Joey Barton?


A heap of names are being thrown around in relation to new blood at Ibrox. Danny Graham, Greg Stewart, Madjid Bougherra and Grant Hanley (plus many more) have all been linked with a switch to Rangers this coming transfer window, but it was with great curiosity that Burnley midfielder and well-known livewire Joey Barton has joined the ranks of those being touted in.

It would be folly to dismiss all these stories as complete nonsense, but the Joey Barton one really does take some believing.

Do not forget, inasmuch as his services got him a place in the PFA Championship Player of the Year, the 33 year old is arguably more famous for his colourful personality than anything he has ever contributed on the pitch.

Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton recently confirmed he was apprehensive at best about players with ‘bad attitudes’ saying:

“Absolutely not. If we were offered a top European talent but someone who would spoil that dressing room, we won’t take them. The players have worked really hard to get the unity right here. This is a good place to come to work. If a player is inappropriate or dilutes the quality of that environment, he won’t be welcome.”

Barton definitely does not qualify as a top talent but he is certainly a decent player – but quite who conjured up the story of Rangers being interested is something of a mystery.


  1. Don't want his type anywhere near ibrox. A thug with a massive ego and limited ability whose best days were average and most certainly behind him

    • Well you obviously have not seen him play this year, kicked from pillar to post and it normally starts in the first minute and ends in injury time. NEVER reacted this year, only Nine booking in a season. One of the best players at Burnley and its been a privilege to watch him play. Congratulations on your promotion and best wishes for next season. I do not honestly think he would give up the chance to play Premership football in England but if he does decide to head North he goes with our best wishes.

    • You obviously have not seen him play this year, he has been kicked from pillar to post in every game starting in the first minute and ending in injury time, he never reacts, he just gets on with playing football and he has been booked only nine tine times No red card cards.
      He will be offered another contract at Burnley so I will be surprised if he said no to playing in the premiership next year to play in Scotland. But if he does he will go with the blessing of all Burnley supporters as he has been brilliant. Good luck to Rangers next season and congratulations on the promotion

    • You are talking about the player of the season at burnley he is only a bad player untill he plays for your team joey is God in Burnley and burnley is in the premier league so dream on he is going nowhere

    • That is just what the majority of Burnley fans thought before we signed him. He has been phenomenonal this season, best midfielder in the division. Voted 4th overall in the PFA awards. Work rate, drive and passion. He his targeted every game by the opposition but hasn't once reacted.

      I don't actually think he would join you unless you offer a bucket load of cash and long term contract. He enjoys playing for Dyce and Burnley, so I just hope we offer the deal he wants.

    • Joey would be a fantastic signing for us.he is just what we need in the middle of the park right now and even if it was just for a season his experience would be invaluable to the young squad the Magic Man is assembling,the guy is a born winner and has curbed his temper in last couple of years and matured a lot,he was a major factor in Burnley going up and i hope the rumours true and we get it done for going for 55.WATP

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  3. Manic Bougherra would still do a better job than any of the two centre halves we have goy

    • Snap Boughie up right away , great centre back and doubles at right back , Gers man , tonnes of experience and still has a couple of good years in him . Its a no brainer .

  4. You people really have no idea. Joey Barton has been a revelation since joining Burnley. A true leader on and off the pitch. We,as Burnley fans thought similar to you when first linked. But he proved himself to all and won't be playing anywhere other than the premier league with Burnley next season.

  5. he's good at picking up accents quickly, especially French. It would also help us to learn to play with 10 men quite quickly. give the boy a chance, we've had worse thugs. Or have we

  6. We only need to look across to Edinburgh for a player who will enhance our club on the pitch and bring value for the future- Jason Cummings- Hibs dont get up this season a bid of 500 grand with add-ons should secure him.

  7. I have always rated Barton as a player. I think he would be a great player at Ibrox, however I think Barton's problems as a 'bad boy' are all on the pitch rather than in the dressing room. The reason I mention this, is that Barton will be a target on the pitch against teams looking for a reaction. No doubt he will react and we will be down to ten men. He is I believe a team player who is loyal to the dressing room.
    For the fear of going down to ten men whenever he plays, I think the fear of him being sent off numerous times will ensure we do not sign him.
    He has always been complimentary about Rangers on his Twitter account.

  8. Jao Carlos texeira former Brentford player unhappy and unwanted Liverpool player he knows Warburton and weir plays left centre and right midfield can also play attacking role desperate to rebuild his career.

    • Don't need anymore wingers mate need another striker and 2 cbs. Got waggy, mckay, forrester, we'll probably stick to 4-3-3 we've got too many wingers at that.

  9. Why on earth would Barton move from an EPL club to join a Mickey Mouse outfit like Rangers? What a joke!

    • Is this the same EPL club that struggled against a Rangers team that was put together in a month. Mickey mouse team? What does that say for your team then pal

  10. He is doing a part-time philosophy degree at Roehampton University –

    Joey said: “My first seminar paper that I had to read out in class was ‘Is death bad for the person who dies?’, and I was obviously against.

    Saw him against Brighton recently – he is a tackler… discuss

  11. I would take boughy if his attitude (and money) is right. Good player with experience who could marshal the defence. Massive step up from kiernan and Wilson and could be the catalyst allowing those 2 to show their abilities.

  12. We do need 2 big feck off centre halves for a bit of height in that box. Wilson and Kiernan just dont do it for me,, both have been bombscares. Bit Boughy isnt the man for the job, he is unwanted and is trying to talk his way into a transfer to Rangers, likeable lad, but better, fitter and stronger players elsewhere

  13. Mickey mouse who u kidding most successful club in the world many times yous cutns played in Europe/won cups?nobody outside English football knows who u are. good luck in the relegation battle nxt year prick

  14. Some unbelievable comments on here. Joey has been staggeringly good this season. A true leader who's instilled a winning belief in all those around him and his disciplinary record this season has been exemplary. He would be head and shoulders one of the best players in the EPL but isn't foolish enough to go and play there.

  15. fekn mickey mouse THE FAMOUSE GLASGOW RANGERS last match against celtic got over 100 million views world wide and that's not including the people who watched on the internet for free so feck you and your mickey mouse pish mickey mouse's big toe is more well known than your club TWAT

  16. love to see Joey at Ibrox even for a season,he is just what we need in the middle of the park right now and his experience would be invaluable to the young squad the Magic Man is assembling for the assault for 55,still a great player and a born winner whose matured a lot n recent years…get him in Rangers!

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