Rangers hero: “It’s all about Rangers, for me”


Rangers’ captain Lee Wallace has today confirmed a complete lack of regret over his decision to both stay with Rangers in the bowels of the Scottish game, and to effectively sacrifice his Scotland career.

Wallace gained icon status, and, eventually, a well-earned captaincy for his choice to stay loyal to Rangers while others jumped ship as quick as they possibly could following Rangers’ troubles in 2012, but Wallace gave the best years of his career to the Ibrox cause instead, and admits he is a Ranger through and through, famously saying recently:

“It’s all about Rangers, for me.”

Speaking today to the official site, the captain admitted Rangers are ‘his club’:

“This is the club that I love and the club that I wanted to go on and do ever so well for. The fact is I came to this club to be a winner and to be successful – and I said that in my first press conference.”

He also wants to be viewed in the future by new players in the way he viewed the likes of David Weir and Carlos Bocanegra when he joined:

“I arrived into a dressing room full of winners, and in five or six years’ time if a new player comes in and says the same, but with me being one of those winners then, of course, I will be over the moon.”

But crucially his modesty continues to be admirable, despite what he arguably gave up to stay in Govan in 2012:

“I don’t want personal praise or to act the hero in terms of what we’ve done over the last few years.”

Despite the fact he deserves every inch of it.


  1. He will be forever a legend.
    One of the few who nailed his colours to mast and the best full back in Scotland

  2. Lee Wallace should always be remembered as a Rangers great,he didn't jump ship when the rest of the money grabbing ,judas ex players did and he will/should enjoy all the backing the Bears will give him…a fantastic player and a fantastic captain!…Lee Wallace we salute you WATP

  3. I agree with all the comments above. People like Wallace and McCulloch stayed when others ran. Yes they were paid, and paid well, but I don't begrudge them their wages. I do respect them for staying, for dragging us through the hard times. Big Jig didn't make it all the way back to the Premier League, he wasn't good enough to get another contract, but let's not foget the ones who stayed like Lee.
    We will remember them in the glory days to come, those who stayed and fought. And then someone will bring up "what happend to so and so?" and we will say "who? became a nobody, a nothing. He ran when he could have stayed and been a legend"

  4. Lee Wallace deserves all the praise and compliments we can give him…he is a great captain,player and personality…If we had 10 more like him we could beat any team in the world!…on the scoresheet again tonight…And what about kenny millar the guys not over the hill yet…3 great goals for another Gers win…Rangers "Simply the best"

  5. Lee Wallace was the ONLY one who stayed who could have gone elsewhere and earned more money. McCulloch, McCoist Alexander et al would all have had to drop money going elsewhere but Wallace stayed when he could have gone and earned easily as much as the Judas's such as Naismith, Whittaker and McGregor, so for that reason is Lee Wallace is, and always will be, a true Rangers legend

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