Warburton: “We’re already good enough for the SPL”


Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton has hinted that he believes Rangers’ present squad can mostly compete at SPL level without a great number of additions at Ibrox.

Speaking at his press conference, the Magic Hat suggested that only mild modifications are needed between now and the start of next season, with the present group of players seen as good enough for the step up.

He said:

“Right now we don’t need major surgery, we have lost one game of football, are five points clear at the top of the league and the squad is sound and in good shape. We need one or two in January, maximum, to do that and in June we’ll see how we finish the season but maybe four or five in total, including January.”

Presumably Warburton is assuming his Rangers will secure promotion, and if that is the case, fans are being instructed not to expect a colossal influx of new players for 2016/2017 viewed as ‘fit for the SPL’.

Warburton believes the existing squad only needs around five new players to achieve that already.


  1. why don't they sign mike(fatso)Ashley and play him as goalkeeper ? you wiidnae see the posts when he is in goals. and he could catch the ball wae his big mouth.

  2. Why don't we all come together to put the shiters up Mike Ashley, protest outside all his shops in Scotland, scare customers off , give his shops lots of bad press then even go as far as track down where he lives and protest outside his bloody house let's come together am up for it are any you's????????WATP

    • if the newcastle fans did the same they might start to win things and not just be there to fill up his pockets and bank book,,, GET THE FAT MAN OUT OF IBROX,,, NOW.

  3. For somebody who worked in the City originally he can't seem to count – he's actually lost 2 games not one and one of those was against the only SPL team he played against so he may be getting ahead of himself a bit if you ask me

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