Kyle Lafferty – why the deserters should be ignored


In 2012, as is all-too-notoriously remembered, effectively Rangers’ entire first-team squad thereabouts abandoned the Club in its hour of need. That infamous press conference with Steven Naismith & Steven Whittaker, the refusals to TUPE and get Rangers some desperately-needed money; these all added up to an unforgettably sour experience and left those deserters as some of the villains of the piece.

Rest assured, Rangers fans did not completely object to their best players leaving under the circumstances of a drop to the Third Division, it was the refusal of a number of them, nay, most of them to transfer their deals over so Rangers could at least get a transfer fee.

Some did – Carlos Bocanegra, Dorin Goian, Alejandro Bedoya and Maurice Edu especially, while Rangers also received a goodwill fee from Southampton for Steven Davis.

But these were the exception – guys like Whittaker, McGregor, Naismith and, significant to recent times, Kyle Lafferty, just walked away despite the fees Rangers had originally paid for them (McGregor excepted).

Now we see the Northern Irish international is inviting the future possibility of rejoining Rangers. Oh, NOW he is!

So, basically when Norwich freeze him out, his career stalls, and Rangers are growing and growing and getting in a very good place these days sitting on the verge of a return to the Premiership and Lafferty thinks to himself ‘I’ll have a bit of that’.

Absolutely no chance.

And this should apply to all those who left without Rangers getting a dime for them. All those who left in Rangers’ hour of need – there is no way Rangers should accept their begging bowl and put something in it.

Four years on, those wounds will never heal. And even if they get close to doing so, the scars underneath will always remind us of the damage and hell we went through.

So for some of the players who caused that pain to suggest they would like to return? Absolutely zero chance – beyond the simple fact that returning ex-players often does not work is the simple moral stance of what damage was done to the Club by these guys.

Some fans try to be fair and look at it from a football perspective, and say that if they are better than what we have, we should look into it. But I will not entertain that view.

I trust Mark Warburton to deliver – he has proven he can get fine talent at a fraction of the cost we might normally expect. And I trust him to develop new players or sign cost-effective solutions who will grow in time to become as good as the Naismiths, McGregors and Davises of the day.

We can, and are, building a new legacy – we absolutely and utterly do not need to resurrect an old sullied one to succeed.


  1. These guys couldn't leave the club quick enough,left a sinking ship,sorry iam like an elephant I never forget,we don't need them

  2. Only thing he had in his favour was being northern Irish …..wasn't Rangers class then and won't ever be Rangers class in the future!!……Deserter who can rot in the Norwich reserves as far as I'm concerned !!!

  3. Lafferty was a heap of shite anyway. He blew more cold than hot.Interesting that he's sticking his head above the parapet because we are a runaway stick-on for promotion and he can't get a game for a team that's on it's way down. I have a good memory and those judas's need to get on with it and cut out the crap of how much the Gers meant to them. The magic hat knows the men he wants and it's not any of them

  4. I would't allow these c*&7s any access to any part of our stadium, training ground or supporters clubs. They burnt their bridges.

  5. Warbs would not sign him A) because he's shite and B) he is not the right type of character, that dive of his embarrassed himself and the club.

    He can fuck right off.

    • Exactly. The Magic Hat won't care about the past. He won't sign Lafferty because he is sh*te. We, on the other hand, don't forget. I would happily welcome any of them back to the Ibrox terracings, as long as they all understood their only purpose is to let all the Rangers fans they p*ssed on, p*ss on them and walk all over them. See if they still want to return to face 50,000 under those circumstances. I don't think so. As the OP said, Laghing boy wants a payday. We stuck up for him time after time in offices, shops, pubs and building sites. When he didn't deserve it, but wore our jersey. Then he walked.

  6. I tend to agree, however now that the anger is subsiding from those dark days, I think we should look at this differently. Yes all these players were paid a kings ransom (all of us would except more money for the work we do) and yes I do feel that they let Rangers down when they were needed most and yes I agree that they should never ever play for Rangers again. But lets remember some of the good times they gave us too.
    I think its time to let bygones be bygones, they will never ever pull on a Rangers jersey again, but lets not chastise them forever. They did a job for us, but sadly those dark days stopped lots of rational men thinking straight.


