An interesting email…


One of the more interesting emails received on this site was from a fellow I will not name, but the content certainly piqued my interest.

It went something like this:

As Rangers fans we want the best for our team and our Club. As a member of, and monthly contributor to the Rangers First Fund, it dawned on me that the way to get Ashley and Sports Direct out of our Club is to hit him and them where it hurts… in the wallet. As he has shares in Rangers why don’t Rangers First have shares in Sports Direct and create a noise from within his camp?

We want him (and his crew) out of Ibrox as quickly as possible – primarily because he’s getting away with daylight robbery; and we ‘seem’ powerless to stop him. It is often said that you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’, that is, you have to pay to gain. What if Rangers First bought shares in Sports Direct with an entirely sole objective of giving them away? Yes, ‘giving them away’? What a waste of Rangers First money? Ah, no! We pay to gain! Gain what?

If Rangers First were giving Sports Direct Shares away, no one else would be able to sell their Sports Direct shares and no one would want to buy any either. Sports Direct shares would in effect be worthless.

We could buy up £100,000 worth per month to give away on a monthly basis. We could have a very public monthly give away of these shares. It seems hugely costly, and seems like we’re giving our money away… and oney that could be used for buying Rangers shares. It’s not wasteful if it gets Ashley and Sports Direct off our back sooner than the inevitable 7 years.

The value of Sports Direct would drop (plummet?) on the stock exchange and become worthless if people could receive shares for free. The bad press surrounding this for Sports Direct would be another cost.
Shareholders in Sports Direct wouldn’t be long in demanding a complete withdrawal from all things Rangers, to protect their investment.

Making it known that this was being considered would worry many at Sports Direct. But the key is to be ruthless – like Ashley himself – in seeing it through, and doing it. If it had to be done for many many months it would be worth it. Even if it was for 6 years it would be worth it if Ashley and Sports Direct were to depart just 1 year before the contractual 7 year termination of contract agreement. The shareholders in Sports Direct wouldn’t want their shares valueless for that long. Just imagine what damage this could do to that company.

We have the power. We are Rangers. Ashley and the Sports Direct shareholders don’t know how determined or ruthless we can be for the life of our Club. We should play him at his own game, and win.”

Is this madness, genius, or a bit of both?


  1. Whats to stop Ashley or his mates taking on the shares in Sports Direct that Rangers First were giving away?

    • This ploy was mooted at Newcastle Utd in a slightly different form 3 years ago and never got off the ground.I see this Keiron (Hawking)Pryor is telling King to fight it so maybe the man will fund the legal fight if he feels so strongly.

    • Pipe Dream – Mike the Scrotum Grabber is the worst person to be in bed with – my guess is he has the thing water tight.

  2. I wld say, not such à good idea , give shares to whom? Shares will allways have value, Whether u hold the or give them away. Methinks would be same as throwing money away.
    Why not spend the money on top lawyers whom are expert in contract law to see if there is any loopholes in 7year contract…. Or await outcome of criminal case against former directors , if it is in the négative for them the use outcome as à legal challenge on 7year contract with SD.

  3. Total madness whatever fans could afford to buy for shares would be meaningless. The smart money is on Rangers going to court depending on the results of upcoming court cases to bring Sports Direct to heel.

  4. Fuck that! Rip up the contract DAVE and tell the fat fuck we will see you in court along with the crooks who invited you to get involved at our club. The other option would be for the fans to open the old edmiston house building into our own shop.

  5. Madness. He is already losing billions with his companies. Buy Rangers shares or Sports Direct rivals because they are kicking him in his nuts and his Sports Direct shares are a fraction of what they were and crashing daily.

  6. As things stand, £100000 would buy 1/20300 of SD (or less than 0.00005% of the market capitalisation). It's David's 2 year old wee brother against Goliath. To even consider this is madness. Rangers have a market capitalisation of £28 million so £100000 buys a much, much greater percentage, and therefore more significant influence over proceedings. It's nice to see people thinking outside the box but this is not a starter.

  7. An interesting tactic , but would think it would be a better idea to build up shares and attack Ashley from within his own company .He seems all powerful but there must be other shareholders who don`t like the way he does business .Maybe they could be united against him , especially now when the share price is dropping because of his management.

  8. don't agree Prior I think has the right idea get him into court Green White ,just maybe the deals were illeagle

  9. Do you think Ashley would give a feck? The Geordies have been at him for years and he's done nothing.

    Also Craig Houston and his 'alternate merch' are fleecing people and lying about club contract etc.

    So we boycott Sports Direct – who do you think has to pay for all the unsold merchandise? The club.

    Mug's game.

    • lol what a muppet there is a massive difference…..he OWNS Newcastle United he dosnt own rangers. Even the most devout supporter of the Ashley retail deals have now seen what Ashley has done with the retail stitch up! All profits from the alternate merchandise go direct to rangers! And what contracts has Craig Houston lied about?? Proof has been provided in court that rangers are making 4p in the £1 and Craig has provided many exposures of the corruption that has gone on…..what have you done????. Are you jack Irvine in disguise? or another one of the faceless manky mob……Because i really hope you are not this delusional as a supposed rangers fan………

    • Ok, refer me to the information "provided in court". SOS never could when I asked them.

      And no, I hate bheasts. I just like to think for myself before making a rash choice.

  10. get the fat man out our club, the newcastle fans must get there cash for fuc all to keep going to games and putting there cash into his piggy bank, NO MORE FROM RANGERS FANS FAT MIKE FUK OFFFFFFFF.

