The “Rangers Five” surely headed for the exit

The “Rangers Five” surely headed for the exit

Season 2015/2016 saw a great number of standout performances. From the early-season form of the marauding James Tavernier, to the growing importance and eventual indispensability of Jason Holt and Kenny Miller, to the leadership by example of Rangers’ Player of the Year favourite and captain Lee Wallace, there was an embarrassment of choice when it comes to naming the best performers in Mark Warburton’s squad.

There were those, however, who stood out less, and it seems their time at Ibrox draws to a close, with four of the five out of contract this summer.

It seems certain that Nicky Law, Nicky Clark, Dean Shiels, David Templeton and Cammy Bell are surplus to Warbs’ plans, and none will be offered a new deal this June. Bell, of course, is contracted till summer 2017 so his departure would be down to mutual consent or an outright sale.

It is no coincidence that the above players were either benched or completely absent under the Magic Hat – the dregs of the McCoist era barely getting a look in. Despite almost certainly giving the Laws and Clarks a clean slate and clear chance to impress, Warburton evidently has not been won over by any of them and they remained as squad fodder and little more.

Former Killie stopper Bell would have thought his time up when Polish goalie Maciej Gostomski arrived – but claims of attitude problems from the former Lech Poznan stopper and vague rhetoric from Warbs about a family problem and he was gone two months later. Warburton takes no nonsense from anyone. Consequently Cammy has filled the bench, but it is hard to see his manager wishing to retain him for next season.

Law has flirted with form but just cannot force his way into Warbs’ thinking – inconsistency dogs the former Motherwell playmaker, along with his dire first two years at Ibrox, and whatever he does he will never be a favourite under this regime. Which is not entirely incomprehensible given the immaculate Jason Holt is ahead of him. He has been linked away many times, and a new deal is immensely unlikely this summer.

Clark has had three years under four managers to prove he is a striker worthy of the Rangers shirt and just has not managed it. He has curiously managed quite a few very decent goals, but technically his general game is that of a League 1 player, and it seems he will move on in a few months too.

Templeton will remain the most frustrating signature of the McCoist era. All the potential in the world but came nowhere near close to fulfilling it – he did take a gamble going to the Third Division from the-then SPL, but he never found the Hearts form which made him look like a future Scotland cap. Injuries did not help, and he found himself on the treatment table far too often, but he is another Warburton is extremely unlikely to offer a new deal to. Although, as we know, Warbs loves himself a winger so it is not impossible.

Last but not least is Shiels; another one who has not managed to convince a single manager at Ibrox that he was worthy of an extended run in the first team, and his time is surely nearly up. His attitude never lacked at Ibrox, and he always gave his all, but with age against him you really cannot see Warbs wanting to retain his services. As an over-30, he will not want to remain on the bench for the rest of his career either.

With the two from Accrington Stanley coming in, plus Warbs confirming a central defender is a priority, and adding that another two will be targeted on top of this, there will be extremely constructive tweaking this summer. Out go the last remnants of the previous eras, and in will come more in Warburton’s image.

Rangers are going in the right direction; the squad just needs a little lick and polish to get there.

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  1. Good article – pretty much spot on, pity about temps mind, thought he could have been a great player

  2. For me they all can go bt in the bck of my mind i wud b thinkin if temps could go on a run without injury he wud b a gd player to have around cos he is a gd player n on his day he wud rip any defence apart n as u said hes a player who wud fit into warbs philosophy of how he likes us to play.

  3. Billy king I think will go also and I believe this could give temps an opportunity to get a new contract if he proves his fitness,I also think zelelam & ball will return to their clubs so my belief is Mr Warburton wants to bring in at least five players on top of crooks & Windass he said in an interview not so long ago that he wanted two experienced players about 27 28 two players aged about 24 25 & then a couple of young players on loan i.e. Harry winks if possible & some other gem hopefully

    • First on the list should be a replacement for Wilson.If you can stomach it,watch a rerun of QOTS 3rd goal from last week and you'll see what I mean.

    • Nathan in an interview on rangers tv last week Mr Warburton said temps has started running again hence if he can get fit then he could win new contract,cause as this article says we know Mr Warburton likes wingers,so with Billy king being on loan he will go back to hearts, I can't see Mr Warburton paying a fee for king unless of course they do another Jason Holt & ask about 100k hope that explains it a bit better

  4. I can't believe anyone still thinks Templeton can make it, all the potential in the world but scared of a tackle… However, I personally think Bell and Clark should be kept on. Bell is good experienced cover, and Clark more than deserves to be kept, simply because he's young and hungry to improve. At the very worst he's decent cover in the event of injuries.

  5. Good article which I agree with on all counts – the only player I might be willing to keep would be Shiels as from the bench he has been a decent contributor. That said, it is a "luxury" we could well do without now that Crooks and Windass are imminent.
    I'd like to see Kelly brought back as back-up to Foderingham.
    Clark – deary me, no never a Rangers player. Never in a million years will he be good enough for us. Shame about Temps and Law, but they will find other clubs where the pressure is less.

  6. I think talk of dumping players when there's still a league to be won and 2 cups to play for , is out of order . Three of those players made decent contributions this season and it's sad to see some fans come on here and rubbish them . This just undermines confidence and team spirit and if and when the time comes for these players to go , it's Warbs who'll decide and we should all wish them the best of luck .

  7. I think Temps if kept at Rangers will emerge as the player we wanted him to be. His injuries were down to lesser players who could`nt handle him, Kicking the crap out if him,I hope Warbs., give him a chance. If he dont show let him go.

  8. Personally Law, Shiels and Clarke have all done well this season and would deserve a 1 year.

    And I honestly won't comment on Bell and Templeton as I ain't seen them play this season!

  9. Bell decent cover, if he takes wage cut it might help prove he wants to fight for place. Clark has scored some decent goals but doesnt do it often enough hes likeable but a Championship player who will be let go in replace of Harry Winks.
    Law for me is best of them without being great but decent back up in midfield but with Crooks & Windass arriving will be further down pecking order & should be released.
    Shiels I agree gives his all and can influence games off the bench but Id rather we brought in a quality number 10 in his place.
    Templeton is too injury prone & prob on a tidy wage, I would offer small basic wage with appearance fee to cover current wage so if he plays he gets wage but if injured he doesnt cost too much, this is only if he can show us the quality he has in final month or so when he is fit again and gets his chance with title in the bag.

  10. I'm buzzing for next season warbs breezed this season with not much time or money to put a squad together imagine him with 5 mil and a good pre season send it on be afraid scum here we cum WATP

  11. I'm buzzing for next season warbs and weir breezed this season with not a lot of money or time to put a squad together imagine them with 5 or 6 mil and a decent pre season the tims r feeling the pressure we have the momentum and the staff and the drive to go up fighting

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