Karma, Rangers, Celtic, and Scottish football


What a difference one result has made. From Rangers’ dire straits in 2012 which saw effectively an entire club start again in the wilderness of Scotland’s lowest senior tier, to the echelons of Sunday’s mammoth Old Firm win which has led to near-certain European competition, a realistic shot at next season’s Premiership crown and promises of a £5M warchest for Rangers’ magical manager Mark Warburton.

Compare this with events east of the city, where the playing squad is in disarray (though I still could not name many of them), the manager is confirmed as gone in a month and the CEO is being touted for a job in England.

Four long years of hell for Rangers fans is seeing karma spreading throughout Scottish football for the suffering supporters tolerated. And you cannot say these clubs and their fans did not have it coming.

Dundee Utd, near-certain relegation candidates, adrift at the basement of the SPL, eight points off the pace, after years of absolute nonsense aimed at Rangers, which stoked the fires to the point Rangers fans boycotted Tannadice. Stephen Thompson has been a Rangers-despising chairman of the Arabs for some considerable time, and now his club is on the brink of decimation, a key board member has quit, and administration looms should the curtain fall on their Premiership status.

Hibernian, whose manager tried taunting Rangers ever since he got the job, playing ridiculous mind games and ego-centric musings while players of his such as Jason Cummings insulted Rangers publicly while they simply refused to sell Scott Allan to Warburton but happily signed other ‘Championship rivals’ players like Danny Carmichael. Now they refuse to do a Guard of Honour for tonight’s visit of the Ibrox men. So be it.

And as I alluded to earlier, the dwindling fortunes of Celtic in the East End of Glasgow, a team who have confirmed the departure of their hapless manager Ronny Deila who was taught a football lesson by a man who has only been a boss in senior football for just under three years.

Meanwhile a couple of St Mirren footballers tweet their congratulations to Rangers on their Old Firm win, and the club as a whole is willing to dedicate two stands to Warbs’ team for the final match of the season.

There are dozens of examples of how chickens are coming home to roost in Scottish football, and no one can say it is not justice.

Global media has been full of praise for Rangers, and scorn for Celtic. Even the Scottish media is starting to target Celtic again, with the BBC’s Tom English viciously attacking Deila and his lot while praising Rangers, along with Spiers.

Naturally, none of this is out of the goodness of their hearts – the media picks the most vulnerable target which will get the most attention and in recent times that has been Rangers.

But as Neil Lennon, who has bigged himself up for the Parkhead job said, “the tide is most definitely turning”.

Only one year ago Rangers were papped out of the playoffs and the situation looked bleak.

Now Warburton has us in the SPL, fighting for the title, fighting for yet another trophy, and likely to be in the Europa League next season along with chairman Dave King (who, all hands held up, has done a stellar job alongside Murray and Gilligan) promising a £5M budget if European football is secured.

Suddenly that entry from a while back does not look so unlikely, does it?

Either way, the pendulum of Scottish football has swung back to Ibrox.

We Welcome The Chase.


  1. Well said. It should be a sellout at every game at Ibrox next season. I know it is a low priority but another 10,000 seats would not go unfilled. The bouncy will be getting laldy next season, fittest team and fittest fans in the world. C'mon the Gers.

  2. not sure why you use karma ? are ye saying bad things are happening to those who were 'bad' to rangers ?

    • Haha – never read so much nonsense in all my life – talk about a persecution complex!!

      Look can I give you some advice – one swallow does not make a summer – do not get too carried away because you will just have further to fall next season – here we go 10 in a row – and you are all going to love wee Neil delivering it – maybe then you will see how karma really works.

    • Aye maybe when your on a site for your own type moaning about " the Huns" beating you again. Gtf prick

  3. rangers are still well behind celtic as a footballing side. Rangers created 1 chance from their own open play against a Celtic side who it is acknowledged played poorly. This is not league winning form and wonder goals and defensive mistakes are not going to get the points every week. Mackay for all his huffing and puffing did not set up 1 single chance on target for his teammates. celtic have far better creative players but a manager that does not seem to want to play them. rangers will need to walk before they can run and stop setting expectations so high as not achieving them will look like abject failure.

    • Come on we had arguable our best attacking players out for various reasons,we done more than enough to win the game

    • Obviously you were another bam watching Antiques roadshow to match your antique team while they were absolutely torn to shreds at Humpthem Park.The Glasgow Rangers are back big time and you chum should be on medication and plenty of it.

    • Mean, miserable and niggardly comments. You lot were so busy laughing at the Teddy Bears you didn't see this coming. The joke's on you.

    • Utter nonsense about Barrie MacKay. Set up Millers first shit at goal by chipping it in behind your shambles of a back line. Plenty of chances from open play, better creative players you say? By the looks of your 18 players they're creative in the kitchen. Jog on!

    • I don't care how I come across.I've been to hundreds of OF games over 50 years and I've NEVER taken more pleasure from humpin that mob as I did on Sunday.I DESPISE them.That junkie Green Brigade with their banners oot.The icing was that fanny Broon missing his penalty.I've never been so proud to be a Bluenose in my life!

