Rangers squad: who’ll make it in the SPL?


With Rangers’ noticeable return to form over the past couple of weeks underway in earnest, and the January transfer window now well upon us, it is worth a look to see which players in the current squad are good enough for the SPL, should Rangers make it next season.

Some players have truly stood out over the course of this campaign, while some others have notably struggled, and while new players will come over the next two windows, which of the existing squad have done enough to justify a place in next season’s Rangers, be it squad or starting XI?

Mark Warburton’s squad has been lean and tight, with the former Brentford boss always preferring a thinner herd of players rather than a bloated selection, and as such there has not been a glut of rotation.

So, who would you choose? Who is good enough to compete in the Premiership for an SPL Rangers? Select all of those you deem suitable (excludes new signings but includes all loans, regardless of expiration).



  1. Lucky if there's half a dozen or so good enough if we're being totally honest. Major investment to bring a better level of player to the club is desperately required if we're serious about challenging Celtic for the title.

  2. Some in our squad have been there done it others you can only guess how they would do young Kelly has a bit to go before he's ready same with Walsh and Hardie in my opinion need some that have been there and done it like Wallace Shiels Bell and Law

  3. Where are the millions and quality signings we were promised? We have got in two free transfers in positions we have more than enough cover for we need a holding midfielder a striker and at least 2 quality defenders we will be lucky to make top 8 in spl

  4. The current squad, playing at their best, are easily top half material at least. Goodness look were Hearts are and they weren't much better than Rangers terrible squad from last year. Not in the head to head games. Obviously they were more consistent throughout. I reckon our current squad, at its best, is a far better team than Hearts and Hibs who have improved greatly as well.
    I doubt Warby will be going overboard in January or during the summer. We'll probably start seeing a lot more of the really young guys if we can open up a good break on the rest of the field in the next month or two.
    Sure, we'll probably add a couple or three so we might even win the bloody thing if things go well. We'll be up thereabouts as it is.

  5. Top 8 get a grip we'll be top 3 easy and pushing for the title hearts have proved there's not much in it hits done the sheep Aswel and the tims there for the taking watp

  6. Not including the loans I fink there's a definite 8 for the starting 11 for next season which means between now n getting there we need to make sure we get another 3 quality players in to make it up to the 11 n there are others who cud b good subs then there s the youth players which I wouldn't include because they r untried at any level n there s a few that cud b let go.

  7. i think about half of them wouldent get a game for st johnstone and i doubt very much if the manager is up to the job dread to think what the likes of aberdeen will do to us

  8. We will be lucky to stay up and think we will be seriously embarrassed in the split. The club needs a serious investment where are the promised millions? We need this question answered sooner or later

  9. Who in their right mind honestly thinks we are going to spend millions on players in this division. Let's get real here we don't have to. We are going to win the league anyway I honestly don't have a doubt in my mind on that one. Let's get behind mw and king and next year if he still isn't spending the money then we can criticize.

    • Hibs beat Aberdeen in the cup and we have a far better squad than them. Hearts are much the same as last year and they're sitting third.
      In the games against Hearts last year, they weren't much better than our then awful squad. They were a lot more consistent obviously but not much better head on with Rangers. Our current squad would tank Hearts.
      Rangers will not be spending huge sums or bringing in many, if any, "big names".

      A few more shrewd additions like Waggy, Holt and Tav and we'll be right up there.

  10. Season ticket money has gone,sponsor money has gone with the day to day running of the club next to no money from merchandise at this point the only revenue is every home game pulling in sum ticket money n from catering probably lookin at £250,000 from a home game bt still steward and policing to pay for so lucky to c £200,000 of that 2 games a month £400,000 profit there's not enough in the pot to run the club so King n co are keepin the club a float with soft loans n still got to get to the end of the season, they can't do it all.

  11. I'm more that happy for us to shop in the bargain section for player cos look wat £500,000 got us holty tav waggy n Halliday.in warbs we trust!!

  12. There is a huge difference between being in the SPL and challenging Celtic for the SPL crown. Major investment required to challenge Celtic

  13. If we are to challenge Celtic we shouldn't be signing players that wouldn't get in their starting 11 it's complete logic but in reality we were promised millions but that won't happen King has fooled us all

  14. Are most of you high??? Look at the football being played on the park and say that we will struggle, yeah st Johnston bet us bt it was with a team that had been together for 3 months….defence need 1 solid centre back tav,waldo nd keirnan are good enough to play at the top, both full backs I would rate as the best in Scotland,hard not to in my opinion, our midfield trio is attack minded full of pace and not shy to get in the box, granted a cdm is required bt halliday has done excellent, for an attacking player to change his full game speaks volumes of him nd then waggy mckay nd the veteran miller have been outstanding, the goals scored tally kind of speaks for itself bt I do agree a further striker is required as miller is there on merit and experience bt will do th job for the rest of this season,evidently there is money, how do u justify putting more on the wage bill if there is no money??? Stop smoking crack and get back ti reality,money is not going to b spent in the championship why would they when the squad on the park is doing the business,top at Xmas with one of the highest goals scored tally in the full of europe so far is not a bad return for a bunch of players that are seemingly shit in the words of most you,we are the people,the most decorated club in the world and I will always be true to the cause, take a leaf people time to be true blues and back us all the way to the top where we belong

  15. As a rangers fan for over 60 years i can't believe the situation we're in great stadium best supporters in the world and signing at best mediocre player's big money is needed quickly to get this great club of 144 years back to where it should be

  16. everyone should get a grip we will win Scottish cup we would win scots prem if we were in it the now don't need many more signings forget st johnstone result it was a fluke the teams only been together for 7 months trust the management team

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