Gordon Strachan: “Rangers duo are among the best I’ve seen”


Scotland manager Gordon Strachan has admitted Rangers’ dynamic duo Lee Wallace and Barrie McKay are amongst the best pairings he has seen for a long time.

The left-sided flankers have been rewarded for stellar seasons in the Championship with call ups for the upcoming friendlies against Italy and France, and the national regime’s manager, previously reluctant to select either, has now asserted his praise of two of Rangers’ star men, pointing out their worth to the national team:

“They’ve had a terrific season. As a partnership they work brilliantly together. It’s as good a partnership as I’ve seen for a long time.”

Curiously one would wonder why this is now the case when it was not for earlier call ups this season when both players were just as valid a partnership then as they are now, but que sera sera.

He went onto add:

“Both appreciate each other’s contribution and they both know what they’re good at, and they both help each other all through the games. So I think it’s worth the two of them coming together.”

Whether either will get much game time remains to be seen, but this move does signal a shift back for Rangers out from the wilderness into the national regime again. The only remaining puzzle is why the stellar Jason Holt was overlooked once more.


  1. I personally think Wallace deserved a call up sooner. He's everything a professional football player should be. He's a great leader and a great captain. Add in his performances and his reliability and its a no brainer. He should have been in sooner. Barry Mckay has developed through the season and got better and better with each month of first team football and the confidence that gives an attacking player. He's only started showing his true potential in the last third of the season although he's been good all year. I believe McKay's the best young talent in Scotland and that includes Tierney. We have a gem in Barry Mckay. Jason Holt had a bit of a dip in the last third. Not a worrying dip that stood out. He just didn't shine in the run in the way he had been during the season. I would still have him in my Scotland squad but I can understand why he's not included.

  2. Might be a bit outspoken here but I'm gutted they've been called up.

    Only time we've been taken seriously is after we beat Celtic. Understandably yes I can agree that beating the so called best side is Scotland is worthy of note but as individuals i.e Wallace, Holt, McKay they should've had their chance in the last international call up.

    Tired of the whole frenzy that Scotland builds expecting to qualify when we lose against the Lithuanias and Estonia s

  3. about time they wher givin a chance, but strachan to me is a knob hope hes out a job soon.

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