Diagouraga to to complete move to Ibrox this weekend


Rangers’ defensive midfield target Toumani Diagouraga is to fly to Murray Park this weekend to finalise his move to Rangers, according to Talksport’s Ian Abrahams.

The 28-year old Frenchman has been subject to significant speculation over his future, and starred in tonight’s disappointing loss for Brentford at home to Joey Barton’s Barnsley.

According to Abrahams, or ‘The Moose’:

“I understand @BrentfordFC midfielder Toumani Diagouraga will fly to Scotland this weekend and complete a move to @RangersFC.”

The player has made no secret of his desire to both leave the Bees and rejoin Mark Warburton at Ibrox, who he worked under previously during the Magic Hat’s time at Griffin Park, and if Abrahams’ information is correct, Rangers’ long-standing defensive midfield issue is to be resolved imminently.

Rangers also await to see if anything transpires involving interest in St Johnstone’s Michael O’Halloran, who Warburton refused to comment on recently.

But for the time being we await further developments in the Diagouraga story.


    • A holding midfielder needs to be be really strong and be able to read the game well with a good sence of positioning. Pace and agility are secondary. He would be an outstanding signing.

    • I hope he played like that last night on purpose otherwise he can stay where he is.Not sure I want a guy with that attitude either.This is what's happening to the game, big coloured athlete types.

    • Not sure what being 'coloured' has to do with anything. Maybe take that crap back to the 1950's. It's not needed here.

  1. You must be watching a different guy from me. He may be no 3 minute miler but has bags of skill and good feet. Streets ahead of anyone else (in his position) in the SPFL.

  2. I'm with Neil. Having said that, perhaps Warbs can get the best out of him. When the modern player doesn't want to play for a club, he downs tools. Could be the reason he's been rubbish in the past 6 months. Rangers should tread carefully and offer a short contract, if any.

  3. Yep, he had a blinder last night, plodding around midfield with the game passing him by.

    The £100k original offer seems about right.

  4. Listen warburton has work way him he knows more than any 1 what he can do n I'm like the majority of my fellow gers fans we trust warbs judgment 100% end of. I think we shud try to do a cheeky swap n offer Clark to hearts for sow or offer him to Dundee for to bring hemmings bck or for the boy Stewart all these strikers have goals n experience in the premiership even if we do get ohalleran.

  5. i believe in ohalleran players have been offered,,wage bill has to be seen to be steady or going down at this point in clubs position,,i also believe 3/4 will be going,one if not 2 would have to come in,,

  6. Cannot believe what I'm reading! The guy is trying to build a team on the back of everything that has gone on in the last 4 years.It was never going 2 happen overnight.
    Look across the city they have went back the way in the same period.Warburton will take us to the top in 2 seasons. If the sheep had the bottle they would win that league.

  7. Wat is happening with diagouraga and ohalleran is it a case of c who cracks first or wait till the manky mob cum in n pay wat ther clubs r lookin for n we lose out again like the Allen farce. Been on this site since the summer sayin we shud sign Osman sow he is the striker we need big strong can hold the ball up, can run with the ball got a bit of skill,pace n can score goals his contract is up at end of season so wud imagine £200k-£300k shud b enuf to get him now half the price saints want for ohalleran, also saw Logan from Aberdeen is free in the summer wud b perfect as bck up for tav.

  8. Jelavic is available, but I would look to sign
    Stevie may & o halloran as all 3 including wagy can play left ,right or centre.
    P.S. hope we don't sign sow!

  9. Logically there no chance of getting jelavic silly suggestion he ll b £40k plus a week we wud struggle to pay him £15k a week living in the past, sow is in our budget in wages and price and he's scoring goals in the league we r looking to go to makes more realistic sense to me. Ps times have changed!!

  10. Get a grip, Jelavic.

    King's failure to back up his investment promises is there for everyone to see.

    Offering peanuts with last 16 C L add ons is a complete joke.

    No matter what you think of Celtic they have a squad full of current international players, we have none.

    If you think that 2 Galacticos from AS will cut the mustard then you are deluding yourself………………Let's see the amateurish attempts continue as we try to bring the two of them on board now with Level 5 promoting what a wonderful piece of business Warbs has done.

    It's a joke and if we continue to add on payments related to �� last 16 qualification we deserve all the criticism being aimed at us.

    Who is in charge of the transfer negotiations anyway?

  11. Do you really think that Hearts and Dundee will react any differently to Brentford and St J's when we put in a low ball offer with �� add ons?
    There's every chance that Mrs Budge will make the offer public and people can then decide whether the offer is peanuts or if Rangers are being held to ransom.

    My money is on the former.

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