Warburton & Stubbs prove it’s all about the Rangers


When Rangers manager Mark Warburton was loosely shortlisted as a candidate for the vacant Fulham position, the media went into overdrive and heckled him incessantly over the speculation.

Indeed, it became so intense for the former Brentford man that he had to systematically set about taking it apart formally at his pre-Raith press conference, putting any lingering notions of an untimely departure aside by repeatedly answering the same questions in an assured manner.

In short, he told the media where to go, and that he was happy at Ibrox with full commitment to the job – his defiance over the claims of departure, mainly by the BBC, were a reaction to the persistence of the BBC’s Jonathan Sutherland pressing him on it time and time again, and by the time the conference was over it surely put the nonsense to bed, once and for all.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and Sky Sources once again breaking a story about a Championship side’s manager being shortlisted for an English Championship side’s vacant hotseat, but this time it was Hibernian’s Alan Stubbs being allegedly cherry-picked for a move down south to Reading.

This news has been on the wires over 24 hours now, and here is the BBC’s Hibs page as of 14:15 on Monday 7th December:

Not a single mention of it.

The media reaction over Warburton being linked to England compared with Stubbs has been absolutely comical. On one hand the media contriving stories, effectively lying about the situation based on no apparent evidence at all – yes Warburton WAS on Fulham’s shortlist some time ago but Sky Sources confirmed he was removed – but this was not enough for Scottish outlets to stop using him and Rangers for attention thereafter.

Compare that with the total non-event that is Stubbs being linked. Yes, there is a little media attention today where the man says he is content at Easter Road, but not even a 100th of the badgering, pestering, and repeated nonsense that was aimed at Warburton for the same scenario.

More and more it seems Rangers are Scottish football these days: without using Rangers and everything associated with Ibrox, everyone in Scotland seems bored. Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts barely interest anyone any more.

It really is all about the Rangers now.


  1. They're bored with a one-horse race not surprisingly, but editorial standards seem to have gone awol too.

  2. Yes it is about Rangers and the team on the park to get us back to where we belong and for the best for Scottish football .

  3. Here to see the Rangers,,,,your only here to see the Rangers,,here to see the Raaaaaangers,,,your only here to see the Rangers,,,Here to see the Rangers,,,etc, etc,, We might be first division, but we are still one of the biggest clubs in Europe,, I dont see anybody beating down Ronny Deila's door,, why,, because he is shite and his club is not worthy of a mention in any tabloid,, Rangers are big news as we are a big club,,simple as that,, and we will get back where we belong,, Warbs will be linked with the Chelsea job at the end of the season the way things are going,,haha,,

  4. The speculation of Warbs going to fulscum made me laugh. They do say there is no such thing as bad publicity but it can derail a squad as Brentford fc found out when news broke warburton was surplus to requirements even if he took Brentford fc to the EPL. I cant help think they all miss the point with warburton. At Brentford fc he had been there a good few years and knew all the squad very well before he took over. Immediatly he brought in Davie weir and Frank mcParland, as he has done at Rangers. He also brought in virtually a whole new squad, players he knows well. Having followed Brentford fc during his tenure and closely followed Rangers since he took over it seems very clear that warburton is not motivated by money but by building something successful and sustainable with Davie and Frank, two people with a similar philosophy and outlook whom he trusts. I think the idea of taking over a club, whomever that may be, with a squad of players he has not selected & who he does not really know mid season can only come from someone who doesnt listen to what he says, repetitively week in week out. He is driven by success and a squad that plays exciting attacking football. As long as he is succesful at Rangers and achieving what has clearly been laid down in the time periods given it is highly unlikely he would want to go to any other club.

    • So you's are the people??? The facts. World heavy weight champion is Catholic,,MMA Connor McGregor Catholic,,best team in Scotland Catholic,,best teams in Europe Catholic,,best teams in world Catholic,,best football players in world all Catholic,,,I think you'll find that in fact it is the Catholics. Who are the people…

    • That has just proven my point you flippin idiot. WATP. Who mentioned catholics/protestants,you. I'm talking in the context of rangers fans as we are the people. Rangers fan base has both. You bigoted arrogant little person. Hahaha. Thanks for helping me prove my point.

    • Even my Catholic celtic supporting workmates are having a laugh at you. There view is the don't want your type at PARKDEED. PMSL. WATP..INDEED WE ARE AND YOU JUST PROVED IT.

  5. Your having a laugh!! Where were you lot when the press were linking one of yours to join up at Ibrox. Your all full of it!!

  6. Ha ha poor Ronnie, it's a bit like the scene in the film" trading places" when the guy who had it aw , or thought he had, was standing in the pissin rain looking at those inside at the big table, Eddie Murphy, those old enough will get the drift? Bottom line is we are now the ones at the table, onwards and upwards to the mighty

  7. Another example of this obsession with Rangers is the daily rebels sports news writer of the year? Keith Jackson asking why Ashley has not been paid his 5 million did he not listen or did not want to listen when Dave King said after the AGM that it was now in the hands of the lawyers and it would probably be January before it all goes through he also asks how can Warburton deal better with media speculation the answer to that is not in our managers hands its in the hands of people like him who are totally fixated with everything that is Rangers

  8. Was Warburton not even money in the bookies for the Fulham job while Stubbs was a 33/1 outsider for the Reading job? Was that more the reason as to why the difference in scrutiny? Though, for either of them to be muted for these jobs is a bit strange given they are yet to prove themselves. As a Hibs supporter though, I agree that Rangers will always be a bigger media draw than the other Scottish clubs given the size of potential readership and the overall reaction an article receives

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