Rumour mill: Hibs star wants switch to Ibrox


As yet unsourced rumours surfacing today have claimed that Hibs’ star forward Jason Cummings desires to make the switch from Easter Road to Ibrox this summer.

The 20-year old attacker has been long-linked with a move to Rangers, despite some very public ‘banter’ at the expense of the Govan giants such as claiming they were ‘rattled’ following the loss at Easter Road earlier in the season:

“It’s only five points, it’s nothing, you can claw that back in a couple of weeks and hopefully that rattles them a wee bit. Our confidence is through the roof now. I can’t see us getting beaten any time soon and their heads are going to be down.”

It did not quite pan out that way, but nevertheless Cummings has proven his talent over the past two seasons under Stubbs’ guidance and while Rangers are hardly lacking in attacking quality, they will always be linked to the best players available with an assault on the upper tier on the horizon, and the suggestions are that Cummings would prefer Premiership Rangers to Championship Hibernian. In all fairness, name someone who would not.

However, whether he is a player manager Mark Warburton would be interesting in securing is a completely different matter though.


  1. We have enough players missing sitters every week,dont need another one, mind you sure as anything if we go for him that mob will buy him just like allan so I hope we do put in a bid!

  2. And once again Hibs will loose one of their best players to a Glasgow team. If the players that have left Hibs were still with there they wouldn't be where they are now! No one is committed to the clubs they play for. Only money is in their minds!!

    • shelf life of a player is limited so of course money plays a major part in any decisions they make, club likes and loyalty have to come second to livelyhood

    • Don't talk pish he's a cracking wee player. What if he ain't Oxford educated he ain't good enough for us utter nonsense I tell you Most decent players are rough around the edges. I mean gassa wasn't a brain surgeon but no a bad wee player was he

    • Do you think partying with guys who shag 16 year olds is becomeing of a Rangers employee? I don't. Inappropriate behavior with minors is the exclusive domain of Pacific Shelf.

    • He was at a party where this took place, nothing said he was with the guy or they were mates & it clearly was not him who did it?! Dont see the problem there yes hes young and likes a sociable drink who doesnt? Anyway looks a decent young player has alot to learn but would be happy to see him at ibrox a s long as he could slot in anywhere across the foront line like waggy, king kenny etc.

  3. When In form cummings score for fun under Warburton and our system I think he would be a great signing at 20 still learning but he would need to change that hair cut ……

  4. Love him or hate him there is no denying jason cummings is a great young player. He always plays really well against us. I dont know where some people get the "far more suited to celtic" opinion. He is much more suited to our style of play. I for one would love that boy at Ibrox. Warbs would turn him into a star for us. Hope this turns out to be true.

  5. He's only 20yrs old and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. Never judge a players finishing at such a young age, just takes some decent coaching and he could be a class act. He has natural talent and a good presence on the pitch.

    Forrester was a Doncaster Rovers reserve in League 1 now he's scoring winning goals in front of 50,000 at Ibrox.

    Warbs, do what you need to do to thrash the tic and get us into Europe!!

  6. A would love us to sign him. Out and out goalscorer. Can score from inside and out side the box. Good all round player. Would bang them in for us . But am sure stubs will find some excuse not to sell him to us

  7. Still got a year on his contract. Hibs won't do business easily. Let someone else take him. Looks like the next Goodwillie to me. We dodged a £2.7 million bullet with him. I would prefer a signing from outside Scotland with a bit of experience. That way they're not affected by the media hype as much. Tom Bradshaw from Walsall would be a better signing in my opinion.

  8. Great player but this is a joke getting played out , never heard mid-season a teams top player sending come & get me messages to their biggest rivals ?

  9. Considering all the rumours hitting about that he likes to spend his spare time drinking at house parties with underage girls then personally I can't see him fitting into the value system that Warbs always talks about so I for one would be very surprised to see anything come of this

  10. Don't need him,good player but we already have Forrester and waghorn and others banging them in for fun,let the great unwashed have him.

  11. He's a FUD. Couldn't cope with the pressure of playing for Rangers. He will follow his gaffer to Celtic, warm the bench for a couple of seasons, then end up at Carlisle…. No disrespect meant to Carlisle

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