Warburton distances himself from striker target


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has distanced himself from former Murray Park trialist Vladislas Gutovskis’ recent pleas for a deal at Ibrox.

The Latvian striker spent a period at Auchenhowie endeavouring to impress Warburton, and even managed a hat trick during his time in Govan, but the Skonto Riga star is unlikely to find himself making the switch to Scotland.

He said:

“We look at a number of players, if we listened to pleas from all players we’d be in a real state.”

It has been argued Rangers lack a pure goalscorer, a ‘Kris Boyd’ archetype, but with performances and results as good as they currently are it does not seem to be with the same level of urgency as before.

The deal for St Johnstone’s forward Michael O’Halloran remains in limbo with Warbs hoping a deal or maybe two will be complete by the time his side travels to Cappielow to face Morton.


  1. The O'Hallaron and Diagouraga deals wont happen….and no im not a troll from the dark side. Im a dyed in the wool blue nose. My work colleague is the brother of a current first team player and the word coming out of Auchenhowie is that both Brentford and St Johnstone's valuations of the players are well above what Warbs rates them at….Brentford want 1M+ and St Johnstone want 500k+. Attention has now moved to securing Windass and Crooks in January.

    • Good info mate, and I agree with your thoughts – as well as the sentiment being expressed by Warbs/Rangers if they indeed don't go ahead with O'Halloran/Diagouraga. We all have to remember that we're in the 2nd tier, and if the choice is between securing 2 players in a year or so for 0 and paying 1.5 million quid right now, surely any Ger with the long-term security of the club at heart will choose the former. Dave King and Warburton have my full support, as I know they will always do what's best for the club.

    • If Crooks and Windass come in this window it gives them a platform to settle before going up. In the summer, with the new season ticket pricing, money will be available to pay higher fees for more established players. Young players should be tried whilst we are in this league.

    • Look guys face it rangers are skint,iam a die hard gers fan but iam a realistic fan,av seen this carry on happen all the time,we won't be signing any1 as we have no money,crooks and wind ass won't come until summer,but let's be real IF we win the league,king and comedy will have to splash the cash otherwise we r on the road to nowhere

    • Agree with last poster – Celtic do not have a great deal of money and they run a tight ship, have European income and substantial transfer income. Leeds capturing the clubs primary target who wanted to come to Ibrox while getting turned down for a Celtic bit part player gives a fair indication/ reality check on placement in the food chain right now.

  2. Ok Waggy gets injured where are the goals coming from? We need two out and out goalscorers. Get the larvian skonto riga player in leta forget about o'halloran hes not ever going to be someone i want in a rangers strip

  3. It crossed my mind that a prudent move would be to secure the two Accrington lads now if possible. As Warbs has stated, suspensions, injuries and a couple of players off form could make the next few months iffy without an addition or two. I'm sure he will get them.

  4. Nobody can spell the two transfer targets.
    I see that as a bad omen.
    St. Johnstone will buckle soon anyway. That guy Brown will chase the blue pound like the others. Not so sure about Brentford though.

  5. So no over investment, no spend what it takes as per King/Murray?

    we tried to get them on the cheap with ridiculous add ons because we can't afford to pay the market price…..Scott Allan all over again.

    I'm sure their agents are rubbing their eyes at the Champions League add on, thinking it's a typo and should read Scottish Championship League.

    Whenever we qualify for Europe we will be early round cannon fodder as we have zero coefficient.

    • If Rangers win the league it will have been done with a budget no other club has won the league with. For the league we are in we HAVE over spent. Why are some folk to thick to understand this? How much more money does our fans want to chuck at winning the scottish first division?

  6. Your right (stuart johnston)…. If Waggy was to be out injured for any length of time then the goals could and prob would dry up. BUT….thats why we have a squad….and development squad.

  7. Adebeyor, Crouch two players wanting out clubs prepared to subsidize wages, both sure to score goals just a few months to go,depends on our urgency.

  8. Stevie may would b a better bet than
    o'halloran. We also have the likes of
    dean shields who should get more
    game time.

    • The problem with the likes of shields though,is that when we've let them go in the past 4 peanuts they have always
      Performed really well elsewhere.
      Probably due to getting regular football.

  9. Watched Diagouraga the other night for Brentford, first time I've seen him. If it's right that he's priced at £1m +, Ok, it's only one game, but if that's anything to go by, no no no, £1m, aye right.

  10. Tbh rangers have not got money,diagouraga and o'halloran won't be coming as as everybody know gers r out priced,my main point is in the summer rangers will have to bring a few good players in to challenge

  11. Vladislas Gutovskis,what's the problem getting a player as good as what we have ie Waghorn/Miller as a striker for not much cash plus he's 20 years old & a proven goal scorer !! He's got plenty of potential plus getting him cheap then training him to play Rangers way ,he's just an asset that scores goals plus he wants to be here! I really don't see what the problem is ? Get him in the team!

  12. Diarouga has gone to Leeds.

    So much for the over investment and spending whatever it takes promises of King and Murray…………..watch the O'Halloran deal collapse as well, we have offered buttons according to Tommy Wright, and some of those buttons were dependant on Champions League participation.
    I didn't hear Leeds moaning about being held to ransom.

    It's a joke….next on the agenda will be negotiations with Accrington Stanley to bring their 2 guys on board now………Accrington Stanley ffs!

  13. Adebayour and Crouch……are you kidding you dimwit.

    Yep their club's will pay half the wages, leaves us with the other £50k each per week to find.

