Rangers fans’ poll: Rangers’ current form – your views


As covered here earlier today, it is being argued from sections of the Rangers support that the team is currently in poor form. Certainly by the standards of the zenith earlier in the season at Ibrox, there is a higher level of uncertainty regarding the team at the moment.

Instead of going into a match expecting lots of goals as standard, fans are now hoping that side of Rangers shows up; that marauding, all-conquering Rangers who bagged 3 or more goals with ease between July and October as opposed to the newer side of November and December who are more prone to being held to draws.

Rangers are just a little less predictable these days, in the context of results. So with that all said, how do you, the fans feel?

Fairly in-depth poll to cover as many angles as possible, tick as many as you feel apply to the situation from your viewpoint.

Naturally feel free to elaborate your views in the comments section as always.

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  1. I think we need a couple of really hard professional players brought in . Ballet dancing ain't what its about.And right now we have too much of it. However with a couple of good signings as stated we would become very hard too beat with a more direct assault for goals.

  2. Would be good to see the team get some better quality in than what we already have, and ship a few off the bench who are not good enough to stay long term at Rangers, thinking of Europe, where we belong. If that happens then we have a greater chance to win the league outright. If we don't then its failure. I trust in WW though. Would like clarification on the current news of loan payments etc. Is MA trying to scaremonger us as fans and sow seeds of doubt? Good riddance to MA

  3. Cant believe we are not moving mountains to sign an out and out striker,Hardie will come on leaps and bounds but requires time, not having a hit man is putting pressure on players all over the park.

  4. I think we need a ball winner in midfield and a strong central defender. I don't think any of the 3 are as good as McGregor, the one we let go. Young Hardie is also due a run to give Waghurst a bit of support. Most of all the midfield and forwards need to learn that they are allowed to shoot from further away than 10 yards.

  5. Ah, King writes to a selection of SPFL club's wishing to sit down and have a chit chat about improving Scottish football and Rangers relationship with the other clubs and football authorities!

    Wow, admin 2 must be closer than most watchers suspected. Presumably this was also the reason he popped into Hampden the other week…..just to give Regan and Doncaster a heads up.

    Fit and Proper………………..never in a million years!

  6. It's feckin endless……..more bad news on the way.

    Celtic lawyers poring over a less than convincing explanation from the SFA on the 2011 Euro licence issued to Rangers in contravention of UEFA rules on outstanding tax liabilities.

    There's trouble ahead for the SFA and other clubs, possible 1 or 2 year ban from European football but Rangers could be looking at a 5 year ban for knowingly submitting an application that was made fraudulently.

  7. Never mind a poll on January windows additions what about a poll on the mess King has got us into.

    He's not invested a penny of his own money and has personal loans outstanding to the 3 Bears…….no one is denying this.

    He lied, again, at the AGM, there never was £5m.

    Lied again in court last week, the loan has not been repaid.

    Looks as if the IP will never be returned to Rangers and if Ashley takes possession of the securities, because the loan will never be repaid, then he can �� Murray Park, Albion Car Park and Edmiston House.

    Hundreds of thousands being spent on legal fees with more to come.

    Where's it going to end.

    The 3 Bears must be at their wits end with King whose backed them into a corner.

    They have done their bit with soft loans up to date but none of them are multi millionaires, neither is King.

    Watch how the promised war chest fails to materialise in January, Warbs already knows the score……….more free transfers and out of contract signings.

    Next year Celtic are going for 6 in a row, we will be in no state to stop them.

    Avoiding Admin 2 will be an achievement .

    I can't understand why the board, with some intelligent guys there, have let this criminal Chairman run amok without someone telling him to shut his big mouth.

    Trying to cosy up to the Scottish football authorities will be a dawdle as they know that if King goes down so do they………the court case will force that result anyway, it just pushes it down the road a little longer.

    The other clubs and their fans will not be so easily appeased, they smell blood and will make sure that their club's do their bidding.

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