Why we may not see Law, Shiels or Clark beyond June

Why we may not see Law, Shiels or Clark beyond June

After manager Mark Warburton declared recently that the futures of forward Dean Shiels, striker Nicky Clark and midfielder playmaker Nicky Law were a “big decision”, it bode poorly for the trio’s chances of remaining at Ibrox beyond this summer.

Only too quick to reward veteran striker Kenny Miller an extension as long ago as November, Warburton is becoming legendary for his refusal to hang around over footballing matters (where he can help it anyway), and as such his stance of more or less doing exactly that regarding giving any of those three a further deal beyond June suggests he may have already made up his mind over the situation.

In the case of Nicky Clark, while few fans have a bad word to say about the lad’s character on the pitch (which has been pretty exemplary), there is absolutely no doubt he just is not the level of quality or mental strength required to hack it at Ibrox. While capable of some paradoxically fine goals, he nevertheless lacks technical ability and general composure, with an often wayward first touch.

He has never given less than 100% in the Light Blue shirt, but then, neither would you or I, and we do not deserve to play for the team on passion barometers alone.

It says a lot that since joining, under four different managers, including one reasonable one and one outstanding one, the overall decision to leave him generally on the bench has always been universal among them.

We would wish him well if he leaves, but few would miss him. That said, he does still remain a decent option off the bench but absolutely no more, and the general consensus is that he probably is not content with a supporting role in Govan.

As for Law and Shiels? This is where things get more contentious. Law has really come onto a game since his return from injury v Falkirk, and while he still remains on the bench now and then, he also starts a fair few too these days. Fans are thoroughly divided on his contribution, with many dismissing him (rightly or wrongly) while also pointing to the two years of dross he delivered under previous management.

But one cannot escape that niggly feeling he just never will be a Warburton favourite, with some recent selections favouring Gedion Zelalem.

And then we come to Deano. A bench bit-part player since he arrived at Ibrox, like Clark he has never asserted himself permanently on the first team, and is Rangers’ most used sub this season under Warbs. Widely considered an ‘impact’ player, Shiels often gives a fair bit when he comes on, but usually lacks greatly when he starts; whether the former Killie man is content with this is less known.

But either way, for all three, whatever my (or anyone else’s) opinions of them may be, it boils down to what our manager thinks.

And his procrastination over giving them respective new deals probably reveals his decision.

But maybe not.

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  1. Until clark gets 6 to 10 consecutive games i for one will reserve judgement,how can u judge a player who gets 90 mins then 20 mins then gets 30 mins etc, were famous for letting guys go and they go and score goals for other clubs,just look now at hemmings we nurse him through injuries give him experience loan him out then let him go for nothing,and now guess what he's banging in plenty of goals for dundee in the premier league. As for law he can do a job for sure.

  2. All three should be released. They are on big wages given to them by Ally. The money can be used for better players.

  3. Yeah some serious upgrading of the squad required if any impact going to be made in the top flight. As such the aforementioned guys need to be replaced with higher quality than what is in the squad. That will be a formula for success – every player being brought in has to be better than what is there at present in order to compete with the like of Hearts and Aberdeen for European positions.

  4. I think Warburton's high praise of Kenny Miller when "rewarding" a one-year extension is a little misleading. He actually had an appearance based extension clause when he signed from Vancouver. However, I don't doubt he adds intensity to training sessions and is a good role model for the younger players.
    Clark, Shiels and Law are all replaceable and don't forget the contracts Law and Shiels are on far outweigh their actual value. Warburton could find better value with the budget their exit would free up.

  5. Kenny is king in Warburtons eyes. Still effective on the park but priceless around our traing complex. I know this as fact due being best friends with the brother of a current first team player. Dont be surprised to see Kenny take up a coaching role with the development squad along side wee Durant next year. Davy Weir was a model pro hence being fit enough to play on until he was 40. From what i hear, Kenny is even more of a model pro in regards to training intensity, life style, fitness, diet etc etc. From what i im told, kenny puts the majority of the squad to shame when it comes to the fitness tests which are done weekly under the Warburton regime. Not bad for a 36 year old! Warbs pushes everybody to try and match Kennys stats….

  6. Rangers picked up a few more attackers in the last window (o'halloran, king, etc) why would they not sell Nicky Clark and at least get something for him? It's a major doubt he was going to get a game from here on out. Just seems strange the decision to keep him around with hardies ability to take his place if needed. Maybe I am missing something.

  7. Clark Shiels temps, Bye bye[I would keep Law as a utiliy player] Think of what Warbs could do with the money saved from these 3, Also Zel he needs to go back to Arse he is just passing balls sideways im fed up with it, I want to see more of forrester & am hopeful that the Accrington 2 will do well, i would also like us to go out & BATTER Killie & really put on a show, To show our intent that we are a credible club, THOUGHTS??

  8. Law and Shiels have proven that their better players when they've got good players round about them . They've cut it before in the top league and will do so again . The team is far better and more positive when Law is in infront of Zalelem . Nicky Clark is a hundred percenter like his dad Sandy was and like his dad , probably tries too hard and is too nervous when he pulls on that blue jersey . Like his old man , he'll probably be a much better player at another club . How could he have scored all those goals at QOS when he cant buy one at Gers ? A great pity , but it's not looking good for him .

  9. I doubt Nick Clark lack composure. Important goals scored by Nicky at important times. Dean his all round abilities are there to be viewed.
    Nicky law has gone of the boil lately. Has talent. That can happen, in any career. All players have served Rangers exceptional. Me,I would love all three players given another contract.

  10. Let them go & use the money saved elsewhere, we need to start thinking of next year now, If we are gonna be thought of a serious contender then we need to knuckle down & make sure we can go up & more importantly stay up. With a bit of luck the Acrrington lads will do well for us

  11. With Waggers being sidelined this is a chance for 1 of them to put themselves in the shop window [As I dont think any of them will be there next year] I would also like to see Halliday,Holt & Kenny Miller getting in amongst the goals its about time we gave somebody a spanking, Fingers crossed it will come soon

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