Guide: a who’s who of Rangers’ winter transfer targets


With two signings already secured in January’s transfer window, Mark Warburton’s pre-window proclamation that he was looking for one or two signings this winter may have been a conservative estimate, with at least two more on the horizon to arrive on the Marble Staircase over the next 28 days.

Here is a quick guide to the realistic names linked to Ibrox and who could still yet make their way into Mark Warburton’s plans for the rest of the season.

Josh Windass:

Dean’s son, Josh has been a stand-out performer for Accrington in England’s League Two, operating from midfield at the Crown Ground and managing a fair few goals in the process. Rumours claim his father, the former Aberdeen star, was seen at Murray Park recently, and the player has rejected a new deal at Stanley. However with Rangers securing Harry Forrester already, the likelihood of bringing in Josh now seems a little more remote. He is not the only Stanley player linked though, for…

Matt Crooks:

The utility man has been long-linked alongside Windass as a double swoop from Accrington by Warbs, capable as he is in a variety of positions, which is the kind of player Rangers’ boss wants. The 21 year old English engine room man is most notable for his defensive preferences, with both defence and defensive midfield known to be his strongest slots, which would solve a big headache, but one also fixed by the arrival of…

Will Vaulks:

This one cropped up in recent days; Falkirk’s stand out performer v Rangers and stand out performer full stop is most definitely in demand, and Rangers are reported to be up against Celtic and Portugal’s Sporting Clube for his signature. He also would not come cheap, but on a free would arrive…

Vladislavs Gutkovskis:

Skonto Riga’s 6ft striker was at Murray Park last month and it is unclear how he did at this point; with fellow trialist Gostomski signing up today it probably does not bode well for the Latvian, but nevertheless he could still find himself at Ibrox.

More names will be linked to Rangers over the coming days and weeks, stay tuned.


  1. We won't sign anyone unless they are free, what a joke, we have been had again. Where is Kings money?

    • I completely agree. What a farce. Still… least we didnt hide and support paedophiles for a number of years, eh?

    • The manager identifies the players he wants to sign. Nothing to do with "Kings money". Warburton has already said many times he isn't going to splash a million on a player for the sake of it. Something the "Where is Kings money loyal" should get into their heads.

    • Ummmm do you really believe that freebies and loaners is the way to go to build a team for next season? I am not a whers yer cash Dave man but I am seriously doubting the route of financial loans and loan players constantly. Investment in playing staff and financial investmewnt in the club is what is required, after 10mths just how much real investment has there been by some? We need a plan both on and off the park, long term strategy on both, short term is not the way forward its simply papering over the cracks

    • How much did Holt come for? How much did we spend on Rod Wallace? Just look at all the great work Terry Butcher and the like have done for low prices in the lower leagues of England. Money doesn't guarantee quality.

    • Totally agree with the point and Wallace and Holt are great examples. People moaning about signing players from Doncaster only have to look at Jamie Vardy to see the quality of player you can pick up from lower league English clubs. Foreign players are pushing English lads down the leagues where Gers can benefit, if we scout them we can pick up future International players like Vardy

    • Come on guys. Wages, signing on fees. It's about value for money, use your heads. The club has next to no income at the moment, prudence is required.

  2. Vaulks is a winner type of player warbs like 110% every week,hes been a stand out at ibrox the past cple of times n in the Scottish cup final as well. But don't know much about the rest but if warbs rates them then that's good enough for me. In warbs we trust!

  3. Lets go for the skonta riga striker to many attacking midfielders for me big vlad would bring alternative to gers

  4. I wonder if we could try a cheeky punt for Vukic he was just starting to get good & I think he would provide competeition for Miller/Waghorn,

    • It's not about 'bad' mate, forget labels, just look at how Jason Holt has got people looking at him, bet a lot are looking at Waggy, Keirnan and Tav too and seeing 'potential' where they saw none before.

    • yes Robert its that bad and we are that broke that's our level, irrespective of how good Holt may be, you cant make up a team of freebies and loaners and expect to compete in the Prem Lge next season, or are we not even looking at that? Time to look further ahead than the next loan and the next loaner guys

    • Is the 'we' your referring to, the green and whote 'wee'. Look to your own team's troubles you've got plenty to sort out there…stay off our website.

  5. Dave King is playing the long game which is sensible no need to throw millions in the pot the money will come as we have gers men in control leave King to do the business and just remember big jock new WATP.

  6. Mark warburton and his back room staff are a good team, with no superstars, for me he is trying to recreate that in the field. By keeping the average low and identifying players who maybe play at a lower level at the moment or maybe haven't reached their potential is a sign of his confidence in his own ability, these guys are hungry players who will run through a brick wall for the manager, he needs guys to buy into what he is trying to create, and for me a big name signing would spoil the efforts this good young team have given so far. Great managers have the ability to make decent player believe they are great players, I feel the current managerial staff have these qualities. Cmon the Gers and good luck to all our new signings WATP

  7. We don't need to spend fortunes, SMELLTIC
    R going backwards& the Ronnie bore will be
    over soon.pity though!

  8. The player I would sign is Oliver norwood of reading. much more acommplished player than the one we tried for from Easter road.
    Estimated @ £1 mill but well worth it compared to Allan!

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