Does Nicky Law deserve a chance?


This site has historically been arguably one of Nicky Law’s harshest critics, but with justification. The attacking midfielder has mostly punched well below his weight since arriving from Fir Park in 2013, and despite a bright start as a trialist, it faded and the Englishman struggled heavily to replicate his Premiership form at Ibrox.

As such he has been, fairly, on the end of a lot of criticism over the past 18 months, and even the man himself admits he simply has not delivered in the way he had hoped to.

However, under new manager Mark Warburton Law has been used far more sparingly than the ever-present he was under all the previous managers since he signed – and while the first couple of months of his sporadic appearances under the Magic Hat were by no means anything to write home about, they grew in influence from September and Law started to look like a completely different player.

Gone was the absent play, lazy passing, lacklustre movement and general apathy, and Law, now no longer a guaranteed starter, was giving infinitely more to the cause.

The one stark difference between the old Law and the new one is the new one rarely scores – instead he plays a little deeper, working around the circle to the box to keep the ball moving, always looking for team mates. His work ethic has gone up tenfold, and he looks energised, industrious, with a level of quality in his play (especially when feeding the flanks) that fans have rarely seen from him till Warburton showed up.

Right now the playmaker is recovering from injury, but is back in training and was an outside bet to make the bench for the 2-2 draw with Morton. He did not, but a number of fans have noticed Rangers’ weaker form has coincided with his absence.

They may be right to conclude 4 from the 2+2 or they may be well off target, but the timing is uncanny, be it his direct influence when on the field or the competition he provides by being on the bench.

Either way, with Rangers certainly a bit lacklustre right now, Law’s return would be a decent boost to help raise the level of those around him who may just be getting a tad complacent without the threat of his taking their place.

And directly speaking, many fans note how impressive his form was prior to injury and maybe pine for his return.

Perhaps it is a case of absence making a player 10 times better than they really are, but his return certainly cannot hurt Rangers’ cause.

We will see if Mark Warburton agrees.


  1. I was a critic of Law,who ,let's be honest, failed to deliver in midfield. He should get a game if we are short. If in the games he plays in ,he plays better,ok give him a chance. But personally I think he has had his time.

  2. sorry don't agree with your comments he is not the answer ,he has done nothing since we signed him no heart no guts ,off the bench maybe till we get more players in .

  3. I struggle with Law. He looked a very good player at Motherwell but appeared to struggle with the move up to Rangers. While I appreciate that no one benefitted from the appalling coaching i am just not sure that he has what it takes to be a Rangers player. I am hoping that in January we see a quality holding midfield player signed and it might be that Law or Clarke is used as part of any deal. While we certainly need someone in that holding role I am not sure that Law would be the answer.

  4. Nicky Law in my opinion should be off loaded as soon as given that he just as the fellow Aird have no heart to be playing for such a famous Club such as Rangers.
    Rangers as of now play Halliday in the midfield alongside Holt and what is missing is a right decent hard tackling midfielder who can also play a fair bit, not a shirker who offers very little, playing Law can only weaken the midfield again in my opinion.
    I would however be dropping Zela as he gives the ball all too often to the other side, perhaps play Ball behind Holt and Halliday with Wilson brought back into the defence ?
    What might be worth looking at is playing our back for AS a back four, no full backs bombing forward to leave the center backs on their own ? This way we can find out as to how the side might perform against better sides, see how the other players can take on the other sides, see if the wing area's without two full backs perform ? (Alan63)

  5. Law has barely featured since the start of the season so Rangers form nothing to do with him but agree we need signings for freshness and to rest players

  6. Never mind who might come in at January or next summer; we are where we are right now and need to beat Falkirk and Hibs. Play Law if he is fit – he's been round the block and has legs to go the distance. Some of the younger regulars look jaded. It's all very well playing out of your skin in the balmy days of August and September, but in December, up to your knees in mud (or astroturf!) against 10 men defences, is when experienced players win leagues.

  7. Zelalem should be left out I would give Law a chance or even bring in young Jordan Thomson also Warburton is drooling over Ryan Hardie he should give the lad a start instead of Kenny Miller

  8. Nicky Law? pfft

    We need a right winger, stop moving Waghorn out there. Miller in the middle = no focal point when attacking as he drops too deep

  9. No. He should be punted and to be honest, he's the biggest waster at the club. He enjoys being at a big club, but doesn't have the heart of mentality for it.

  10. I agree with the earlier post. Bring back Wilson in to central defence. Play Ball as sitting midfielder which will allow Halliday to play in his natural position as attacking midfielder. Halliday was a 15 goals a season man when down south. Playing him as defensive midfielder is just a waste

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