Was Barrie McKay Ally Mcoist’s biggest success?


Ally McCoist’s failed managerial reign at Ibrox has been documented and dissected ad nauseam. There are few who would deny the man was not a success as a manager for Rangers, and current manager Mark Warburton is rightly hero-worshipped for the difference he has made since taking over last year.

However, one of the biggest sticks fans beat McCoist with is that of the success of Barrie McKay under the Magic Hat, where Super instead ditched him out on loan or left him on the bench.

It was evident from the lad’s debut as a 17-year old at Brechin that he was special. This entry from some years back highlights what was obvious to all and sundry at the time, and examines the puzzling nature of his disappearance from the first team at Ibrox back then.

However, and forgive me for indulging perhaps in a bit of contrary debate, could there be a case that Barrie McKay has ended up being one of the very few things Ally got right?

There is a strong argument that a zippy young winger, under pressure to perform at Ibrox, was green in a way fellow youngster Lewis Macleod could get away with. The demands on wingers to be consistent and produce lavish flank play and a killer final ball are massive, and in the ‘physical’ Third Division where hatchet jobs got carried out on Rangers players frequently, is there a fair argument to defend McCoist’s decision to put the lad out on loan?

For all we know, and in time it will all come out, Ally saw the brilliance of the kid and did not want the pressure to curtail his development, so elected to send him to much less pressured environments where he could develop properly in senior football.

And now Mark Warburton has decided it is time for the lad to stamp his authority on Ibrox and become a star. Which he most certainly has done.

Of course this could all be wrong – McCoist may just have plain bungled the McKay situation and three years later Rangers’ star winger is finally being given the chance he should have long ago; but it is only fair to try and look at both sides of the coin rather than taking the scenario at face value.

He might just end up having been McCoist’s most important managerial legacy at Ibrox.


  1. it sure would have been great to see super ally in the stand for the last game as he got us up a good part of the road during the dark days, when the rats where trying to take over our club and run us into the ground, a big thanks to super ally for his part and a big thanks to mr king and co for the great work they have started to rebuild our great club, IN KING OUR TRUST WATP,,

  2. I think the problem with this theory is that we were desperate for this creativity last season and he wasn't called upon. We risked promotion on players with nowhere near his ability, so it doesn't fit for me. Maybe in the Division 3 season, and you could stretch to season after, but a third season suggests there was more to it than this.

  3. Only Mark Warburton rejuvenated young Barrie. His head went way, way down when he left to go elsewhere. He had already been discarded by Kilmarnock and probably thought the worse when he was asked to leave once more. I think without Mark Warburton young Barrie's present situation could be very different indeed.

  4. Barry head got too big for his boots being sent out on loan gave him the reality check he needed. For me he needs to show more consistency in his play 2 goals in 2 games does not make him a wonder player but hopefully better quality players coming in will help him progress

  5. This is all very well & good but where the F8ck was barrys shooting boots [& for that matter the rest of them] last night 2 games on the bounce now they have switched off & are starting to play rubbish im fed up, I know the league is won but FFS this is rangers we should be annihilating these teams, Warburton needs to go into that dressing room & read the riot act, They are turning the clock back to the McCoist era

  6. we need a punt up the park every now and again and do away with the short corner time after time, a few players need to get the finger out ok were over the line BUT the play is shite,,

  7. Way too soon to judge after a season in the Championship. Best not to hype the lad up too much and instead let him go about making a name for himself in the top flight.

  8. Agree the players need to play & Play every FKN week as if there lives depended on it FFS we pay money for this sh*te im just hopin the buddies dont spoil it at the weekend, I hope W& W have gone in that dressing room & had a go FFS surely they could get hold of big gough hes knockin about the place often enough send him & he'll remind them what it is to play for THAT JERSEY!!

  9. If we play the same way as we have played recently, we will have no Scottish Cup and no Europa League.

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