. I totally agree with all bears who say NO and let all who think we should forgive let them hang their heads in shame. Our club was nearly extinct because of small minded people who run the game in Scotland. A very good point by one person to veto all away games but hard to get everybody to think the same way.

  23. No……i dont think we should….we should just move on..and give the teams that REALLY dont like us, the disrespect they deserve…

    • Wrong attitude mate! We're a better club and have a far superior class of supporter DO NOT STEEP TO THEIR LEVEL!! You'll embarrass the club

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