Neil Lennon – “The tide is most definitely turning”

Neil Lennon – “The tide is most definitely turning”

The above was the only concession former Celtic manager and player Neil Lennon could make on summary following a truly epic 120+ minutes at Hampden, a Scottish semi final which saw Rangers deservedly beat Celtic after a penalty shoot out. It was a slightly unexpected result overall, but after 20 minutes, it did not look in any doubt.

Manager Mark Warburton elected to select Dean Shiels to cover Harry Forrester’s absence, and what a shift the former Killie attacker put in, as they all did – and that first half was easily the best half of football Rangers have played since stopping Celtic at Ibrox in 2012. It even supplanted the Dundee performance, because, with respect to Paul Hartley’s side, Celtic are (supposedly) a far higher standard than the Dee.

I say supposedly, because at half time, with Rangers one up thanks to Kenny Miller’s clinical dispatch, it was evident that Rangers were plainly the better side. Yes, Ronny Deila’s team had its moments and Patrick Roberts’ open-goal miss will haunt him for the rest of his life, but Rangers were worthy winners and Barrie McKay’s 30-yard howitzer is probably the best goal the young winger will ever score.

The second half did sink below the standards of the first, as Rangers’ high-octane display wilted just a little, but it was not enough to place Celtic as the superior side on the day.

The truth has now hit Scottish football – Rangers are, with a little bit of tinkering and tweaking this summer, surely favourites to win the Premiership title next season given the clear superiority they elicited over their bitter rivals today with a squad which is not even finished yet.

Celtic only have themselves to blame for barely moving ‘sideways’ as Neil McCann put it, and borderline declining. Meanwhile Rangers go from strength to strength, growing on the pitch and off it, producing some frankly glorious football along the way.

Mark Warburton’s ‘big test’ was how he would handle Celtic – he did so absolutely magnificently and it is pretty plain to all and sundry that Rangers next season will be even better than they were this.

Celtic fans can feel free to hurl unintelligent ‘zombie’ ‘dead’ ‘sevco’ insults if they so wish, that is fine by us. We will just get on with the continuing job of restoring Rangers to the very top of Scottish football, under the wisdom and guidance of a management team who really do know what they are doing.

“The tide is most definitely turning” says Neil Lennon.

Maybe it already has.

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  1. normally this is bombarded with celtic fans and negativity. Happy to say we were the better team and loved the game today. Not much they can say other than the usual dribble but facts are facts we won your out.

    • I totally agree the gers were far better most of this match and magic mark has done it again for us

  2. Wonderful, wonderful Glasgow Rangers lalalalala. We are the people. Greatest support in the world. Great management. Treble Mark's salary, sign him on a 50 year contract with a 50 year option and give the man four blank checks to sign whoever he fuckin' wants. The drinks are all on me boys. Miraculous McKay walks on water. Andy, Lee and everyone in a blue jersey, congratulations. Now make sure and bring that Scottish cup back to its rightful home, and long may it stay there, in the Ibrox display cabinet.

  3. I very proud Bear tonight I'll tell you.The icing on the cake was that lump p***k Broony the Hard Man missing a penalty as well.Thanks also to hof-a-heed Hartson for his score prediction.Looking forward to European football next season.Take a bow boys one and all,absolutely brilliant!

  4. I will drink at least five drinks to celebrate Rangers very well deserved semi-final win today. I will definitely have a "Double" and most probably a "Treble" as well. WATP.

  5. What a result today buzzin I was dreading getting beat and could hardly watch the pens but even if we got put out today I was still happy whith how we played we were great all over the pitch to beat them is it the best feeling in the world with half a squad was even more amazing let beat that mob from Edinburgh and make it a great year best I've had in a good few

  6. Who gives a fuck what lennon thinks today we proved a point they were lucky to get to penalties WATP its good to be a bear

  7. Amazing performance, that first 45 minutes was best performance I've seen since I watched Spain at Hampden. It really was on that level.

    I'd love to sign Dominic Ball on a permanent deal if Spurs don't want him. Couple of other strikers and defenders and we can win the SPFL and do well in Europa League (which we qualify for after winning cup from Hibs)

  8. What a performance proud of everyone involved with the club by far the better team on the day tav waldo halliday n mckay wer fantastic but the prodigal son kenny miller at his age is unbelievable legend in my eyes. Bt all in all wat a performance absolutly buzzing for nxt season to c who the magic hat brings in wat a man. WATP!!

  9. When you take neil lennon away from the heat of the battle I think the man has very honest and balanced views. Especially considering the pish that some of their other ex-players were spouting. I thought Andreas Hallideas was unbelievable today.

    He's 1 of our own!

  10. Like all other bears I'm delighted with today. Deep down all blue noses knew we were better than them but I think we all lured them into a false sense of security with the false favourites claim pre match. What I cannot wait to see is that little arrogant weasel faced rodent Celtic blogger from daily record as he tries to defend this ha ha ha ha ha ha get it right up you!!! The only show in town.

  11. I wander what they will try to do to backtrack & say "Oh it was just Banter" [banter my erse] Sutton, Hartson & even Trevor Sinclair!![ who hasnt played for em] have been havin a dig, Loved Wee Weiss havin a dig at Sutton & Wee Nacho sayin SHHH!, onwards & upwards now, Treble in sight & hopefully Europe next year, Quite honestly I think we matched them man for man & were deffo the better team, And that was without Wags & Forester!


  13. I said from day one of the draw that we would do the job, Complete faith in the whole squad and management staff, warbs is a class act, tells it how it is and he told us all he would make this dream a reality and by gid has he delivered, I am 27 and never have I turned my back on my team but this undoubtedly is the most proud I have been to call myself a bear, well done guys, after 4 years of hell we are back and ready for the challenge as proven yester day WATP

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