  11. All directors & shareholders should boot him out. The fat cunt is using our club while spending millions fighting relegation.the cunt has ruined two of Britain's best supported clubs through greed. This would not be allowed in any other institution.We should all get T- SHIRTS printed with SHIT DIRECT on
    them. 51, 000 at a tenner each would go to
    rangers first shares or to the club.That would
    let the cunt know exactly what we think of his
    SHIT STORES. Failing that let's organize
    MASSIVE protests outside his Glasgow shops and fuck his trade up on busy days.

  12. Taking a knife to a gun fight immediately comes to mind.

    What genius came up with this nonsense?

    Has the 7 year notice been given to Sports Direct……..or do we have to pay for the unsold stock first?

    Perhaps the Chairman could clarify!

    • In the statement released on Feb 4th, among other things, King stated that Sports Direct had been given formal notice to end the deal. Are you not keeping up or could you not be bothered reading it? Or was it just not clear enough for you?

  13. Listen wait and see what happens with green and Co, it may be that the contracts become null and void and Ashley will have to sue green and Co, nah, keep buying rangers shares, wouldn't let me comment unless anonymous, my name is Donald cameron

  14. Why don't we give Rangers the £100,000 per month. Would this not make up for the lost revenue. Remember sd have to pay for the manufacture of the stock. If they were out of pocket and limited income that would make them revisit the agreement.

  15. Anyone who has any slight knowledge in how shares work and also knows the value of Sports Direct will read this email and laugh hard. You would need to buy millions of pounds of shares to even build up 0.5% in Sports Direct… to just give the shares away? That isn't going to cause a share price crash in Sports Direct. This idea is absolutely ridiculous. More concerned some people think this is a good idea.

  16. I think give rangers first permission to use the crest on ther shirts, get them sponsored by j.d. sports or another sports chain who wud b competition n obv profit wud go to the club. In french football they have a few sponsors on ther top mayb on the official top get a sports chain on the bck of the top as well as 32 red on front if possible to do about reducing sports direct signs around ibrox if possible or if the contracts say they have to b ther reduce writing size so its nt so easy to read bt ther still ther so no breakin contracts etc.

  17. why not use the £100,000 to pay back some of the local companies that were owed money when rangers went into liquidation, and show some dignity

    • Dignity ya Mickey perisher?
      We were the victims of mass premeditated calculated fraud.You know,that's why they're all in the dock the noo.Let them make the reparations!I won't stoop to talk about wee boys being tampered with though!

  18. Sounds like a plan to me , but only give them away to tamers first members or raffle them for £1 a ticket at home games.

  19. The fat cunt should take a taxi to the breeze
    block arena, they' ll take any cunts money.
    All the Tims would jump at the chance of wearing Patrick.

  20. Why don't King and all the Rangers money men all buy shares at sports direct and fight Ashley from both sides of the fence?
    All let all the good paying faithful put there money into our own shares?

  21. Why don't Dave King and the other Rangers 'money men' buy into Sports Direct then they can attack Ashley from both sides of the fence?
    And let all the faithful fans to use their hard earned money buying new shares?

  22. just wasting your own money, shares will always have some value. It would cost far too much to even put a dent into SD

  23. just to clarify for that sad person natham cockerham, my reason for post was because a friend of mine was owed money from rangers , what,s your excuse for your sick rant,

    • You can try and take the moral high ground.

      But it won't work – you support a team which harboured pedos.

      Not me. Now feck off back to the huddleboard.

  24. Its madness, We need to be in this for the long run [no the long con like Ashley] and we will win through. King needs to keep chipping away at him bit by bit & we must do our bit as well, If you see ANYTHING untoward from him alert the Record/Times even the Beeb & let your feelings be known, In the meantime dont even think about buyin anything from SD, actually query any kit you buy, if thye have connections to SD then return it & advise them why, And last but not least Buy rangers First we might need a war chest to take this bassa on in court

  25. Has anyone actually considered that u r initially buying these shares to give them away. Therefore people r still able to sell their shares if they want…to u! What u might actually achieve is a rise in share price rather than collapse as sellers will know there is a buyer waiting ev mth to buy thus it's a sellers mkt and thus they can drive price up. Muppet

  26. Not a good idea. a better idea would be to have random Sports Direct Shopping Days. No actual buying though. Scores of bears piling into Ashley's stores and truing everything on. Gear left in changing rooms,. Nothing left on a hanger. Gear all over the floor. On the wrong shelves. Price tags falling off. Check outs clogged up with people complaining. Queues a mile long building up. The Geordies and other club's fans down south might like to take part in the fun. Nothing illegal of course, Just a bit of "browsing".

    Now THAT really would hit his pocket and his shares. Shareholders would really start asking what his problem is.

  27. Expand our own share base dilute the current capital and thus reducing his shareholding to a neglible level where his shareholding would gavd no effective influence on matters .king and co buy ghe new shareholding thus increasing their shareholding to a dominant position ashley wound be no more than an irritant then bale out.more importantly the new capital would go straight to the club and mr warburton.just a thought

  28. Done a quick bit of arithmatic there and I'm nae Archimedes,but for a 0.4 percentage of SD shares you're talking roughly 20 million.So forget this bullshit!!

  29. Nah get good legal advice (also costly)and take the big bully to court. His methods have already been shredded by a judge. Make the case the contract should be void due to 'unfair terms' which were agreed to by puppets he put in place and that no reasonable person with any idea what they were doing would have entered into such a contract as it would clearly inflict damage on their own company. Let the bully's practices get shredded again in court.

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