Italian commentator agrees with Dave King about the Old Firm


When it comes to discrediting Celtic’s recent ‘achievements’ in the Scottish Premiership, Rangers’ chairman Dave King is not the only one to have expressed derision over their victory of five titles in a row.

As we know, the South African-based businessman recently pointed out:

“The nine-in-a-row concept is meaningless unless both clubs are competing against each other. Even though Celtic have won the last five titles it is still only one-in-a-row in terms of our rivalry — and that is what truly counts for both sets of supporters. I interact with enough Celtic supporters on my visits to Glasgow to know how much they have missed competing with Rangers. Celtic fans have missed that competition as much as we have.”

Absolutely true, whatever the East End’s finest would claim. However, apparently an Italian commentator, presumably on Italy’s premier TV sports channel Rai, claimed:

“Mulgrew has won five in a row, just like Juve. But Rangers weren’t there so we aren’t going to count them.”

This tweet was swiftly deleted by its poster, Roger Mitchell (a successful businessman in Italy these days), amidst a backlash from fans of a Parkhead persuasion. That Mitchell is the same Roger Mitchell who used to be SPL CEO, and his distaste at Scottish football is evidently clear.

But the Italian commentator he is quoting certainly agrees with King and the majority of sane people.


  1. There hasn't been any competition for "the green and white shit" since they decided to turf us out, whilst costing themselves a fortune in the process, although they all deny it. None of them have been able to spend any money because we weren't there to give them any. I thought Hearts would have done a better job of challenging than they did after winning the league the way they did last season,but with hindsight it just proved just how bad we were. Aberdeen, with the exception of when Fergie was in charge,have always been "also rans" and that's the they will stay. The rest of the league were made to look better because of how bad Celtic were. Their league titles are meaningless without us in the league. They can call us what "co" they want and if we are a new team they certainly grew to hate us pretty quick. Paris St-Germain have proved what it is to be the only team in a league. No one is interested in French football (if they ever were)Let's see what happens with T.V. deals and sponsorship next season now it's back to a two horse race WATP

  2. Whatever makes you feel good chaps. Unless I'm mistaken Celtic have done ok on the financial front without Rangers. The Old Firm club v Newco games may provide some financial Jam for Celtic but they represent a small percentage of overall income. Same can' be said alas for Sevco. I do believe that every 'Old Firm' supporter was delighted to win the title for a 5th time(since the only remaining 'old firm'" supporters are of a green persuasion

    • you really are a nugget if you think selling off all your assets with a sell-on value leaving only the worthless that no one wants, while losing 50% of your so called support is "doing ok" then i'd hate to see what doing badly looks like.
      Of course now the Rangers are back you & all your Rangers hating knuckle dragging trash will be filling out all those empty green seats again.

  3. Well the "Old Firm" or Pacific Shelf as the short memoried Timmy should remember, have sat and stagnated since we went down. No challenge whatsoever from the rest of the dross. The manky mob cant bring themselves to admit they need us! God forbide the Savile's XI supporters say anything remotely positive about Rangers.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of utter crap like the above !! Get a life and broaden ur horizons.ul b amazed at the wider world beyond parkhead

  5. Dirty manky unwashed bastards,next 5 r ours,and those 5 will be genuine,looking forward to seeing those dirty faces cry,WATP.

  6. Would the gers fans out there agree that u can tell a Celtic fan just by sight alone,even if there not wearing there pishy colours,my opinion is its the 128 years of inbreeding that's taken its toll,if u think that's history to b proud off b my guest,the famous Glasgow rangers r back,deal with it,WATP.

  7. Do the same rules apply for rangers 9 in a row when 6 of those seasons celtic did not finish the league as Rangers nearest competitors.Sober up next year 6 and counting.

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