  7. Excellent post. Couldn't have worded it any better. Big Kyle Laff at me is disgrace and the rest who followed. Not welcome ever back at Ibrox. We'd rather see Sutton Hartson n Lennon than you lot

  8. I agree with almost all that you have said here. However whilst reading through the article I had the thought to myself "even if the squad had stayed with Rangers and allowed us to get some transfer fees for them, the scum from the boardroom at that particular time would have merely distributed that money amongst themselves just like the did with all the other revenue streams that the have used for themselves"

    Going back to the article itself though, I believe that Warbs and his magic hat wouldn't be interested in going back to former players. I think he wants to put his own stamp on the team and I am all for it.

    Last but not least, won't it be funny to watch as Stubbs team "hibs" the playoffs…. WATP WWTC

  9. I would welcome Stephen Davis back as we did get money for him ,I am sure he could have taken that money from Southampton and put it in his pocket like the rest of the Judas,S did

  10. If it means getting a swatch a Miss Scotland again. Bring him back. But to be honest I think the big goal keeper Maclej Gostomski would last longer.

  11. Do you really think the club would have got the money anyway, just more for green and his mob to loot!!!
    Id take mcgregor and davis back no n problem, donald cameron

    • That's not the point though. At the time no one knew what was going on and didn't know that the money would have been hoovered up by the board. Simple fact he and other so called Rangers fans deserted and should never be welcomed back

  12. Can't think of one who would get into the present Rangers team. After the summer signings they can all forget about any thought of ever pulling a shirt on at Ibrox again. Exciting times right now and Europe must be our goal next month.

  13. I cannot nor will not accept anybody who quits a Rangers shirt,they betrayed the club in the hour of need, for fucks sake they knew they were worth money in transfer business, yet chose yes CHOSE to leave us in the lurch, I hate to see the shits in the premiership wondering where the next million is coming from,sitting in pubs saying to whoever I'm a blue nose, well they can get fucked as far as i'm concerned.

    • Well said, as it turns out the money woulda got stollen anyway but they didn't know that at the time

  14. Agree with sentiments expressed here. Too convenient an interest by half. Genuinely saw him up in South Glasgow recently looking at a show home but hopefully for a return to Partick Thistle or something. Magic Hat has spoke well about atmosphere in dressing room being critical to our success. …..this deserter is not the right guy to contribute positively to that. Let's keep going quietly and positively towards success and not be derailed by chancers!!!

  15. Never should these players be allowed back in ibrox they all walked when we needed them most I for one will never forgive them as I will always have respect for Wallace and McCulloch I actually hate the rats who left a sinking ship but we are the mighty Glasgow rangers and will be back to were we belong so duck you lafferty, bismuth, McGregor,ect .

  16. it was awful what they done i am still full of embbaresment in front of my family who support other clubs every time thier names come up i hang my head for believing in them NO IT IS NOT TIME TO FORGET THEM NEVER

  17. If we managed to a get fee for these players before Craig Whyte would of taken every penny ,and it would of only delayed the previous board being oust and the rebuilding of rangers would still of not happned

    • Yes, but those players didn't know that at the time. More interested in lining their own pockets. F*ck the lot of the judas c*nts, I only hold no ill will towards Davis and Edu. The rest can get f*cked.

  18. I do have sympathy for Naismith etc. they were stuck between a rock and a hard place created by none other than Charles Green (and we all know how that turned out). At the end of the day they are trying to support their families in what is a very short career. That being said, I would not take them back, we had enough of the old boy stuff with McCoist, with all of them failing apart from Miller. Onwards and upwards with Warburton!!

