Rangers, Celtic, Scott Allan & Karma


It was with a great deal amusement that news broke recently regarding former Rangers fan and club target Scott Allan’s link with a move out of Parkhead. Information received over a month ago by this site (but which elected to remain unpublished due to relative unimportance) was that he had expressed his desire to leave Celtic due to lack of playing time.

With Derby, Nottingham Forest & Bolton all reportedly interested in the playmaker, it highlights just how bad a decision he made to leave Hibs for Celtic rather than just waiting a few months to sign a pre-contract with Rangers, his supposed ‘boyhood club’.

Right now Scott Allan would be likely frozen out at Easter Road, true, but he would be looking forward to the Premiership with Rangers next season and a bright career with the club he loved. Or claimed to.

But now he is looking at the midriff of English football if he is lucky, and a career which had so much promise but is now threatening to fall apart entirely.

Put simply, the pettiness of Celtic was to stop Rangers signing him by snapping him up themselves – and consigning him to the development team because they had no intention of ever using him. If ever the value of money was trivilialised, it was the £350K signing of Scott Allan by Celtic just to stick a middle finger up at Rangers.

Now Rangers do not even need him, with Jason Holt blossoming in ways Allan could only dream of, while the team as a whole grows and improves in readiness for the Premiership and the clash with Celtic next month.

Meanwhile Scott Allan signed his career away with petty jabs at everything Rangers once he had carried out his ‘Judas’ act; a move which still does not make any sense on a football or personal level to him.

Many reading this will think ‘f*ck Scott Allan, move on, he is in the past’ – and they are dead right in principle. But Rangers are important, too important to forget those who betrayed us in the past – always remember who has stabbed you in the back. The same reason has many fans not wanting to travel to Tannadice in the Premiership next season.

Either way, Rangers continue to flourish without Scott Allan, and Scott Allan crumbles without Rangers.

Fine by us.


  1. I have no sympathy for him. He sold his soul for a few quid, and is now suffering the consequences.

    You reap what you sew Scott.

  2. We need a poll set up on this one.
    Who would welcome him to Rangers if we had a chance to sign him? I personally still rate him and would love him to join. Warbs would jump at the chance.He's a footballer who plays for a different team, that's all…

    • In a heartbeat I would welcome him to Ibrox. His treatment at the hands of Celtic and Stubbs has been shocking. He is a young lad that got it wrong, but that does not mean that we should not consider him for Rangers. When he has played the Celtic fans have rated him.
      He probably has a big point to prove to both Stubbs and Celtic, and I think Rangers could be an excellent place for him to do this.


  3. Scott Allan and Ryan Christie have suffered huge set backs in their careers. Young talented players in future will reluctantly listen to any offer/empty promise Celtic have to make.

    In losing a promising player in Allan we have gained so much more in Celtic shooting themselves in the foot with future signings.

    The national team can point the finger at Celtic for wasting potentially great players. But Scotland can take the blame themselves if they don't consider Wilson, Halliday, McKay, Wallace and Holt for call up.

    • Ah catch yourself on – the guys you mention are lights years away – lets see how many of them are around in a few years time if the team is targeting the upper ends of the top flight -there is deluded and then there is that stuff.

  4. Well said in football money rules but maybe in this case he should have let his heart rule his head
    And as far as Dundee United goes we will
    Pass them on the way up as they go down
    Let's get the league sewn up and have a crack at the septic although we will need to be very tight at the back I think their back line is weak as they don't come under enough pressure in games Coild we see another Dundee 4-0 score?

  5. It was so obvious what Celtic was doing signing Allan. He had a chance to really show how much he wanted to play for us . But it has backfired massively for him he's gonna end up at championship team in England somewhere getting forgot about. He could've came to us next year and actually played but who cares. I bet he's jealous of Andy Halliday now . And like he said at the Time he wasn't that big a fan anyway

    • He has already failed at Championship level, and lower, in England during loan spells from West Brom so doubt there are many down there who would be interested in him. FFS, he went for 250K – hardly a world beater!!!

  6. Let's hope Dundee Utd get relegated and its not an issue. That would be the best punishment for them rather than our fans missing out on supporting the Gers. Even better if we could get them in a cup final and give it to their wee weasel of a chairman.

