Rangers linked to Northern Ireland international


Fresh from the disappointment of losing out on Brentford defensive titan Toumani Diagouraga, Rangers have been linked with another similar target; Blackburn Rovers’ Corry Evans.

Brother of West Brom’s Jonny, Corry is another Northern Irish name to be linked to Ibrox, a link possibly borne of a plan B in the event Diagouraga’s move north did not play out.

Evans is a very similar type of player to pre-contract signing Matt Crooks, in that he is equally adept in central defence or midfield, and with Crooks not arriving for another six months and no dedicated defensive midfielder yet secured at Ibrox, Evans may be viewed as a possible option.

With his deal expiring this summer, manager Mark Warburton might feel that he could get the 25 year old Northern Irish international at a fairly low price, and with Rangers in need of some fresh faces his arrival would be welcome.

But as with all names linked to Rangers right now, we shall see.

NB: Statement re: Evans’ deal expiring this summer incorrect. Midfielder signed a new 3 and a half year deal in November to tie him to Ewood Park till 2019. Significant fee would be required to bring him to Glasgow. 


  1. Just checked online….hes on 18k a week at Blackburn. Can't see him accepting such a huge drop in wages….unless he's a Bluenose??

  2. Another big name signing I see, shows the clubs ambitions, we have become a laughing stock in football even our own board are laughing at us fans we have been fooled and taken for a ride yet again where are the 6 splinter quality players promised by king in the transfer window or the promise to over invest for the spl push? Lies lies lies

    • Get lost….have you not enough going on at your own club? ….we really don't care what the likes of you think or hope.

  3. For me I would rather plod on with the current crop of players and reassess the squad during the summer once we know which league we are plying our trade in. I Was keen on the brentford boy but it seems King and Co have some issues paying for players at the minute so I am dissapointed the gaffer hasnt been backed in that particular transfer target.

    • "have some issue paying for players" … what, as in King can't move any money out of SA without the consent of the authorities there ?
      That assumes he's got any money, of course.
      Now, I know someone's going to accuse me of talking crap. But King's promises – and they WERE promises, if anyone cares to remember them – are all looking rather empty, still
      If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck … it's probably a duck. Now replace 'duck' with 'convicted tax fraudster'.

    • Leeds apparently paid less than 600k – for a player that wanted to come to Ibrox as well – Scott Allan all over again only he did not head to the East End – sad thing though is that Celtic would not have a place for Diagouraga even on their bench. As for Corey Evans – you would hope a guy like that would thrive at Ibrox but again I cannot believe we are getting more and more of these stories peddled to us when we all know well that the board are not going to put their hands in their pockets or if they do they have nothing to pull out of them – taking everyone for mugs.

  4. Why pay 600grand for a 28 year old. When we got tavernier waghorn n the likes for less than that n theyre young

  5. Too many sad Celtic supporters want to make comments on this site. Stick to commenting on your own clubs affairs. Cant believe you'd rather troll your rival clubs bloggs and pretend to be Rangers supporters. I just couldn't bring myself to masquerade as a Celtic supporter…. Feel sick at the thought to be honest.

    • Well said mate, that lot are so paranoid about The Famous Glasgow Rangers heading up to join them next season its scary – that lot should be sponsored by Pampers next season !!

    • Lighten up Darling town have an amazing midfielder called Declan O'Brian have seen the lad six or seven times this year playing as a # 10 scores lots of goals and is worth in the region of 100 k … wages around $1500.a week and a smashing player and fits our budget .

      I travel all over England every week so look forward teddy bear bears to my Monday morning rant on the top talent in the UK and that so till next time take care and no surrender, god save the queen, and rule Britannia .

    • According to you, anyone that doesn't think King and his mates are wonderful is a Celtic supporter.
      Whyte was in charge. Did you defend him to the hilt then, or see him for what he was ? Green was in charge, what was your position then ?
      Sticking your head in the sand and shouting that King is the real deal won't make it true.

  6. If Evans is on £18k a week then forget it, let's not even go there with regards to a transfer fee.

    Whose actually handling negotiations with our targets? As someone posted earlier putting add ons into the Brentford guy and O'Halloran bids for last 16 Champions League participation is just taking the p*ss.

    Level 5 is charging a fortune to keep the back pages full of good news but Warbs is not stupid. When it dawns on him that he's been lied to he will walk.

  7. JJ has dissected Jackson ' s article today where he claims that King's contribution is already north of £7m.

    JJ'S saying that if this is true, and he's adamant that it's just another pack of Level 5/ Jackson lies, then King would have SARS all over him………..and if he gets his collar felt again he won't be able to avoid jail.

