Rangers near completion of £8M signing


Ok, apologies for the slightly mischievous headline on this one, but it was not altogether inaccurate! Today Sky Sources have confirmed that impending Rangers’ signing Jordan Rossiter has arrived in Glasgow to finalise his £250,000 move from Liverpool to Ibrox, a signing which really has set the cat among the pigeons.

The reason for the ‘mischievous’ headline is that thanks to cross-border laws and FIFA regulations, Rangers are able to sign a youth player from down south for peanuts compared to his actual worth; in this case Jordan Rossiter, dubbed the ‘next Gerrard’ by Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler but who is said to have tough-tackling grit to his game as well, has a market value of £8M.

Yes, £8M. Rangers are about to sign an £8M player who has competed quite comfortably at European and English Premiership level.

All for less than it cost to get Michael O’Halloran.

To say Mark Warburton and Frank McParland have played an absolute blinder here is the understatement of the year. While it is too early to call this kid world class, the fact that such a young lad is valued at the level of far more seasoned pros says everything about how good he is capable of being, and this signing really is quite, quite astonishing.

Obviously Warburton’s respect down south has helped here; he is a well and truly coveted manager in England, hence every big job going sees his name linked to it, and contributes to how he can manage to persuade a player of the gravity and quality of Jordan Rossiter to give up the EPL for the Scottish equivalent.

However, even more credit has to go to his Head of Recruitment, Frank McParland. Another who came to the Scottish Championship purely because Mark Warburton was here, McParland’s previous spell with Liverpool (he is well-famed for discovering Raheem Sterling) has clearly helped relations between the clubs, and without any doubt his influence has persuaded Rossiter in conjunction with the Magic Hat.

Next season Rangers will have a truly outstanding talent in the guise of the young midfielder – and with quality around him like Matt Crooks, Jason Holt, Josh Windass and, potentially, Harry Winks as well, the standard of Rangers’ engine room starts to look worthy of the shirt.


  1. Keep checking every 10 mins to see if it's confirmed. Perfect signing for us. The magic man will turn him into another gem for us. WATP

  2. yea thats a dun deal,its early days but a think our manager could be best thing thats ever happened to our club him and McParland know all the best young players in England players that we can get cheap low wages,av seen Rossiter play he plays like james McCarthy of everton he will never be a Gerrard but McCarthy is stil good standered of player happy days

  3. Promising signing,, but we need an experienced Centre Half. We are woeful in in the air with cross balls. Warbuton keeps saying week in, week out,, we will learn from the poor defensive play,, but we dont!, Wilson and Kiernan make far to many mistakes and cost us goals in most games. We need to concentrate more on the centre of defence.

  4. What a difference a year makes I still can't believe the transformation unbelievable HRH Warburton who would have thought that an ex banker from London with 18 months as a manager could pull this off amazing

  5. There are 2 sides to every story. I'm sure he has a lot of potential, but if he is the next Jim Baxter then why is Liverpool letting him go?
    And who says he is worth 8 million pounds? His agent?
    I'm just saying let's not load him down with the weight of the expectation he is going to perform straight out like an 8M pound player. That could be a disaster.
    I'm happy to see him sign for the Gers and I'm sure he'll do well in the SPL.

  6. Please, please tell me that Joey Barton isn't coming to Rangers. I read it on Talksport. Surely to God, no. I'm not a fan of the man, and he will bring trouble to a great dressing room.

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