First Rangers’ player release of the summer confirmed

First Rangers’ player release of the summer confirmed

STV News’ Raman Bhardwaj has confirmed today that Rangers have released striker Nicky Clark, in what is expected to be the first in a long line of departures this summer.

The 24-year old forward never convinced in his three years at Ibrox, since joining under Ally McCoist way back when in 2013, failing to hold down a starting berth under any of the last four managers, McCoist included, and today’s news is an unsurprising end for a player who was out of contract anyway.

The reporter said:

“Nicky Clark has been released by Rangers. Think there will be news of other departures soon”

There is firmly expected to be a number of high-profile exits, including David Templeton and Nicky Law, and Clark was the first. surely speaks on behalf of all Rangers fans in wishing him the best for his future career, except any time he ever faces Rangers, of course.

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  1. Personally I have always backed him and really thought he would come on to a game for us but Saturday was the last straw for me. Ran himself into a dead end, lost the ball, never tracked back and stokes shoots to get a corner and rest is history. Good luck but I am left with a sour taste in my mouth

  2. All the best, Nicky, you did your best. At least I hope you did, otherwise we might regret this..
    One thing I'd like to be shown the door at Ibrox….The Penny Arcade. I suppose I'm in a minority of 1, but I think it's crap.

    • No mate. Am no really a fan either if I am honest. Infact, all of the other versions of our match day songs like follow follow, blue sea of Ibrox and every other saturday are mince. Bring in the old tradional slower accordion versions. They would be much more rousing and easier for the fans to sing along like fuck lol

    • We should be playing "the Glasgow Rangers story" that would be amazing 50 thousand singing that

    • You have good taste guys. The song makes me cringe. And just before the chorus is sung, you always hear some bawbag go "Here-we-fucking-go!!".
      Here we fucking don't go. It's pish and we need a proper anthem. Nothing cringeworthy. Singing about spending our last dime after what's happened the last few years seems a bit odd to me.

  3. What a difference a few weeks makes. After the Celtic game we were all flying high. Now things don't feel so good, to put it mildly.
    Why Rangers could play so well against Celtic yet so poorly against Hibs is puzzling indeed. There will be more than one answer to that of course.
    Some will point to the absence of Dominic Ball. His presence would certainly have bolstered a defence that had a nightmare, but even he wouldn't have made any difference if the others played as they did.
    Big Rob Kiernan seemed to be "inviting" Stokes to score the first goal. Instead of moving to close him down he ran parallel to him, at a distance. Stokes was given a trouble free run into the box and a clear sight at goal. He must have thought it was his birthday.
    Leading up to that Tav slipped again (his boots need checking, this is all too common for him) and Andy Halliday (who can't tackle) got brushed aside in a tussle, with ease, before the ball was played to Stokes.
    Corners and other set piece balls into the box have been a worry all season. Stokes was vitually unchallenged, again, for the first. Tav, who isn't tall was the only player near him but nowhere near enough. Andy Halliday was brushed aside with ease, again, by a taller stronger player for the winner.
    There were numerous shaky moments, throughout the game, where Rangers could have lost even more goals. We even lost our majority ball possession when Shiels replaced Zelalem. What was that substitution all about?
    Zelalem, alone, was giving Rangers the lion's share of the ball while all and sundry were giving it away. MW called it wrong there. Big time.
    He couldn't deliver a killer pass, for good reason. Apart from Kenny Miller, who was excellent throughout, there was no movement into space by his team mates. Hibs defensive work was good, but not that good. Waggy and McKay went missing. Holt tried hard as always, but he wasn't the player we know he can be.
    I should give praise to Tav for his great cross for Miller's goal. Also to Andy for a glorious strike for Rangers second.
    That said, both players were woeful otherwise. Neither can tackle. Neither is strong enough in a tussle for the ball. Neither of them is quick. Halliday compounds that by 'swanning around' then gets caught in possession by quicker, stronger players. Both players hit too many stray passes.
    I don't know if there will be other positions that they can compete for, but Tav won't do at right back. Others will have seen what Stokes did to him. He forced Tav to abandon his attacking game, but still gave him a roasting on Rangers right.
    Halliday cannot play in the middle as a ball winner. Maybe on the left midfield or the left wing, but his lack of pace is a huge worry.
    The "centre backs" were terrible. Neither is dominant in the air. Wilson is pedestrian. Kiernan has 'ordinary' pace. Wilson must go. Kiernan might do better with a really good partner, or be used as a back up.
    It might be a blessing in disguise, this defeat. MW and DW will look at this game repeatedly and know what has to be done.
    We need a right back, two centre backs, a holding midfielder who can really tackle, a midfielder who can hold the ball, to replace Zelalem (Harry Forrester could do that I think) and a striker.
    If they are all quick, can tackle, pass the ball, good in the air (the centre backs and striker at least) and are real grafters, the squad will be right. Not asking much eh? Guys like that "grow on trees", don't they?
    Anyway, that's my opinion. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong. it's just an opinion. Others will have their own views.

