Rangers rise as others fall

 Greg Roots

I am not normally one to revel in the negatives of our rivals, for me it is all about The Rangers. Fans can easily be defined as loving their team more than hating their rivals but others take their joy in hating their rivals more so than loving their own team. Thankfully I fall into the former category, but the recent developments are too joyous to go unnoticed on my part.

There are lots of non-Rangers things going on at the moment which fill my heart with joy, and I wouldn’t necessarily use the word karma to describe what is happening, but it most certainly feels like some of Rangers’ biggest enemies are getting their comeuppance just as we are back at the top of Scottish football where we belong.

Where better to begin with this analysis that at Dundee United, a team which has also been a fairly competitive force in the Scottish game but now finds itself in the second tier and on the brink of a collapse as fans have now just about had enough with their club’s ownership. Whilst I do not disproportionately hate any of the clubs who voted against our immediate return to the SPL more than any of the others, it is apparent that Dundee United’s chairman Stephen Thompson has always had it in for us. This is one of the many factors which makes their demise so highly entertaining, a demise whose latest episode is now a 3 point deduction which saw Mr Thompson resign from the SPFL board in disgust. That action seemed a little petulant to me, considering he would have been required to step down from the board once they were in the Championship anyway.

I have always had a soft spot for Newcastle. My Dad was born there and there is so much about the city and football club which epitomises true passion and love for the game of football. However, I was majorly split on this view once Mike Ashley started getting increasingly involved with our very own club. Mr Ashley oversaw the appointment of some shady members to our board, and of course he is in charge of Sports Direct – to whom we are tied to this ridiculously unfair retail deal for at least the next 7 years unless we can battle it in court. It is for the sake of Mike Ashley that I had a little smile to myself when they were relegated last night, thanks to their bitter rivals Sunderland defeating Everton. I have a great deal of empathy for the Newcastle supporters and staff, and they even have some pretty decent players. However, I can’t help but feel Mike Ashley is getting what he deserves. He has tried his best to assert dominance over the running of Rangers, much to the detriment of our commercial power, so the fact that the Newcastle brand should take a hit by dropping out of the Barclay’s Premier League is a small consolation for me.

There have been some gloomy days following Rangers, through no fault of our own, but I firmly believe that we are heading back to the good old days and it just so happens that all of those who kicked us when we were down are on the decline!

We Are The People.


  1. Much as I agree with everything you say especially the Ashley thing and u feel for the Newcastle fans but as rangers thro thro I would like all our support to remember we are a long way from a proper safe club because of the cowboys who raped us So all gets fans be strong next season and even if results dont go great keep believing and supporting the boys on the park by filling Ibroxpark every home game that' way you answer all the critics of our great club WATP


    • The Geordies had no power over who bought the club. Are you going to stop supporting Rangers because you don't like a 10% shareholder?

      What an idiotic comment.

  2. Agree with above,the future is looking mighty brighter after such dark times…W✳A✳T✳P✳

  3. Haha I hope the those who run the championship get a hold of that fat waste of space and rip him a new arse hole and force him to get rid of his share in the gers as their own rule say they can and don't let him throw cash at lawyer's trying to hold everything up hoping he can get back to the Premier at the first time of asking so he can avoid it watp onwards and upwards

  4. Happy days all round at the moment.Even the green and white shit can't finish on a high. They are going to have to spend big if they think they'll dominate next season. It looks like any team looks capable of turning them over. I didn't wish no harm to Newcastle as the English league is of no concern to us,but if it fucks Jabba the Hut bring it on WATP

  5. I just hope if things dont go well ie finnishing first or second next season we throw the dummy out of the pram and start decrying the board ,just remember what they have done for our club, and we give them the time they may require to overhaul the tims WATP

  6. newcastle will never win fuk all with that fat cunt about, wake up and get him out your club now dont give him a penny.

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