Fear and loathing of Premiership Rangers

Fear and loathing of Premiership Rangers

It was as predictable as it was hilarious; no sooner had Rangers been crowned champions of the Championship and confirmed as a Premiership team once again, that Scottish football took to social media and other outlets to froth at the gills in pure hatred and bile.

BBC Scotland’s Louise Whyte this morning held a phone in, and instead of focusing on the achievement of Rangers returning to the top tier, entertained a caller who only discussed new club/old club nonsense, while supporting it with cheating, tax dodging and bigotry.

That this kind of hatred continues to not only exist in Scotland but propagate is testament to the sheer mental illness of the game in this country.

Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie and welcoming Rangers back to the SPL, all Scottish football did was hate even more.

And it can feel free – hatred is caused by fear, and this country knows Rangers are well and truly back where they belong after an extended absence – and they loathe that notion.

Good. Us Rangers fans will get on with planning for the future, looking forward to this summer’s transfer window, an OLD FIRM CLASH a week on Sunday, and a cup final seven days earlier.

The rest of the country can sit in a darkened room with Rangers voodoo dolls if it so wishes – it does not make any difference.

Social media has been an amusing and almost bewildering dichotomy of paradoxical proportions; on one hand sees Carl Frampton, Lukas Podolski and a host of stars, players, and media giants handing congratulations to Rangers on our well-earned return. The outpouring of praise from the football world has been gargantuan.

The other hand sees rival fans in Scotland spitting out bile in pure frustration and disgust while certain sects of the media continue to peddle the same old trash we have witnessed for four years plus.

Let them. Sooner or later Rangers’ haters will have to start pandering again to us – just as St Mirren did by giving travelling Bears an entire stand for the final match of the season. More will follow.

And karma will follow that.

Time will tell how it all plays out, but one thing is for sure:

We are the people, we are not going away, we are well and truly back, and you can stick that in your bitter pipe and smoke on it.

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    • Let the others come after us, we welcome the chase. Their hatred is so obvious throughout various mhedia outlets, none worse than the f**ken BBC who we as tax payers fund!! Rotten to the core!

    • Nobody gave us a chance of winning the Championship and we did it, now they are saying we will not win the SPL next season – well we will because Hibs and Falkirk are better teams that Aberdeen and Hearts and Celtic are the worst team in Scotland.

  1. Been on here all season sayin exactly that everytime we ve got a league closer to the premship the fear has grew n grew n with warbs now at the helm they c a manager with plenty of ability ,passion dedication, knowledge, contacts all over europe n can spot a player with potential n turn them into decent quality over night the only way warbs is going is to the top n they jst cany believe we ve landed Such a top quality manager n the progression he achieves in such a short space of time is magic hat material. The facts r with gers not there they thot ther was a chance of gettin accepted to england cos they wud out grow scottish footie. Not gny happen!!
    Champions league entry every season. Not gny happen!!
    Catching our world famous 54 titles. Not gny happen!!
    And finally
    they will not get to 10 in a row n that hurts very very much. So what i would say is get used to being 2nd best,2nd class n being the 2nd most succesful club in scotland cos the famous glasgow rangers are back and will b at the top of the tree lkin dwn on use once again so get use to it or life is gny be very disappointing. WATP and we fear no one.

    • Ahem – you just won the Scottish Championship featuring part-time teams with a budget that would blow all but one team out of the water. Many of you say Celtic winning the top flight is not an achievement. Now think about all that for a minute or two.

      Anyways believe me we find you a massive comedy act – only coming up at the second time of asking is almost farcical and while I could not care less if you ever made it to the top flight I am looking forward to seeing your wee faces when you get humped by 4+ at Celtic Park and Ibrokes next season and start calling for your managers head. Mark my words.

  2. I was reading some of the absolute shite getting spouted last night. Honestly sometimes you just can't believe it they are just obsessed with us. Just shows how much their own team means to them. They would rather sit and try and I mean try to wind us up. Carl Frampton was just congratulating us on a job well done. And people were jumping on him all over twitter. It's just pure fear I tell you half of them who has watched us this year must know we are going one way and that is up . We are getting stronger as they are getting weaker. They should be worried I tell you wait till you see them on hear trying to be funny. Just youse be more concerned with your own mob . And leave this to real fans to show you how it's done.watp

  3. We already have signed two Doncaster players on free transfers and I would expect Warbs & Weir to sign another two top class young players on loan from the best Barclays Premiership teams. Lets face it, we have been exceptionally good for Tottenham & Arsenal by giving their players fabulous experience in our first team. Buy another two players who walk into the team with their talent and experience and added to our best first pick players this year, it could add up to a team capable of challenging for honours. This would sicken the rest of the Scottish small minded fans.

