David Templeton’s injury woes deepen


Rangers’ winger David Templeton’s injury troubles seem set to continue with the news the former Hearts winger now appears to have a foot problem.

Following the St Mirren victory earlier this season at Ibrox, the 26-year old winger suffered knee ligament damage and was ruled out for around two months. Unfortunately a source has claimed his problems have deepened and seem set to rule the attacker out for the foreseeable future.

They said:

“It seems he has a problem with a bone in his foot”

While this has not been officially verified by the club, as, admittedly, the first injury was not either, it nevertheless sums up the flanker’s Ibrox nightmare rather effectively and is further evidence of his ongoing fitness and consistency issues which have blighted his career since he joined Rangers in 2012.

Contracted till next summer, Temps is unlikely to find himself required at Ibrox beyond that.

NB: since publication, the injury has been clarified as a reoccurrance of the knee injury, rather than a new problem.

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  1. I'm fed up hearing about temp clearly the roumors that he was addicted to painkillers have some truth in them one fake 'injury after another just get him off the books!

  2. GET RID…. Hes either injury prone or can't cope with the pressure of being a Rangers player. Cast your mind back to another jambo that couldn't cope with being at a big club…. Andy Webster. Played about 3 games in 3 years because of 'injuries'.. Then left the Gers and went to a smaller club with less pressure and lo and behold….he doesn't miss a game for 3 full seasons!

  3. Templeton has been unlucky with injury since joining from Hearts; of that there is no doubt. He has also had the misfortune during his time at Rangers of suffering just like every other player at the time as a result of dire off the field issues and appalling coaching. If he ever regains fitness then personally I would be willing to give him time to prove his worth now that Warburton is in control of the coaching.

    • I would go along with you Tom. The negativity towards this young man is unwarranted imo. He's only plated in poor Rangers teams thus far and carrying injury's. Let's get him super fit and then judge him. Personally I think he'll have something to offer us.

    • Give young Templeton time to recover from injury, get him super fit then judge him. Personally I think he has something to offer us.

  4. How do you coach a player who is shit scared can't play on certain surfaces and needs his dad to talk for him ally made mistakes but the players have a lot to answer for

  5. Hes a donkey does not deserve to wear a rangers top sooner the summer comes to get rid of dead wood like him the better

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