Rangers rejected by Scotland again – but Hibs are in…


Another Scotland squad, another alienation of Rangers players by national manager Gordon Strachan.

This site has historically always been critical of this policy, but was willing to concede that as long as Rangers players were plying their trades in the murky depths of the lower league game north of the border, it was understandable.

Unfortunately this theory has been blown away with the frankly farcical selection of Hibs’ attacking midfielder, John McGinn, over that of the colossal Jason Holt.

Looking at Hibs’ form is just cause for laughs – the team is currently diabolical; three league losses in a row stemmed by a draw v Inverness shows what level Alan Stubbs’ men are currently at.

Meanwhile Rangers have strolled clear, bestriding the Championship like a colossus with a 14-point gap to boast, something which Jason Holt has been massively part of, along with Rangers’ utter smashing of Dundee.

And yet, despite the pretence that non-selection of Rangers players was down to the level they were playing at, in-form players like Lee Wallace, Danny Wilson and the aforementioned Holt are ignored in favour of barely-second placed Hibs’ best.

I am not quite yet going to scream ‘bias’, ‘fix’, or ‘conspiracy’, but the evidence supporting such claims is pretty damning.

Strachan is a former Celtic manager, we get it – he will always favour East End sides, sides in the green and white. But to actually choose an inferior player to his peers from a division you supposedly reject is absurdity on a new level.

Is it any wonder the national game is in such disarray with selection politics such as these?

Pick your best, Gordon, not the ones you simply want to based on who they play for.

Keep this up and the national team will never see another major championships again.


  1. c'mon dude how old will lee wallace be in 2018? If he can't oust shinnie or robertson now do you think he will in 2018?

    • I think lee Wallace is 28 which would make him 30 in 2018 – hardly geriatric for a footballer who looks after himself. there will be a lot of older footballers there.
      But the article referred to John McGinn being picked ahead of Holt, who plays in s similar position. Holt has been playing well in a decnt team, McGinn has played for a team that has one draw in their last four games. Hardly inspiring.

  2. Lee Wallace has missed his chance with Scotland through no fault of his own. Just by sticking by us and you really can't argue with Robertson getting picked the boy is outstanding he's definitely going to be Scotland's most expensive player soon. And as for mcginn the boy has been playing well but your right he's not been massively better than holt I don't think you can really justify that one. We'll soon see what happens next year if any of the team get picked

  3. Fuck them anyway. Useless shower are an embarrassment. If no Rangers player got another cap ever again I would be perfectly fine with it

  4. Leave them to it, and change the team's colours to green and white while you're at it. Wee ginger's keeping the republican government in Edinburgh happy as well as the Tims i expect.
    Tough times to be a Teddy Bear.
    Makes us stronger though.

  5. Fuck wee Chesney!!….don't want any of our players getting injured playing meaningless games….Mcginn being in the squad is a joke..average player in a shite team….Barry McKay in the under 21's ?…another joke!….withdraw him…too good for that shite!!….we must remember what the sfa/spl did to us !!…so do them fuck all favours….I wouldn't give the fuckers the time of day never mind our players!!

    • Well said Sandy…agree with every word you have said mate…As long as that ginger gargoyle is picking a "Scotland" team Rangers players will always get overlooked…I would have thought Stewart McCall has tried to influence things but he is outvoted with that other creature McGhee on Strachans side…lets hope that we get a radical change in Scotland managers after the gargoyle fails again…WE ARE THE PEOPLE

  6. If i was Rangers fan…..i would NEVER go see a so-called scotland….until the Rangers players are in the squad…..As for Strachan…fuck him….

  7. Its not Scotland, its Celtland. Barry MCKay, Holt and Lee Wallace should be in that squad, but hey, I'd rather they play for our team than get injured with the team that failed to get into the Euros. Strachan has his own agenda to pick any player who doesnt play for Rangers, he is just simply a dick. End of!

  8. I don't want Rangers players getting injured playing for the Jacobites. So no loss. The Scottish national team is followed by nationalist wankers.

    • Well said. Why would you want to play in front of ginger wig wearing nationalist anti British bell ended anyway. Fuck the lot of them

  9. The situation that not picking good players cause of the age or class means that the ginger nationalist has got it wrong the national side are useless anyway so why put quality into shite

  10. Am gled there's no any Rangers players in the squad because when the Scotland team FAILS AGAIN and they will then we can sit back and laugh and say that we told them so……..F@P

  11. Wee copper knob has done us a favour and in the process made our chances even better of fucking ceptic so whether he realises it or not Thank you ya wee divot! As for the sfa and the tranny army they can go fuck themselves

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