You’ll be stunned by new Rangers signing’s release clause


With Rangers securing Accrington Stanley duo Josh Windass and Matt Crooks this evening on a four-year pre-contract, the Press Association’s Andy Newport has claimed the contract, in Windass’ case, has been compiled with a £3.5M release clause.

The deal, due to formally begin this summer, will involve a minimal training fee outlay, unless Rangers fork out a modest six-figure sum to secure the players now, but it is Newport’s understanding that Windass’ contract includes aforementioned multi-million buyout clause.

He said:

“I understand Josh Windass’ Rangers deal has a £3.5M buyout deal.”

Newport is usually pretty on the money with his sources, and this would verify the new efficiency with which Rangers are being run under the new board and new management, and the notion of Rangers profiting to the tune of roughly £4M if Windass does well and is wanted by teams in bigger leagues down south is pleasing for club protection.


  1. Really surprised with a release clause even in the contract if he has a cracking couple a seasons with the money down south clubs down ther cud pay more than the £3.5m mentioned especially wen u read Arsenal wer looking at him.

  2. Not utter crap dick baw . Tim players that have one gd season in champs league n go down south for £10mil +. So take champs league out it cple cracking season in prem league n a recon wee cud more than that for any player who plays well consistently from a championship team not even a premiership it cud go the other way n doesn't play well struggles to get in team n people won't pay £3.5m n it doesn't matter how much u buy them for u want as much as u can get for them wen u sell not put a cap on it.

  3. And whys it crap? If you know anything you'll know he's been watched by various championship and PL teams. Rangers have just got in first. Good business

  4. Good business in anyone's books ,this is difference between the mob who ran our club before and the present incumbents ,they are looking after our great club WATP

  5. Anon midnight creeper.Why is it utter crap?This boy could run amok up here.They're talking 10mill for that lump Bitton at your mob!So using that as a barometer it makes sense.You know,sense?

    • Off the back of Biton's European displays. First you lot have to get out of the Championship – earliest this season but could be a couple of seasons away yet if Hibs triumph this and Dundee Utd come down and get their act together and remember the losses your club is running at time is not infinite for getting up. Then if you do get up you need to establish yourselves and finish in European positions – again consider how Hearts cantered home in the Championship last season and look like they have a chance of making Europe this so doable within a season but I would say you'se are not of the same standard of Hearts last season. Then if you do qualify for Europe you have to make it through the rounds before group stages and then when that does happen your man has to perform well and then go back through the process again the following season and perform well again and then maybe the value starts to grow. Oh and forgot Biton is also doing it on the international arena. What length of contract have you gave this lad? Look no harm but what you should be hoping for that this guy comes in and is good enough to play in the top flight and then anything else is a bonus.

    • So in effect what you are saying is that you want moonbeams and you do not want any debate about them. I for one like to surround myself with people who do not just agree with me, I find it is a key ingredient in success. Surround yourself with yes men and you end up believing in and backing all levels of stupid.

    • Why is it crazy it stops any team comming in after a season and offering 500k or a million. At least if he does the business we can refuse offers until they reach 3.5 mil. And who's to say that it could start a bidding war if he does do the business and all offers will need to be over 3.5. It's a very smart piece of business for the club

  6. So if he has a cracking couple of seasons and is worth 10mil then clubs can just meet his 3.5mil buy out clause and get him on the cheap. Sounds like bad business to me

  7. So if he has a couple of cracking seasons and becomes a 10mil player then clubs can just meet his 3.5mil buyout clause and get him on the cheap. Sounds like shocking business to me

  8. why are celtic fans so consumed with everything that goes on at rangers instead of twiddling there thumbs on the internet go fill some of those green empty seats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. never heard so much mince in all my life, a boy that has played for the illustrious Harrogate railway, and was given to Accrington Stanley for £0 and now he has a buy out clause of 3.5 million , really, even the most gullible of folk would not believe this, to compare him to biton is stupid , he is a full international player, not saying he is worth £10 million but geez a break.

    • So why do you care?….you are so obsessed, or more likely scared….oh yes, of course you're not…it's just spending a good time on a supporters website of a team you hate the most? go get a life….or a good team, ya plonker.

  10. On the other hand if he does well and there's big clubs down south sniffing about they offer him a new deal with a bigger sell on clause.

  11. why dont you jist hope he,s decent player n let it run course,,will this so called buy out clause follow him around,,a dont think so,,celtic pulled in £35 million last 3 years,,they spent that??a dont think so,,the monies coming into ibrox certainly dont get spent on players,,its a game changer nowadays,,get a young half decent player n pint on for as much as possible,,its a well known fact now fans rate players on how much they,d get rather than how long he,s here for,,

  12. Oh what a load of Level 5 p*sh.

    Can just imagine Traynor and his troops at their daily let's make up some good news meeting.

    Whoever came up with this would be on a bonus, Level 5 must be creasing themselves as another 5 figure invoice wings it's way to Ibrox.

  13. Stunned not the word, doubled up laughing more like it.

    Not forgetting Windass is the new Paul Gascoigne, according to his da.

    Is there no end to how gullible the Rangers fans are?

    Sold down the river by SDM to an off the radar billionaire……….remember that March on the BBC because of the program they screened pointing out that Whyte had a very dodgy background?

    Then his Co partner moved in, completed the switcheroo, and used his big hands to hover up every penny from the fans by playing them like a fiddle…no pun or slight intended.

    And now King…….without clothes, without money.

    When the dust settles on the various criminal trials Ticketus may be the last man standing with the assets falling to them in lieu of the debt owed by Whyte…….best of luck with that one.

    • another tim obsessed with rangers go get a life worry aboot yer own team and all those empty seats the most loyal supporters aye right good luck with filling them

  14. I'm guessing the players agents put that figure in ,just the Ibrox pr machine at work trying. To make the club look well run

  15. They tell us were not rangers but refer to us as gullible RANGERS fans.
    Confused or just f*****g stupid. You decide.
    I need a lie down!