    • Naismith is the worse. Got sent off against Aberdeen f*cking our league title and his knee. We stuck by him for 2 years though his injuries and he sticks 2 fingers up at the club and people. Pr*ick that he is

  19. Forget the deserters,,, lets pay tribute to our very own captain, Lee Wallace. The man is an absolute legend. He produced his best since we went down, and now he will take Rangers to where we belong,,, An example of true loyalty and playing for the jersey,, thanks big man,,

  20. Take football out of the equation. If you thought that the company you work for might not even exist next month would you not do everything you could to move somewhere else???

    Now, consider moving away would double or treble your earnings whilst guaranteeing you a job next month..!

    The players did the same thing any one of you would have done in your own working lives. I for one do not blame them one bit and would welcome any of them back.

    • Listen here "B"it "T"hick this IS football.
      None of these bastards should play for Gers ever again.
      I wouldn't even use that type as ballboys.

    • It's football to the fans, it's work/family to the players.

      The players did what they were perfectly entitled to. They owe nothing to the club, for during the time the club paid their wages they gave 100% commitment during a successful period. As far as I'm concerned that makes us quits.

      Take your tribal nonsense back to the rock you crawled out of…

    • Anon 20:10 is correct,and you sir,dont half talk some shite,you are another wanker that rangers dont require.

    • F:&k off back to your own page….must be one of the unwashed to come out with those statements…..I do not know any genuine bear who would welcome ANY of those parasites back anywhere near Ibrox…..gave 100% commitment??..Rangers men???..bullshit!!…..Lee Wallace stayed!…for all his haters Lee McCulloch stayed …..once a Ranger always a Ranger??….not in the parasites cases…..mcgregor,Naismith,laffable,Whittaker..etc can rot in the reserves or lower leagues as far as I'm concerned……walk away from Rangers you don't get to turn back!!! WATP

  21. Naismith can rot in hell after what he and the others did to us we carried him for two seasons when he was injured but he couldn't even help us out when we needed a bit of cash he jumped ship as soon as he could.

  22. I wouldnt give 1 of them a 2nd chance, We have had too put up with so much Sh*t from Mdia etc, Having a dig over the past years that we should tell these cnuts to F*ck off & never darken Ibrox again

  23. From a personal point of view I've got more respect for all the players who walked than I'll ever have for the biggest traitor of them all,Ally McCoist.I wouldn't be surprised if he never sets foot in Ibrox again,he knows we're not all stupid.FF

    • See you. Go and take a right good fuck too yourself. With comments like that I hope YOU never set foot in Ibrox again.

      Super Ally, greatest Ranger ever!

    • Agree with the above……..go fuck yourself!!!…..Ally has his faults,being a manager 1 of them,…but his love for Rangers can NEVER be doubted…..sure his last months taking his wages maybe tainted his legacy, but anyone tell me honestly if your boss told you that he/she was going to pay you £750k a year,no matter how much you love your job, would say " wait a minute boss,I don't want that much..half that will do me!!???…….bullshitter if you say you would!!!……don't ever forget he worked for nothing too !!!!

  24. No way back. I would have Steven Davis back at Ibrox as he acquitted himself well in the move to Southhampton but no others. The only one i feel angst about is Naismith; i think his charity work since he left, is the consequence of guilt. A great footballer and, at one time, a great Teddy Bear, but he failed at the key moment. No way back.

  25. Hindsight ! If we all had known what was to happen in 2012 and the subsequent ramifications for our club ,I firmly believe we all would have preferred that all these players be sold to avoid the catastrophic events which occurred. Rangers is far greater than any of us and certainly more so than any of these individuals who made their choices to leave at that highly emotive time.We are entitled to our opinions but Lee Wallace and others who made courageous decisions should be held in the highest esteem by us all. The fans know,by and large,who the real men are in our club's history. The calibre and strength of character shown by these people will undoubtedly be immortalised in words yet to be written.One Club,one Rangers!

