Accrington accuse Rangers of foul play, pair could join now


Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt last night accused Rangers of unsolicited talks with his star duo Josh Windass and Matt Crooks, while admitting there was nothing untoward about Rangers’ advances towards the Stanley pair.

News broke yesterday evening that Rangers had made moves to secure the midfielders, and Holt was extremely discouraged by the negotiations given they are with the players themselves and not with his club.

But he equally contradicted his ire by conceding Rangers’ have followed FIFA procedures to the letter and have done nothing wrong. He said:

“I have been informed today that Rangers are talking to Josh (Windass) and Crooksey (Matt Crooks) about a move from end of season. This is unsolicited and is being done under FIFA international regs (regulations) that I totally disagree with. You know as much as I do now. Come on Stanley.”

The law states that when players under the age of 24 leave England near the end of their contracts the fee becomes ‘training compensation’ and is minimal, and with both being out of contract this summer Rangers initially pursued a pre-contract.

But with potential outlay to free them now due to aforementioned regulations being so small, Rangers may well secure them this window instead.

The negotiations continue.


  1. Looks like another shroud piece of business by the man with the magic hat prob looking at holt money for each of them then n if they're half as gd as wee holty then it another master stroke by warbs. WATP!!

  2. Never mind the transfer market, does no one realise the impact on the club if any of those in the dock today are found guilty?

    Green's been charged with raising £21 million in a fraudulent IPO and also of defrauding Whyte in the Sevco switcheroo.

    The ownership of the assets is up in the air….at least that should kill King's insolvency event plans.

    This is mega………….

    SD have refused the £5m loan repayment as being inadequate given that the financial penalties attached to the default have not been paid….so as you were with the IP.

    They were also not for accepting certain conditions attached to the repayment, in particular the one relating to dropping all legal actions, including the judicial enquiry.

    This will be disastrous news for the SFA as Ashley is going to expose the corruption, collusion and complicit actions of the authorities in a court of law. Apart from the paranoid the revelations will be a shock to the system of most other Scottish football fans.

    • Proof of anything you've spouted? Phil 3 names regularly comes out with all these accusations and hints and yet it turns out to be senseless and untrue rantings.

      Money has been paid, as requested by SD. If that was rejected the board would be the first to point it out.

      As for Green and Whyte its far too early to tell what exactly will happen. Throwing things out there does nothing for anything and simply makes you look foolish. The club was wronged by people many were critical of from the start.

      Overall I would give your comment a fail. Try again Timmy.

  3. Another begger who's running scared of the gers cause they c progress in all departments in our fine club and they're own smelly club is going backwards, trying they're hardest to pt a blunter on our club cos they cant believe we're back stronger n getting stronger by the day. Sorry but we're back for good an use will just have to except it you obsessive bunch of fiddlers , no surrender!

  4. Has it really come to the stage we are pursuing loan signings from Accrington Stanley?I mean let's get a grip here where are we going with this? I know the magic hat has stated that he will not spend big for the sake of it however as an act of good faith Mr King should give us at least 1 marquee signing and by that I am taking in the £1,000,000 range so by to-days standards its a big signing for us.

    • Don't talk utter pish. We're in the Championship and our prize/TV money is a pittance. We don't need a £1m signing right now we need a solid base from which to build. Throwing silly money at overpriced, overrated players who aren't worth their valuation is silly at the best of times but utter nonsense in our current situation.

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