Scottish media & Rangers – time to take a stand?


Unless you were on a different planet yesterday, you, like all Bears, will be only too aware of Rangers’ wonderful Petrofac Cup triumph, setting a historical record to seize a chance at a unique treble which will probably never be repeated by any club, and which Rangers were, naturally, the first team in Scotland to have an opportunity at.

This incredible occasion at Hampden was summed up by a staggering 46,000+ Rangers fans travelling to Mount Florida in what was quite simply a home match for the Govan giants, setting the scene of saturated red, white, and blue throughout the stands.

4-0 at full time including a Goal of the Season contender by James Tavernier when the right back produced a quite mesmerising volley off Kenny Miller’s flick assist to rocket the ball into the top corner from 25 yards.

In other words, another memorable, glorious day for the Rangers which sealed Mark Warburton’s second career managerial trophy in five days following the Championship triumph on Tuesday.


This is all the main two newspaper outlets in Scotland were interested in – using Warburton’s justified concerns about the pitch as a negative; instead of focusing on a truly outstanding success for Rangers, once again the usual suspects twisted the afternoon’s achievements and used Rangers to sell papers.

It defies belief, and begs the question of why any Rangers fan would support either publication in any way. Their club splashed all over the front cover in a completely negative fashion on the day after its first cup trophy in years.

There is little more requiring said. Make up your own minds.


  1. well done to rangers another great day for all rangers fans watp,,STOP BUYING THERE SHITE PAPERS NOW,,

  2. When I see headlines like that,, it makes me smile,,cause I know the shelic supporting reporter is really hurting inside with our success, and has to bow to dirty irresponsible reporting tactics in attempt to put us down,,, and failed miserably,, We are back media,, The more shite you write,,the more I know your hurting for that very fact!! Congrats to our team in winning the cup,, just stay away from the papers this week,,do the talking on the pitch against the manky mob,,

  3. Sorry to say it's not necessarily Celtic fans who write this crap. These papers have no scruples or morals. They would same about Celtic if in they were in same position. And it's not just regarding football. Papers don't care about truth or ethics or people. Readers are gullible in their eyes. Sell sell sell is their motto. Don't buy them is my motto.

  4. Not sure about this. It was only the Petrofac Challenge and i don't blame either paper for not waxing lyrical. I am though, absolutely sure that Pacific Quay do have a negative agenda that they are eager to share with their media chums. On last week's video post in the Record, Keith Jackson said he had been interviewed by BBC Scotland about Rangers promotion back to the Premiership. The opening question was "how can anything positive be taken from Rangers return to the top flight?" It's a "When did you stop beating your wife?" attitude that is presented as fearless investigative journalism.
    It might take a long time for the blinkered PQ Tims and Sheep to realise, but it will change, as the realisation dawns that the Teddy Bears are no longer a front page basket case, but rather a back page traffic builder.
    It has felt over recent years as though we were strangers in our own house – that will change from the first day of next season, irrespective of the results at Hampden last week or next.

  5. Both sets of fans hate the papers.
    Because they are wildly partisan both ways.
    If they were anyway impartial people would still read them.
    pr spin with no critical analysis or actual journalism or negatives to sell papers
    don't buy them, let them die.

  6. At least 10 years too late. We have sleepwalked into this. The minute you mention Rangers you are branded a bigot. Oh the irony

  7. Agree totally that all rangers supporters should not support the sale of either of these pitiful rags

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