    I despair at the stupidity of some fans.

    • Hey dimwit
      Just lost Diagouraga, put your money where your gob is buddy and stop taking the piss, dark side

  14. im just glad warbo is keeping the war chest for summer i think he will go to the euro final s and spend it there for 30 million we can pick up 4 top players for the champions league and blow the rest of scottish football out of the park just cant wait fellow bears in king we trust

  15. who says we,ve no money heith jackson told us on monday we had bid one million for two players does that sound like a club with no money we also outbid arsenal for windass that shows the money is there ive also heard we have agreed a deal for a top england player who will sign before the deadline again doe.s this sound like a club with no money no way in king we trust always

  16. i just cant beleive how greedy clubs are as soon as we want to buy a player we offer st johnstone 500.000 and the say no now i know it was 100.000 up front and the rest when we get to the last 16 of the champions league but thats a fair deal to me they are only making a fool of themselves in front of scottish football in king we trust

  17. good to ear warbo will watch the transfare deadline with a glass of wine as he will have all his targets signed up yep that will be the two guys from accrington stanley who we cant afford to pay for just now these guys must be good well one is the new gazza no sorry the new vardy and the other ones mum says he.s good about the house how much more shite do we have to liste to from level 5 propaganda wheres the money come on no more lies having to borrow 500.000 from the fans is the last straw time time to put up or shut up

  18. I think there's a lot of Tims on here taking the p*ss……outbid Arsenal for Windass, jog on, who are you kidding.

    Warbs will be distancing himself from this shambles, it's obvious he's not involved in the cash negotiations.

    Whoever put the �� last 16 add on into both offers should be sacked on the spot. It's laughable and we have left ouse lies wide open to ridicule.

    Anyone who still thinks that King is going to invest decent money in the squad needs their heads examined. Tommy Wright has called us out with his peanuts claim, well done to him.

    Where to next

  19. Anon, pick up 4 players at the Euro for £30m?

    I'm not biting on that one.

    We can't find £300k for O'Halloran, nor £200 k to bring in the Accrington Stanley Galacticos now, yep that's right, feckin Accrington Stanley!

    The Tims are having a field day as you can see from most of the posts on here.

  20. They only wanted 300k for Brentford midfielder he got fans player of season and was in the top ten championship player awards and has played 26 times this season not a troll hate the other unwashed but wake up and smell the coffee king isn't going to spend or put a penny into our club not now or ever

  21. Hurts to say it but stokes would walk into our side, Ceptic 're crap but name one player to get into Celtic 11 ?not a troll fucking worried gers fan king said millions would be available but not a penny seen watp not going to renew sb rather give rf my money sack the board

  22. I see Celtic and Hibs have been reported to FIFA and UEFA by Rangers First for colluding to keep Rangers in the Championship with the use of loan players………..about time to.

    Ban them both.

  23. Having seen the article this morning that UEFA consider Rangers to be the same club as the pre liquidation entity I'm wondering what the real agenda is, knowing that Platini and that mob are hardly our best friends.
    With Celtic having passed their file on the 2011 fraudulent licence to UEFA and Police Scotland having been alerted by a Celtic shareholder to the fraud, with the names of those involved at the club and the SFA, are we being set up for a lengthy ban, much longer than the two years given to the Dutch club?
    This is potentially the biggest scandal in the history of British football. …the football, authorities colluding with a member club to gain a licence contrary to UEFA regulations over unpaid taxes.

    This is a real biggie.

    • That mob have no shame.
      The only club in the world who would
      conduct themselves like that.
      It's about time though they were
      investigated for land deals etc.
      Believe me dig hard enough and
      you'll find there's more corruption
      at smelltic park than Ibrox ,despite
      the last 4 years. They fail to understand that the people who took
      over our club were only intent on
      looking out for each other rather than the club.Even that prick lawell can't
      seem to a knowledge that,even if it is
      costing his club millions every year.
      In simple terms they will always find
      something to counter anything rangers do.They even claimed we tried to buy the European cup under
      Walter despite all the top clubs in Europe doing so even now.
      This was them trying to undermine
      our acheivment despite being robbed
      by MR TAPIE. The silence from Celtic
      & the SFA was deafining.It's just what Celtic do and have been doing 4
      years. We either just accept it or fight
      back starting at the top of the marble

  24. Come on, Fodderingham is set for a call up to Euro 2016 by England given his performances in the Championship……his goals against record is the best in Europe.
    Too many people just want to talk down our club.

  25. Leeds site says the fee was £600k.

    There were no Champions League Last 16 add ons attached…….unlike our unprofessional approach.

    We are making a laughing stock of ourselves, made worse by Level 5 leaking stories to Jackson of an imminent £1m spend last week.

    Why are we still dealing with the guy who fed us the Whyte off the radar billionaire p*sh I the full knowledge that the chance was potless.

    We have banned the BBC, who have massively contributed to our income with TV coverage of most of our cup ties over the last 4 years, yet we allow this self acknowledged plagiariser and his paper to come and go as they please.

    Go figure.

  26. Last 16 of the Champions League…..aye right.

    Which bright spark came up with that belter?

    As an earlier poster said whoever it was should be sacked on the spot for providing more ammunition for the Tims to take the p*ss.

    We must be paying more money to Level 5 than we are spending on solicitor's fees.

  27. Why are we not registered with The Living Wage Foundation?

    King pledged to introduce the living wage rates immediately after the AGM…….his words not mine.

    Anybody know what's going on, is our registration being processed or is it another King porkie?

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