The final piece of the journey

The final piece of the journey
 By Greg Roots

This Sunday at Hampden, our great club has the unique opportunity of becoming the first Scottish club to win every single available domestic honour.

Despite the fact that competing in this competition is less than desirable, and that we have failed in the last season to win it, Mark Warburton’s men still have it within their grasp to clinch the Petrofac Cup and make it at least 2 trophies being added to The Blue Room this season.

In the first of two trips to the National Stadium within a week, we face off against a stubborn Peterhead side who will be all the more determined to deny the light blues the trophy in what will most certainly be our last roll of the Petrofac dice, so to speak.

The Blue Toon may be doing very well in League 1 this season, with promotion to the Championship via the playoffs a realistic ambition. However, on paper we are more than capable of dispatching them in 90 minutes to lift the cup. If that factor alone wasn’t enough, we are on the verge of selling out Hampden for what many opposing fans brand as a ‘diddy game’.

There were calls from a lot of non-Rangers supporters for the game to be moved to a smaller, and more accessible for Peterhead, venue but the SFA denied this and agreed Hampden was the right place. Some may call it defiance, and some may say it is an act of continued loyalty, but the fact that the Petrofac Cup Final will be played in front of 50,000 people (approx. 2000 Peterhead fans) is a great testimony to our great club.

The rest of Scotland will view this as a meaningless trophy, but for me it rubberstamps our name in the history books as the first club to win every Scottish trophy on offer. We truly are the world’s most successful club.

118 honours is about to become 119. Make the most of another day out at Hampden.

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  1. I agree with all u have to say I just hope the players think the same as the fans not winning this would be a bad day for the club I don't care what the cup is called its a final it's a statement plus with the 17 th a week away we have to keep this momentum going last year I wouldn't have been surprised if we lost win this cup and bring the 17th on it would b great to beat them icing on the cake I'm just happy we r going up to were belong WATP

  2. Excellent article written by Greg Roots. Full of facts and accurate information, what more could you ask for. If this Rangers team cannot beat Peterhead comfortably, I can't see us troubling Celtic next week. Peterhead tactics will be to frustrate us with everybody behind the ball, but Hamden Park is a large wide playing area and we play with two quality wingers, so that should help get the job done properly.

  3. League Championships and cup finals are a Rangers ritual at this time of year. Lets not forget the enormous effort put in by everyone's support of the club from the manager to the Rangers TV viewers whose subscriptions are sent in from all airts and pairts of the planet.We are back and we have lots of proving to do, so let's do it. We do not take tomorrow's game for granted, or any game. We are Glasgow Rangers.

  4. Very good piece Greg…Cant really add much except to say…All bears everywhere enjoy Sunday even if you are not at hampden…Catch it on tv…WATP.

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