    • Tottenham fan here – the boys you got from us will never be near our first team – if they were in that category they would have been loaned to the English first division.

  4. Only show in town !! In Warbs and Sir David….oh and Ronnie we trust also ����…..tie Ronnie down on a 5 year deal just now Lawless….WATP

  5. I would like to take this opportunity to send a message to all those haters of Glasgow Rangers…WE ARE BACK and we certainly are NOT DEAD…and to the eastenders a special message…Pucker up your arseholes to recieve all that "jelly and icecream" you say you were eating… into the correct orifice…and to all my fellow,long suffering bears…the worst is over…we will enjoy watching them worry and squirm about our great club…WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

  6. No one likes us we don't care. It's not a song it's a statement. These sad people are gutted that they failed to kill us off and are spewing that we are now back. Thing is they don't get it. One of the greatest days of my life is getting closer by the day and I can't wait to see them all crying foul

  7. This anti-Rangers nonsense is driven by jealousy and fear(typical of the current climate).

    Rangers fans are ‘never say die’ people. They were all quietly hoping that Rangers fans would give up on the club and disappear. It was never ever going to happen!
    They should have known better. Great to see your club back where it belongs. Let them say what they like. With fans like yours, you’ll go from strength to strength. Genuine respect from New Zealand.

  8. Well done gers, I have supported you before the financial crisis and will always. It's a sad shame that other teams didn't have the goodwill to see what the rangers fans was going through and the club

  9. Forget what the haters say. Our fans have shown them all hows its done. The most successful club team in the world because we have the best fans in the world. Now we have the best manager. Great Captain and a young hungry team. The haters enjoyed putting the boot in when we couldn't defend ourself`s and now the same people are hiding behind the hedges. NOW WE`RE BACK and not only can we defend ourself`s but we welcome THE FIGHT!!!

    Don`t get wound up or bothered with any of these bampots who say cheats this and old cub that. Fact is… even if the deluded retards from across the road do believe that nonsense. And even if it was true. We would still rather have OUR history than THEIRS! Getting crafty with the tax man is one thing… well we`ll just leave it at that.


  10. image what we would have done in the spl without the smelly tramps for 4 years we told you we would be back we are the people were coming for you no surrender

  11. These people wish to make special exceptions just out of a hatred for Rangers.

    A large number of clubs have gone through insolvency events/changes in corporate structure. Napoli, Fiorentina, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Notts COunty, Middlesborough… etc. etc.

    Does *anyone* think they are 'new'?

    Is their any legal argument stating they are 'new'?


    Rangers is no different. The hard of thinking are making ad hoc arguments to suit an agenda.

    • Best thing to do is to ignore completely any comment about new club etc. They are trying to get a rise out of us so don't give them the satisfaction. We know we are the same club, and whatever happens to the business the club will never die.

    • Nathan. None of the clubs you mention play in a country that is now run by nationalist politicians and extremely left leaning media. The problem we have is that Rangers is like an oasis of unionism in a desert of the opposite. That's the reason we get nothing but abuse. With Rangers dead there would be a clear road to independence. I realise a percentage of us voted for it but that's how we are seen by these idiots. Thank god we were strong enough to come back from the brink there will be hard times ahead but some of the best times in our illustrious history are round the corner too!

    • Ah right thanks for clearing that up – silly me – I actually thought Rangers were liquidated – wherever did I get that idea – and that first ever game played under the name Sevco Scotland to then be changed to The Rangers International Football Club – I must have been tripping.

    • And thanks for clearing up how much of a moron you are.

      You clearly don't even understand what liqudation is. It happens to PLC's, not football clubs. To assume that the one is the other is question begging and false.

      Furthermore, you haven't even addressed by argument at all. Fiorentina and Middlesborough had PLC's liquidated. Yet no one calls them 'new'. So tell me, what is the relevant difference with Rangers? Oh right, it's just because you hate them. So your argument is pathetically ad hoc.

      So arun along back to the Fuddleboard with all the other mouth-breathers. Bheast.

    • Boom? Are you even literate?

      Player contracts are made with a PLC. You will notice that Savco's player contracts are held by Fungus McCann's 1994 newco. So by your logic, they are 20 years old.