    All the best for next season to all bears. The real job, for the past season was done successfully. We're back in the premiership. If MW and DW do a similar job next season as the did in the latest, with recruiting the players needed to do the job and improve the play, we'll do alright.

    • Agreed and many good points, another question for me though is, why is it or centre halves are so bad when we have Davie Weir in the management team? surely with his experience in the position he should see failings in their game long before they become glaring and consistent errors. They might not be the best centre backs but surely they should be at least competent under his advice? Answers on a postcard….

  4. What happened to Warburtons notice on the wall saying 'send them home happy' remember that one? coming out of Ibrox and other grounds on numerous occassions (and not just since the semi final against c-c) I have heard many bears bemoaning our obvious inabilities and our slavish committment to the same playing style, even before our atrocious end of season performances. After the great early start to the season when the bookies were taking bets that Rangers would go through the season without dropping any points, we started to struggle because other teams had reacted to our style of play and countered it. With small squads and smaller budgets these teams went from making us toil for a win to making us look decidedly average and then, in many cases, taking points from us…while we just kept on doing the same thing. I don't think it's asking too much for the management team to see a counter game having an effect and responding with a change in our own approach to the game. 'Doing Plan A better' (if that was what we were doing) has not worked as our second half season performances testify and many fans are going home more concerned than happy. Is it wise to tell everyone that we will never change our style of play? it wise to say we will never take the ball into a corner etc just to run down the clock to get a win? we were also told that we would be fitter and be 'up for it' in the last quarter of the game when the other teams were run down and be constantly looking to add to our tally…how many teams have scored against us in the last quarter of the game?
    A lot of questions bears, ones that as supporters we are entitled to ask and see responses on the field of play. This is not a rant but a concerned fan asking questions….we have been in the shade long enough recently, we need our return to the Premier division to be one of pride in our performances from the start to the end of the season..and beyond.

    • You're an intelligent, concerned fan asking questions. Excellent points. The end of season has been woeful and Warbs' words about "doing Plan A better" were exactly what Martinez used to say at Everton. Arsene Wenger is another of that school. We'll see how the summer recruitment goes, but Warbs in the past few weeks has put unnecessary scrutiny on himself and the players. The fans won't put up with a leaky defence next season. There can be no excuses.

  5. If we were offered promotion , getting to the Scottish cup final beating Celtic on way, trying to rid ourselves of Mike Ashley we would have bitten people's hands off. Let's face it we no longer have the funds available to create the team we want but warburton and weir have done a Fantasic job making us competitive against any Scottish team. We are well short in terms of back up and I am guessing here but we must have played 50+ games this season with basically the same squad every game. That has obviously taken its toll on the players and possiby the managements decision making over the last month. We are Rangers and expect big things next year but we must be realistic, this is a period of rebuild and second place next year and some cup runs with further improvements over the summer of 17 then maybe we can start asking questions if things aren't much closer at the top of the league. This is a five year plan and year one has been above expectations in my opinion. Lets get behind the team and warbs. It's been a good year bears

  6. Glad to see the back of tclark law & templeton, they were bench warmers at best & the money could & should have been spent on better players, Bring on the ACCO 2 & the Wee chap Rossiter & team them up with barto & away we go

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