  26. Bit harsh on the players imo. I dont think getting a transfer fee for them would have made any difference. Cant expect players to go down to 3rd div in an unpresedented series of events when they have already taken pay cuts, have offers to play in prem and may want to play for their countries. They have short careers and we expected them to play 3+ years of sub-standard football? Give the guys a break. Im more dissappointed at young Ness and McCabe who I felt would have come out of this with real experience and could afford it at their age. I wouldnt want laff back either but these guys scored in and played in some important games for the Gers and the way people are going on about this story is like a bad break-up. "I NEVER LOVED YOU ANYWAY!"

  27. Fuck all the rat bastards who betrayed us in our darkest hour I hate these Judas bastards more than I hate the manky mob will never forget or forgive!!

  28. Rangers stuck by Lafferty through thick and thin even after all his antics on and off the field and he replayed us by shifting us, he couldn't jump ship quick enough and I for one will be ripping up my SB if that man ever pulls on our jersey again

  29. Player leaves football club. It doesn't make him a bad person. Barry Ferguson left, Mark Hateley left, but the were welcomed back open arms. Only difference here is that most of our players chose to leave instead of play 3Rd division.

    Just because it was right for Wallace and Jig to stay doesn't mean it was right for the others. You don't know their family circumstances, finances etc. Those fans saying you should stay no matter what are probably the sort of fans who'd make their family go hungry so they can afford the season book. Disgraceful human beings in my view.

    I know my opinion isn't a popular one with fellow fans but I have just as much right to express it as you have to criticise it.

    • you sir, are on another planet.
      just let it go,moron.
      the men in the white coats should be at your door anytime soon,to take you back to the asylum and sedate you.
      and stop deluding yourself that you are a fan of Rangers.

    • I think you're missing the point. It's not about players leaving Rangers. Plenty have and plenty more will in the future. Most of the time though, it's beneficial to both club and player and there are no hard feelings.No one expected the players to stay and play in the 3rd Division, but the least they could have done was to stay and make sure Rangers got a fee for them. Instead, most of them were gone in a flash without as much as a backward glance. Naismith, especially, couldn't get out the door fast enough.
      As for their personal finances, most had been at Ibrox for a few years on very generous wages. None of them were on the bread line nor were any of them in any danger of being without a club for long. However, instead of waiting to see what they could do to help the club, the rats were gone as soon as they got the chance.
      Most supporters will never forgive them for deserting Rangers during the bleakest time in its history and when we were at our most vulnerable. My memories of these players are well and truly tarnished because of their selfishness and indifference to our fate and I definitely don't want any of them back.

  30. democratic fans..decisions been made…and i think its the right one..
    Kyle Lafferty shouldnt be back at Rangers again…EVER…..he made a decision and unfortunately for him, was the wrong one..he can still be a Rangers fan..but got a feelin
    that has changed…and is just after a subsidize his last playing years..

  31. Do we honestly think these player's weren't in the loop with what was going on with chuckles and Co?? Let's say they did sign and we did get a fee for them it would just line the greedy b,s pockets anything of value was sold and it wasn't in the interest of the club. And I can assure you I wouldn't have worked for the feckers that where running the club. I'm sure we would be down the pan again if dk and 3 bears never got in when they did.WATP

    • The point isn't what would have happened to any money received from transfer fees. No one knew then that Green and Co. were there only to line their own pockets. So, at a time when the club was desperate for money, these players thought only of themselves and scarpered. Everyone back then thought that Green and his pals had saved the club and were the good guys, so there was no reason not to want to work for them.

  32. Sorry David Pollock but the shite was reeking from these bastards from day 1 and there are members of press and ibrox legends that knew these rats where only in it for their own benefit, and I bet you if you asked the player's that left the club why they did it they would tell you they couldn't work under a bunch of chances that where only interested in themselves, I for one wouldn't work for them even if it meant leaving rangers.

    • Not for a second would I accuse you of talking bollocks, so well done for seeing through those guys from the off. It must have been difficult for you being the sole dissenting voice when the rest of us were queuing up to buy our tickets. You might be right, maybe some of the players didn't fancy working for Green, but it seems much more likely that they were simply greedy, selfish bastards.

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