      Boom is right.

    • Afraid not Nathan, the referee simply decided to influence the debate and not post my last response.

      It was along the lines of 'Yeah so that would explain why the Celtic players were able to do walking away in 94, or did they?'

      'To quote Shakespeare (Hamlet) 'Me thinks he lady doth protest too much''

    • Quoting shakespeare doesn't make an argument.

      You don't seem to have any ability to reason, or see what is relevant. Repeating yourself doesn't help.

      But then again, you are a pathetic bheast.

    • But do go on with your half-assed responses which don't even adress the questions.

      Quoting Shakespeare will help.

  12. Great to see the Gers back after years of agony. Now, Rangers power everywhere, and the rest can reap the dividends (against their will)!? Oh dear!! Yes, pack the away grounds and show what we are made of. Don't let the team down by boycotting. This young squad needs our support.

  13. Surely the Celtic 'League Titles' 'won' on the last 4 years are null and void A pitiful excuse for glory, born out of desperation to catch the world leaders. Even their own fans don't turn up and acknowledge the fantasy.

    • Ah you will probably find that all those titles were won without breaking any rules – a wee peep closer to home and your old team perhaps might be more relevant to that accusation?

    • Na I think it had athletic or something on the badge. Oh and they used to touch young boys. Not that it matters

  14. All the other fans r going on about where's the money coming from for rangers to compete next season but are still scared of what we will bring the Rangers manager put a squad together in a short space of time on a mini budget imagin what he will do if Dave King hands him 5 to ten mil no wonder they r scared any manager can find diamonds in the ruff it's about what u do with them I like the players he's going after engines all over the park hungry players who can be molded the player that have left must not have fitted in with his way of thinking I bet if the season tickets got raised to £1000 we will still have a full house every home game we r the strongest set of fans in the world we hav been dragged the the muck for 4 years now it's time to take back what's ours WATP

    • Yeah and I am going to enter my Shetland Pony in the Grand National because it is a very fine Pony and I train it very well and it already runs faster than donkeys so def going to make a big impact at Aintree.

  15. That day in 2012 when they kicked Rangers out the top league Scoland were placed 15th in the association ranking for Champions League qualifiers.

    The Scottish league is now ranked 23rd and by 2017/2018 it will be 25th,this is due to the way the rankings are calculated over a five year period.2018/2019 will be even worse as this will include the full five year absence of Rangers contributing to the co-efficient.

    To put this into perspective,when we got kicked out by the haters Scottish football was ranked 3rd best league in a qualifying route that allowed five teams to qualify.That allowed any Scottish champions very good odds of progressing to the group stages.Only two teams in the qualification route had won a league rated above the Scottish league in 2012.

    Fast forward to this season and there were TEN leagues ranked higher than the Scottish League in the Champions League qualifications route and despite Celtic getting a team from the 12th rank league they still managed to Hibsit.

    Since the haters got their way Celtic have not beaten a team from a higher ranked league in the Champion`s League Qualifiers.

    Any chance of Ibrox Noise doing an article to highlight the full impact that the haters have had on Scottish Association`s co-efficient

    • Why would this be of any concern to you when you want to see other Scottish teams beaten in Europe? Think about it n**bn*ts.

    • I make that 7 times you've posted in about 12 minutes. That would surely indicate that you're a wee bit sad and obsessed. Although, don't worry, there are a few other like-minded weirdoes out there. I think you're trying a bit too hard to convince yourself how unconcerned you are that Rangers are back. The bad news, however, for all the haters and obsessives is that this is only the beginning and things are going to get much worse for you. Posting childish, sarcastic replies on Rangers sites is about the only crumb of comfort you're going to have just shortly.

    • No I am simply getting it in now so as I can say I told you so – fun watching hope being destroyed but even more fun if you are there every step of the way telling them it is going to happen – I was warning you about your old teams liquidation and got the same sort of response you just posted. And come on if the shoe was on the other foot you would be having the same fun.

    • Keep repeating it, maybe it will come true.

      And perhaps you will find a worthwhile hobby other than trolling.

      But perhaps not. You quite hard of thinking after all.

  16. Every paper around the world has congatulated rangers in promotion they see the importance to the scottish game yet the BBC and scottish media has yet to welcome us back this is includin the clubs we compete against not one chairman or stuart regan i wish we could play in a different countrys league we would be made welcome watp

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