Rangers’ striking target Josh Windass – a profile


With it being fairly well known that Rangers are in the market for a supplementary striker to enhance firepower in January, one of the strongest links of recent days has been Accrington’s Josh Windass.

Subsequently here is a simplified breakdown of his career to date, and what Rangers boss Mark Warburton might see in the young striker enough to take him north of the border.

Son of former Aberdeen star Dean, Windass has plied his trade in England’s League two for pretty much his entire career, brief though it has been such is the player’s relatively tender years at 21.

He made his debut at Stanley, funnily enough, around the same time his potential future manager became Brentford boss, one league above him.

And the reported fee is at least six figures for the forward, with some outlets claiming he could fetch up to and beyond one million, and with him recently rejecting a contract extension it potentially hastens his departure.

Extremely popular among Stanley supporters, Josh is described as a ‘dynamic’ striker, and at 5ft 9 would not be a big target man type which continues to fit into the speedy pacy sharp game Warburton exults.

He has a scoring rate of a little under one in 3 (16 in 64) which, at a fairly competitive level in England at his age is a decent return, but his father is said to favour a switch for him to Hull, which is the home city of the family.

Rangers’ interest in both Windass and utility man at Stanley Matt Crooks is well-documented but neither will be cheap and time will tell if Warburton will be furnished with the kind of funds needed to acquire such talent.

NB: while described as a striker by some media outlets, this article was mildly mistaken in explictly calling him one – he is more known as an attack-minded midfielder, and thanks to those who provided such correction. His stats now seem all the more impressive.


  1. At the risk of sounded pedantic 16 goals in 64 games is a little under one in three, but exactly one in four (16×4=64)
    Not great for a striker, but I have seen him described elsewhere as a playmaker, attacking miodfielder rather than an out and out striker. So perhaps to replace Zelalem?

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