Kyle Lafferty

Kyle Lafferty

Before last week few would have believed the Joey Barton or indeed Niko Kranjcar stories, but they are real and Rangers are serious. Ergo, short of linking Messi with a move to Govan, it does seem that the previously less believable transfer rumours are now holding a little more water than they once did.

And as such, the latest name to crop up as hitching a ride up from England is Rangers’ ex striker himself, Kyle Lafferty.

Nothing more than hearsay and rumours at this point, the stories around Lafferty suggest the Northern Irish international, completely out of favour at relegated Norwich City, is eager for a move back to Glasgow, supposedly for ‘family’ reasons (he is to be married this summer).

Of course, whether a player of his frame and style (and maturity) would fit with Mark Warburton’s thinking is another question, but in light of the Barton story, the previously implausible can now not be dismissed quite in the way it could before.

Lafferty has been on loan at Birmingham in recent times, with an ill-fated spell in Turkey preceding that, so being married and with his country taking part in July’s European Championships, the 28-year old would certainly look to settle down if he can.

As such, his name is being touted in connection with Rangers.

Whether there is any truth in it is unknown, but it is now folly to completely ignore stories on basis of plausibility.

We will call that the ‘Joey Barton fallacy’.

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  1. I'd have him back on a two year deal. He's admitted he was badly advised and wrong to leave so we should accept his apology if Warbs thinks he'd help the cause.

    On his day, he's a real talent and good on the ground for a big fella

  2. Where is this rumour coming from, I havent seen anything in the media? wouldnt be surprised if its Lafferty putting out hopeful rumours. He wishes he could come back and be part of this! He is a mercenary who goes where the money is.

  3. Fuck right off…………………the problem i see is once all the good players eventually knock us back to stay down south we will be left with the dross like laffatme…

  4. No thanks, along with Whittaker, Naismith & McGregor, he couldn't get out of Ibrox quick wnough

    • I think we will see a lot of this shite soon with Norwich being relegated. These people have to remember that THEY LEFT US & no old fanny they say about looking out for their families or their career or whatever will wash, as THEY LEFT US, In the meantime we have had to struggle on with people like Kevin Kyle.Black, Samzda [FFS] whilst they went off to rake in piles of dosh & in Whttakers case doin Jack shit for Norwich! so all in all I would say no returnees please lets move on

  5. I wouldnt have him back. Its not about him leaving on poor terms but more the mentality of the player. He hasn't done anything of note since he left our club. He had a decent stint at Palermo but it was cut short due to his 'attitude'….

    "Palermo chairman Zamparini said: “Why was Lafferty sold? It was requested by my coach who asked me to send him away. He is a womaniser – he disappears for a week, takes a plane to go hunt for women in Milan. His behaviour is unmanageable. I asked Iachini to straighten him out but he told me can’t. Kyle’s an Irishman without rules.”

    My problem is that sometimes he is brilliant, sometimes he is not. This coupled with his behaviour means that he will very seldom be performing at his best and i just cant see how you can change the man at his age. It was clear from early on that Lafferty was a bit of a headbanger.

    Not for me, there are plenty of young hungry strikers out there and Lafferty, even at his best, is no great shake.

  6. Also, if you are looking for a player with potential genius and a smattering of lunacy look no further than Jason Cummings. He is a far better prospect in many ways with sell-on value and ambition.

  7. Lafferty was never any fucking good. Unable to do as he's told. leave him where he is. We seem to be linked with some real dross.

  8. Thanks for your past efforts but no to a come back. Where was he past four years desperate to get back? Back in SPL and now they want to come back

  9. If you are talking bringbacks. The only one who should be considered is Steven Davis of Southampton.And that would be in the probably no column.

  10. He can get himself to f-rance! Stay away from our club! Getting married again already? Boys a mong

  11. I don't want Lafferty anywhere near Rangers. The guy was a disaster on and off the pitch last time we had the misfortune of seeing him in a Rangers jersey. Walter Smith's worst signing, a total and utter waste of £4million that we didn't have!

  12. Stay away . The players and the people that left us in the shit 4 years ago that didn't give a shit . Now we are back to where we belong and playing great football . Now they want to come back . Keep them away . We are better without them and warb and Co has done a great job

  13. I guess no one else has ever made a mistake in their life. Everyone must be perfect eh . The boy admitted he was wrong for leaving but it doesn't matter anyway he definitely won't be back any time soon he's not a Warburton type of player. Honestly sometimes people get so wound up for nothing.w.a.t.p

  14. Ibroxnoise I think the general concensus of opinion is "The man is sh*te" & I for 1 agree, We dont need him. Every single player needs to be 100% dedicated to doing really well in our 1st season [hopefully winning it]& lafferty will detract from that I would view him as a disruptive element, And I am sure the man Warburton would be able to get somebody far better, Roll on saturday!!

  15. Yes the only one I would have back is Stephen Davis ,but I cant see that happening as he is one of the better players at a very good Southampton team

  16. we are linked to Barton a player who has had his issues but has spent years working hard to put right the wrongs of his past a man with a high IQ on and off the pitch a man who is fearless and passionate! because we are linked to shock signing let's not get carried away by linking this great club to the likes of kyle lafferty he has got worse on and off the pitch he's up his own arse and isn't really liked in the dressingroom at any club because of his very poor attitude hence the reason he keeps getting frozen out at clubs.

  17. No way no how the boys pish fucked off in our time of need only 2 i wud consider wud be aluko or davis

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