Harry Forrester: what kind of player are Rangers getting?


With the near-official confirmation that Doncaster Rovers’ playmaker Harry Forrester is set to become Rangers manager Mark Warburton’s first signing of the upcoming January window, it is worth taking a look at what kind of player Rangers will be getting in the 24 year old.

Described in varying ways as a striker, a winger, and a creative ‘trequartista’, the best way to overall sum him up is as a combination of Gedion Zelalem’s composure, Nicky Law’s energy and Jason Holt’s goals, with a hint of James Tavernier’s free kicks.

This video shows a truly stunning free kick he made against Gillingham

Many will argue it is not a position Rangers are in desperate need for armaments in, but as long as the attacking midfielder adds the value and quality Warbs so often specifies as a requirement, he will be a useful signing indeed.

Judge the following video for yourself as to what kind of player you think the English attacker really is:


  1. well heres hoping he can bamg em in, I have noticed of late there is a wee bit of a tendency to try & walk the ball into the net, This chap looks like he smashes it in from anywhere, And if he is an ATTACKING midfielder then maybe the others can concentrate on defending a wee bit more,When wallace & Tav are rampaging up the park Wilson & Kiernan need all the help they can get, SO lets hope for the best

  2. Two footed player. Fairly quick. Got goals in him, he likes having a shot. Looks pretty tricky, he can go past players on the left or right side.
    Although he favours his right foot seems to play more on the left side and cuts in. Wee Barrie does that for us. I think a bit too much. I'm one of the bears that want to see him played on the right side.
    Harry, to me looks a lot better than Barrie on getting to the bye-line on his unfavoured left. He has a good left foot too. crosses and shoots with confidence.

    Looks well balanced, tricky, quick, has an eye for goal and is a good passer.

    He could do a job on either side. That could see wee Barrie getting switched as this guy looks a lot more confident on his left. he will provide great back up if McKay loses form or gets injured. Competition for him as well.
    Nothing against Kenny Miller but this guy WILL take his place I think.

    Verdict? I like. Harry on the left. Barrie on the right. Let's see how the opposition go with their packed defences with these two stretching them.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Young Harry looks very comfortable with both feet and he clearly is very direct and likes to have a pop. Should be a really good addition to the squad and could easily become a first pick. Don't like labels but if I must then Attacking Midfield.

  4. Is he the first of a number of free transfer, out of contract or loanees players to be brought in during the window?.

    What happened to the war chest that King and Murray have promised to enable a better quality of player to be brought in to compete in the SPFL and Europe?

  5. Has not really excelled at Rovers, except in flashes. Not helped by injuries and some temperament issues. A player with genuine ability, if his manager can get him to work hard for the team.

  6. I hope we never have to buy a player again rather see money in to club at the moment not out, but nice try wee Timothy only a deluded fool would think anybody would get taken in by the other anon.

  7. You don,t millions to unearth a gem as Warburton has been saying ,trust the manager he,s done ok up till now.There,s more to come trust the loaf.WATP.

  8. Two questions I feel we should be all asking: Why is there no one else competing for his signature and why is he being released from an average championship club??

    I'm not going to ask those questions as I fully trust Warburton and his signing policy, he has shown how incredible he can be in the lower end of the market propelling the likes of Tav, Waghorn, Halliday and especially Holt. Let's hope Warbs can add fantastic value with this free transfer. You never know what kind of money he could be sold for in future

  9. Not an out and out striker as has been said. Good thing though is if others in the midfield are falling short then they'll not be an automatic as is the case just now.

    Welcome to Rangers Harry!

  10. Glad he isn't coming in on loan – too many loanees now and get the feeling young players on loan will be holding back somewhat in case of serious injury that affects their chances when they return to parent club. One or two do no harm but I wouldn't take any more…

  11. same old shit we get told we are going to spend up to 30 million on players to get us to the top in europe and what do we get another freebie who couldent hack it at the lower levels down south if this guys a world beater why is no one else after him a new year but the same old lies from the top

  12. It doesn't matter how much money you spend. Look at Aberdeen, they spent less than 500k and are on Celtic's heels.

    Champions League teams spend hundreds of millions and get eliminated early.

    Money is not the issue, it is not how much you spend but how well you can scout that will determine if we can challenge next year. I'd say so far so good…

  13. and what have aberdeen won???1 cup in the last zzzyears,,we were told there was money comin from dave king,,,we,ll never dominate scottish fitba wi free transfers n loans,,

  14. It's not how much u spend , it's how u spend it ! Having said that judge ( Brentford) & Stevie may would be great additions 4 next season.

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