Rangers’ Revenge mission – bring on Celtic

Rangers’ Revenge mission – bring on Celtic

“Welcome to the semi final draw of the William Hill Scottish Cup semi Final”

SFA chief Alan McRae announcing the semi final draw in as succinct a manner as we have come to expect from the country’s bungling executives, but the real attraction of this one was finding out if Rangers would draw Celtic like they did early last year.

And yes, they did. It was written in the stars. After Celtic fans apparently got lost on their way to Parkhead, they find themselves facing a Rangers side suddenly believing in themselves, that they can compete with and beat the best sides in the land following the absolute demolition of Dundee yesterday.

The last time Rangers faced Celtic, the match was frankly a drab affair. Kenny McDowall’s men were abject, and while Ronny Deila’s side was not exactly Barcelona either, it found little difficulty in dispatching Rangers who personified ‘limp’.

This time the Norwegian will come up against a much stronger Rangers, one which is hoisted high at the summit of the Championship and has regained form again following a mild post-new year lull in February. Meanwhile, his own team is in dismal form, with two consecutive draws in the Premiership to scratch his head over.

Since destroying them at Ibrox in April 2012, Rangers are in their best shape in almost four years to beat Celtic again. The last Old Firm match was a tame affair at Hampden and Celtic were easy winners – they will not expect the same level of insipid opponent this time, and they well know it.

If Rangers play to the kind of level they showed against the Dee, they will certainly push Celtic all the way. We must not trivialise an Old Firm occasion by dismissing our opponent – Celtic will be up for this – they have ached for Rangers for years, and it will mean the world for their fans to beat us again – the players will feel that too, so do not expect a tired and uninspired Celtic at Hampden.

But equally Rangers are a different animal to the weak lamb we were 18 months ago – one that has bite, claws, and can hurt anyone. And we want revenge. We deserve revenge.

And finally, we have a team and manager capable of delivering it.

Bring. Them. On.

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  1. 'an Old Firm occasion'This isn't an an Old Firm occasion and saying it over and over will never make it so.

    • You can think what you like. It's a free country. However, your thinking makes you border-line delusional and a candidate for the looney bin if you are not there already!

    • listen you can call us what you want sevc) this or sevc) that
      we don't care it has been proven time after time that we are indeed the SAME RANGERS WHO HAS WON 54 LEAGUE TITLES and after we put you out the Scottish cup then you might believe it for yourself
      anyway instead of silly name calling etc etc
      if I were you I would be very very worried because RANGERS are coming to get yous

    • You are indeed an idiot,you couldn't wait to come on a RANGERS site to have your say,go away and worry about your own club or maybe ask your clubs support why they have stopped going to the games you are an embarrassment 4 times league champions in a row Scottish cup 1/4 final empty stadium doesn't say much about you or your club

    • No matter what you think of us it will not make the piggery smell any better than it does. And that goes for the unwashed who shit er… sit in it.

  2. We are going to play they cunts off the park. I just hope it doesnt put the final nails in Runny Diahhrea's coffin.

    They are worried and so they should be.

    • You are probably right and you will come through ok but Warburtons side will at least get shots on target this time. Now back to your Celtic site.

  3. now just wait for all the snide comments to start flowing from the tims but just bear in mind they will just be as pathetic as usual W.A.T.P.

  4. If we play half as good as we did against Dundee we'll stroll it. Just watch this space Ronny Delia trying mind games with mw trying to get the septic fans to like him he's an absolute pathetic manager who is so desperate to be loved. Just hope he's there next year honestly

  5. I can't wait ,I am a season ticket holder and hope I get a ticket for this revenge mission WATP

  6. Cant wait for the RANGERS…to put the septic scum….where they belong…down the toilet..
    Oh…and im sure…theyll hate us more…but we are Scotlands Best team again…doesnt that make manky mob…glad where were back where we belong..!!! LOL

  7. I ain't saying that it will be easy but I'm sure as hell a lot more confident than last time. Then we had Kenny McDowell who sure as fuck didn't want to be there. And a squad playing with no confidence no direction no fucken clue what so ever. To say that this game will be different from the last one is the understatement of the year

  8. 0 – 3 against St Johnstone, scraping past Killie over 2 legs (easily one of the worst teams in the top flight) and without one of your supposed best players……….aye we're absolutely bricking it. Sorry lads, whilst we are by no means an excellent side they are far superior to Rangers in every department. This will be a straight forward 2 nil to Celtic

    • Haha deletions as usual, when making comments about us scrapping past teams take a lot at your own failings this year, Hamilton dundee Aberdeen twice just to name a few, over rated over payed and under managed, easily the most embarrassing celtic team there has ever been,we are a new squad not a new team, 7 months nd playing teams of the park, and as for should be beating these teams hiw long ago did morton beat celtic and how long ago did county dump yous, learn your shit afor coming on our site and spraying your venom, the long and short is no matter what happens, yous are either going to get beat by the famous glasgow rangers which we are or ur going to be humiliated by a new lower league team either way its a lose lose scenario for the tic, enjoy ur final season at the top boys cis the view from second place ain't goni b to pretty

    • That's a good one. You have a go at Rangers for needing two games to beat Kilmarnock. You're such a great supporter that you've somehow forgotten that in the two games played against them this season, Celtic have failed to win(0-0 & 2-2). If people like you were anywhere near as concerned with your own team as you are with ours, then maybe Celtic wouldn't have been allowed to become the mediocre side that's being left to play in a half-empty stadium every other week.

  9. it will be good to have a go & see where it gets us, I mean we are supposed to be the underdogs here so if we win Bonus if we get beat then a lesson learned, All good experience for when we get into the prem, Yadda Yadda Yadda, So to sum up who gives a FCUK. As long as we get up& keep rebuilding then we are goin in the right direction, We need to stop listening to the Tims Sh*te & roll with it as there are gonna be a lot of days next year when we wont be findin the goin as eassy as it is now.

  10. As per previous observation Rangers are the only show in town. However the comment only refers to the supporters of Celtic FC. Why is this the case? Answers from Celtic trolls only!

  11. Lets look at the facts-Rangers are pretty good & septic are pretty shit. Facts don't lie! enough said.

  12. The tims really are pathetic! Always having a go at everything Rangers related because of their own clubs substantial failings. Bring on the semi. I usually settle for 1 more than them but it would be good if we really ripped them apart

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