  7. Ah get over it will you? He made a career move – sometimes you have to aim high knowing it might not work out but who is to say that he does not have a bright future where he is at. Celtic look like they cannot settle on a first 11 right now and are loaded with midfielders but I imagine that will change in the summer with a change of manager and Allan certainly has the talent. The media were hailing him the top Scottish talent in the summer (though I believe that label belongs to Ryan Christie).

  8. and your club still has the begging bowl out , with criminal king taking the p@@@ out of you lot with false statements . how stupid are you people , murray , whyte , green and now king , lol ,, S A

    • F*ck off you asshole, go wipe and wash your backside first, before commenting on a site for rangers men.I cant stand the red rotten stink of you people.and of course all you can say is the same old tired sh*te.

    • The only thing criminal is you's no winning a treble without R.I.F.C.
      Stand alone policy MY ARSE!
      W W T C.

  9. Scott Allan's dads a proddy he thinks hs son is gay the son he really wanted was ANDY HALLIDAY

  10. A couple of these comments above seem to forget that they are talking about Glasgow Rangers the most successful football club in the world.

  11. Id be all too happy to have Scott Allan at Ibrox, he is still the same prospect, still the same player.

    Its the embittered anger that some fans seem to pick up… "remember those who have stabbed you in the back"… hardly relevant, we weren't an option. He couldn't stay at hibs after making it so clear he wasn't interested in staying and the Celtic were the next best option, it didn't work it like many things in football.

    To be honest, he was naive at worst. Im not too narrow minded and bitter to cast someone away with talent because they went to "them"… who cares. He rolled the dice, still think he would fit well into our team.

  12. Id still take him to rangers. Good player. And how good would it be for him to score for us against the unwashed. At the end of the day its not his fault we didnt stump up the cash for him and football is a short career so he made the choice to make money, quite right if u ask me

  13. Playing for RANGERS is a privilege !
    Not a career option. Anyone with an
    affection for gers, would walk through
    a brick wall to play. As for that wee cunt,
    Better players never got that chance to
    pull the famous blue jersey on.
    MYSELF INCLUDED. I would have played
    for fuckall and I mean that sincerely.

  14. I would like us all to copy the no dandruff
    advert at Hampden by singing there' s no
    B.O. and pretending to spray deoderant.
    It would be brilliant. get every bluenose
    on Facebook to get involved.

  15. Could someone edit Allan & Christie sitting
    on the bench to the Phil Collins tune.
    Just another day in paradise for me and you.

  16. Warbuton has always said that he only wants players who WANT to come and play for the team at ibrox. Scott Allan didnt want to come and opted for Shelic. It was his choice, and I have no doubt Stubbs shelic connection convinced Allan to go the manky eastside of Glasgow in the belief they were a better option than Rangers. Its no surprise that the beggars gave their striker 'Spokes' to Hibs. I'm disapointed in all of this, Scott Allan is a talent and he has lost out, but so has Scotland. Rangers havent lost out at all, we are doing just nicely, but it is a shame that Allan made the wrong choice and Stubbs should be ashamed of himself for ruining it for him.

  17. Someone should get a remote control helicopter to go to the septic end then change direction back to our end.
    Helicopter sunday revisited.hysterical!

  18. We all know the sheer hatred stubbs holds for us, it was always going to happen that way with Scott, we know someone was in his ear telling him to play down the fact he supported rangers when he was signing for septic,none eh this is allans fault, awl down to the green manky mob manipulating the wee man into one eh the worst desicions he's prob made so far bt warbs has put a squad together that really makes u say Scott who?? Granteed he would have been a great talent to sign bt is what weve got know any worse?? I think not, holt halliday and now forester have ripped the championship apart and with the games we've had against top level opposition( if that's what they want to call themselves) would you say there out there depth?? We have rose from the ashes lyk a phoniex and are now setting the hole of the UK alight with performances that would merit credit if we werent rangers, no one likes us we don't care,now onwards and upwards bears while we sit back and watch the fall of scotlands 2nd most successful team haha

  19. Celtic+Scott Allen=Poor mans Mo Johnston signing.When he was paraded in front of the deluded??Haha,two bob outfit.Mon the Gers.

  20. He is still a very good player, we took wee Mo and he turned out to be a great player so yes I would take S Allan in a heartbeat

  21. The boy made an error in judgement and signed for the wrong team. Simple as. They buy up all the talent for peanuts and don't even play them. Stagnating their careers and setting them back. His best choice is to get out and go to a club that appreciate him and let him flourish and enjoy his football again. A club like well Glasgow Rangers

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