The two Eastern Bloc stars at Murray Park


With January’s transfer window upon us, Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton has started in earnest to make strides towards supplementing the squad by trialing two Eastern Bloc stars in Lech Poznan’s giant goalkeeper Majiec Gostomski and Skonto Riga’s hitman Vladislavs Gutkovskis.

Gostomski hails from Poland, and at 27 has made a solid career for himself in his homeland. Currently contracted to Polish champions Poznan, that contract will expire in a little over two weeks and the 6ft 5 colossus is looking for a challenge anew. As suggested yesterday, if the stopper impresses, he will be healthy competition for established no 1 Wes Foderingham.

The other trialist is Latvia’s Gutkovskis. With Rangers in desperate need of another solid striker to enhance the attacking armaments, 28 in 34 appearances for Latvian cracks Skonto Riga suggests the 6 ft striker is a hint of the installation of a more robust ‘plan B’ Mark Warburton requires when things are not going Rangers’ way, but as this video shows, the lad can certainly play a bit too.

Still needed are a defender and a defensive midfielder but if these two join up it can only help Rangers’ cause.


    • yeah without him we would never have won the 3 div the 2 div went into liquidation had ally as manager have celtic going for 20 in a row we ve a lot to thank him for i just cant think what it is

  1. Murray sold our fucking club down the river you thick and ignorant dicks!!! He sold the club for a pound!!,,To a Whyte rat who did Murrays dirty work!!, Murray should be stripped of his knighthood and Auchenhowie should be called John Greigs Academy, a true rangers man. If Celtic spend a fiver, we'll spend a tenner",,, look where that got us,, and no,,im not a Tim,, I'm a Rangers supporter, with intelligence, something you half wit Murray supporters have none,, you all act like tims!!,

  2. Forget who we think is to blame we are the most successful club in the world so let's look forward to more success and get behind the team and hope investment comes in soon we need it

  3. Murray was taking £500k a year from the club for EBT advice….on top of the millions he creamed off from his own EBT payments. That turned out well, didn't it?

    His security and catering companies had their hands in the Ibrox till as well.

    He sold the club to Whyte in the full knowledge of what was to follow.

    Why? He was p*ssed at the Rangers fans for not supporting the big share issue which MIM under wrote.

    HBOS had to add another £50m to MIM ' S overdraft as a result. At that stage HBOS had had enough of SDM and put one of their guys on the MIM board to keep an eye on their 'investment.'

    SDM had effectively lost control of his own company and for that he blamed the Rangers fans for not backing the share issue.

    So if you follow that line of thought it's the Rangers fans themselves that are responsible for the club going into administration then being liquidated.

  4. I think 90% of the comments are coming from Tims, on Celic fans love David Murray for what he done to the club,, the administration, the liquidation, the 3rd division football, all the embarrasment,,,,,all started with David Murray,,, so you tims go to your own website called the David Murray fan club,,, and let the real Rangers men deal with the club!

  5. with a season ticket FOR MANY YEARS and shares i say murray did nothing wrong, lets not forget the conman who conned him and i hope the bastard gos down for a long time. WATP

  6. David Murray conned??!!!,, are you having a laugh,,talk about deluded!! The debts he had amassed, as well as bottled it when the tax man began sanctions to get 50 million back, he knew fine what he was doing,,and sold rangers for a pound,, and you say he was conned,,grow the fuck up man,, and is your season ticket for parkhead, cause that where you belong with stupid comments like that,,,,, David Murray ruined our club,, and we are still paying for it,,

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