    • JJ is a bead rattlin fuck so don't use him to back up your point of view don't believe me read pzj or just fuck off ya tramp

  8. just wish people would get of kings back
    just think back to the dark days when the board where spending all our money on big villas and pay offs etc
    since king and co has come in
    ibrox and murray park are getting done up
    we have a good coaching staff in place
    we have got a new manager and a good crop of young players
    plus king is standing up to the fat man and beating him
    lets give king and co a chance
    warbs won't sign anyone he has to pay over the odds for
    remember the murray days days paying 12 million for flo and look where that got us
    time us fans stood together and don't give a hoot what the other mob think

  9. King said we would have money, king said we would say sorry if found guilty,king has remained too quiet for me. Tie up the deals & stop hiding & having false rumours paper over the cracks! Some worried rangers fans & rightly so! We want our club back to the top. We have some great players in Holt, McKay, wags,tav,rob, Wallace, but we need a few great players to bring back the glory days & be back to our rightful place! We are the people & we just want the best for our club! In warbs we trust

  10. King seems to be caught in a web of lies, staying too quiet & not producing funds to bring club forward. We will be in spl thanks to great players like Holt,wags,tav,Wallace,McKay & Rob but we need more quality to be kings of scotland. Losing out on Allan was a blow, could have been a great player under warbs.rumours are hiding over cracks, we need to buy players warbs wants to not only be the best in Scotland but to push our clubs name back across Europe with free flowing football! This could be our time, let's hope king doesn't mess it up! We are the people

    • they do- i skulked over that way to check it out, once you wade thru all the priest-looking-for-young-boy-for-fun-and-frolicks there is plenty of news about their team… but nobody comments on anything.

      they just want to rile us but they dont have the mental capacity.

      Peace out brothers. WATP

  11. were flying with no real probs,,jist looking how you are reacting to the problems you obviously have,,the last 20 odd years at ibrox could be made into box office film with the board members alone,,you,ve been conned and must only take so much,,how hard is it to get rid of king and put say mr park,,proven buisnessman,,no,,king wantin to waste money fighting a giant,,celtic fans out there are delighted he,s your enemy n not your savior,,this is the type of man u really need,,good luck,,

  12. Please lord no!! I watch him playing for norn iron and I hate when he plays " useless cunt" plenty of energy but he can't pass an runs around like a headless chicken, bring back blackie lol

  13. I'm a season ticket holder and I think its very disappointing that we don't seem to be able to get hold of what are fairly average players. I didn't expect King to produce millions at the drop of a hat but he gave the indication that we would have enough money to buy the likes of O'Halloran. £100K or £200K just isn't going to be enough even in the Scottish market. We would be as well just going with what we have now and hope it's good enough to get us up. The only problem is, if that's what happens then I don't expect Warbs to be around for next season even if King opens his wallet then. If we don't get promoted then King better look his passport out. Sad times.

  14. Does anybody else think the match day versions of our songs are pish? I prefer the older versions played on accordions. We should also be playing the glasgow rangers story. That would be awesome with the scarfs flying

  15. I think it's about time the fans were given consideration when it comes to transfer targets. As the fans are one of the main
    contributors to the coffers.we should have more of a say, if we decided as shareholders
    that we are willing to pay a certain amount
    for a player that helps the club get us where
    we need to be.

    • oh please. we've signed a keeper who is now our number 3 keeper – Cammy Bell was sub against Livvy. Also Forrester who looked very average on his debut and wasn't even on the bench for the last game. Plus 2 others from League 2 who are not even joining till the summer! Hibs must be pissing themselves laughing. I'm telling you Warbs will walk. It's not good enough. We're probably good enough to win the league this season but if Hibs get ahead of us I can see a repeat of last season. If that happens it is a total disgrace. There are no signings on the horizon. Warbs has blown his normal quiet man role by talking (even without naming names) about Diagouraga and O'Halloran and nothing has happened. Zilch. Diagouarga has now gone elsewhere. I'm not blaming him, I'm blaming King. He's better at the PR and sticking up for the Gers but in terms of building a Premier League Team he's no better than any who went before. Where's the cash you promised Dave? He got lucky with conning a good manager who believed his spin but Warbs will be off soon and then we are knackered.

  16. All you tims on here. Please explain that red card. Your obviously more obsessed with our club than your own so let's have it. Mr wassp?

  17. I think he got the card for giving the red hand to someone in the crowd or was it a nazi salute or what EVER ( talk to the hand ) didn't see the game was working and I live in the Pacific north west so no game on the telly … only the big games . how's your 4 bedroom hoos by the way ?

  18. People need to calm down. Live life one day at a time. People on here crying about next season and hibs doing this. 5 points clear best team in the division by a mile. Beat the nearest rivals. 6-2 and 4-2. Don't need

  19. Just watched Scottish news on BBC1 @ 6.30 and in the sport not one mention of morton v rangers what a shock it was come on ibrox noise put up a new post on that please would like to hear what other bears say

  20. don't let the stupid red card take attention away from the transfer window targets……..where's the money King?

  21. Just for the record! Read tonight that between 2006/2011 regarding transfers
    involving rangers& Celtic. Celtic spent
    35 million to Rangers 33 million .
    Unfair advantage! R U fuckin kiddin me.
    They must use a fukin Irish calculator

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