    • Loss at hibs , as I said a team that doesn't create enough clear cut chances will always struggle to win matches against teams as strong as them. A decent goalkeeper is a must as well. You can't count on 20 yard punts going in every week but that's 2 in a row from Mackay. Looks like bringing back players can sometimes weaken the side. No wonder O'Halloren was released by Celtic and sold on so willingly by StJ once they had hiked up the price , a 1 trick pony that hasn't performed since he arrived.

    • Done well to get a 2-2 draw against Celtic considering all the possession was in front of the Celtic midfield – rode the luck a bit with the 33 chances Celtic created but having the ball even in your own created a feel good factor. Pity about the reality check last night at Easter Road.

    • Your actually hilarious. I was wary about Sunday but you got battered. Did you watch the first half? 33 chances? You would be lucky if you touched the ball 33 times. I watch a lot of football and that was a lesson your mob looked 2 stone overweight and the Bears took you to the cleaners. Get over it. Or rather get used to it. Your a Tim so go talk about young boys on your own site please. Thanks

    • Now come on, of course you had a lot of possession and it certainly injected a lot of confidence in your troops – big mistake from our lot to try and be clever and sit back and try and pick you off – not a game for handing the initiative to the opposition but the fact is despite all the pretty passing along the half way line your first registered effort on goal after 22 mins was McKays screamer. And the game finished 2-2 which I admit even 1-1 at the end of normal time had me really frustrated at how poorly we were playing but in the context I expected us to have a clear two goal plus victory – we still were the ones who despite not looking up for the challenge at all were creating all the chances.

  4. Ffs can we not have a couple of days to gloat after beating Celtic. Without all the negativity . I just can't understand why some people are still doom and gloom. Where you more happy last season ffs . And wee MacKay the boy scored a outstanding goal and all you say is he didn't do much else come on really. We ain't Madrid or Bayern Munich here were doing the best with what we've got. And I for one is really enjoying it watp

  5. It was a display anticipated by the Rangers legions after the result against Dundee. If we were to play the same way against Celtic, then we knew we would cause them major problems. Both Deila and Collins were at that game but obviously learned nothing. Only young Tierney would get a pass mark on his game against Rangers, while every Rangers player stamped their mark on the game by their teamwork and energy. Playing for the jersey was certainly evident by the Rangers players last Sunday.

    • smelly tim we are the people you are a dirty scumbag we are back get used to being pumped o i forgot you are no surrender watp

    • no surrender are you back from the school run you smelly scumbag now go and buy a bar of soap simply the best watp

  6. Sticking your head in the sand is what got you into this position in the first place. You were pumped on Sunday, admit it. Rangers were without 4 first team players up front on Sunday and will add more depth during the summer. You lot are NOT going to gain the advantage back when you were passed off the park by a depleted Rangers at the weekend. If I were you I'd be posting messages about why your club owners have allowed this to happen, not make up stupid reasons why we won. Oh, and take a bath, you've already received a letter from your own club on the topic.

    • Yeah watch Spurs or Barca or Liverpool to learn what passing with effect means. Square passes do not equal chances created or goals.

  7. There is one thing bugging me about us going back to where we belong. I believe we, as true blue bears, have maybe taken our eye off the ball while getting caught in the furore of getting promotion and beating tHem from the east – The BJK Brigade……
    What are we going to do next season? I say, with maybe the exception of Kilmarnock, or whoever it was who stuck by us in the vote, we do NOT travel to there grounds…. We don't take a single ticket. They are all now struggling financially. Let them continue to struggle… DO NOT start going back to there grounds. We don't need them to come to Ibrox. We can fill it without them. Don't buy tickets for away games, don't buy there food etc give them all hee-haw. It would stick in my craw if we forget what they did and now bail them out the grubber.
    Dundee Utd will hopefully go down and never return, maybe even go down the grubber…. Good enough for them.
    Do NOT feel sorry for the clubs fans either…. Remember the pressure the same fans brought to bear on there own clubs… They voted for what they got, let them deal with the consequences.

    • I hope every fan agrees with your comment. about staying away from other grounds next season as the Scotland can do without the bigoted hate song that came from your fans on Sunday As a journalist once reported you are the shame of Scotland

    • How bitter. Scotland's shame is ira supporting paedos pal. Do you think we give a fuck about people like you and some Tim journalist?

  8. So what is the point of being in the top league if we don't go to the games what a small minded stupid comment to make. Grow up ya fanny. I'll be there shouting on my team that's what real fans do

    • Well if you want to feed your hard earned to those who wanted us dead, you carry on. Me? I will buy my season ticket for Ibrox AND buy a season ticket for Rangers TV and watch away games on that. That way Rangers get the money and not those who wished us dead. If you and others want to save those who did what they dead, you carry on.
      Then again with the well thought out. reasoned argument you gave I shouldn't really believe you can think much. You sound like you might be one of tHem.

  9. Said before old firm game.Foderingham was accident waiting to happen, he got away with it in old firm game but we need new keeper, just back from easter rd, he is a genuine nice bloke but spend or give Liam Kelly his chance

  10. I was there, we were awful, going to bed now, so all you idiots can talk about the game you weren't at or didn't see

  11. Hey editor, can we have the best quote of the week award? If so, give it to Tam burns, one of the few on here that talks sense

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