From Ian Black to Joey Barton – what a difference a season makes


Rangers today confirmed the worst-kept secret in Scottish football; Joey Barton is now officially a Rangers player, although he will not formally hook up with the squad till late July.

It goes without saying this is a truly sensational signing, especially given Rangers’ recent travails in the SPFL – from Kyle Hutton to Joey Barton; how times have changed.

Incredible credit goes to Mark Warburton, David Weir and of course Frank McParland for sterling work in securing the former Man City anchor’s signature – but as the midfielder says himself;

“I also wanted to speak to my friends and family, but I knew instantly that I was going to come here. Once I had walked into the building and seen what this club is about, I knew it would fit perfectly with what I wanted.”

This was never in doubt from the start in Barton’s mind, although one suspects the little rascal has had a lot of fun over the past 10 days with the ‘will he won’t he’ saga around him.

Rangers sold itself to Barton, and he immediately knew what he wanted to do. As he says, it is not about money, especially given the game of football has been exceptionally good to him and his family; it is about something different. Something fresh. A new challenge, and a newly-promoted Rangers is certainly that.

Rangers’ midfield next season is now Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter, Matt Crooks, and Josh Windass, with Jason Holt and Andy Halliday already here.

The depth available to the Magic Hat is in abundance now, and we no longer have to complain we lack a defensive midfielder – we have three, maybe four players capable of playing there now.

From Ian Black and Kyle Hutton to Joey Barton and Jordan Rossiter.

Just wow.


  1. Two top class tacklers who can head a ball [ Mr crooks may be one } and a high scoring striker and we have a worthy team again.
    The signing of Joey and Jordan and the other two lads is a helluva statement from the Director's box.
    I wait with bated breath on the next player to sign in.
    Any suggestions guys?

    • Sylvain Distin is available on a free. Could be our French Davie Weir? Every former team mates always comments how Distin is fittest guy at the club.

      Been said on here before by Gordon Green would also be decent.

    • Sylvain Distin runs like an 85 year old Zimmer user. Ask any Bournemouth or Everton fan and they'll tell you his legs went about 4 years ago. He's free because he can't run.

    • David Weir couldn't run much either but his reading of the game was so good he rarely had to

  2. welcome joey now lets get on with getting our club to the top again, IN KING OUR TRUST WATP,,

  3. Welcome Joey,a strong tackling midfielder who we desperately need for next season,now let's get 2 solid centre halfs and a goalscorer

  4. Now we need right back and center half couple more stikers like Kenny miller then I think we will be ready.

  5. best holding player at the club since Barry Ferguson,Scott brown will have trouble sleeping at night knowing whats coming his way,im so happy its going to be class wee are the people

  6. Great news and a magnificent coup by the magic hat – but why does he seem so totally unaware of the need for a central defence? Since mid-March Falkirk, Queen of the South, Raith Rovers and Hibs (twice) have scored 3 goals against us; yet not a hint of any signings at the back.

  7. Welcome to all the new guys. We need a strong centre half who can make the right decisions at the right times along with a goal scorer who can get 40 goals a season.
    Trust in Warburton. WATP.

  8. It's a sad situation when we fans need to go to Talksport in order to hear an interview with the new signing Joey Barton. Whichever media team MORON at Ibrox came up with the idea of adding 40 sec "trailers" to the Rangers Youtube channel should gotten rid of. Cheap marketing tactics I expect from companies that couldn't care less about people. To be wrung for every spare penny we have just to hear an employee speak (employees whose salaries we already pay for) is beyond the pale.

  9. Ian Black is a poor mans Joey Barton, Joey Barton is a poor mans Vinny Jones, Vinny Jones is a poor mans Lee Bowyer, Lee Bowyer is a poor mans Gennaro Gattuso, Gennaro Gattuso is a poor mans Roy Keane.

    Plus Did youse not see his Zombies tweet – he can explain his way round maybe showing support of a team but some things cannot be forgiven.

    • Roy Keane did not play for Italy though. In fairness while Gatusso developed into a very effective patrolling midfielder he could not lace Keane's boots.

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