Warburton reveals the biggest area of concern on the pitch


Mark Warburton has admitted Rangers’ defence remains a key area of concern, despite his side’s rampant 4-0 victory versus Alloa at Ibrox this weekend.

Speaking after the match, he alluded to the swift counters from the Wasps which nearly yielded a positive outcome for the visitors, one such move being halted by a charging Lee Wallace.

The manager said:

“We gave them two very good chances. Good tackle by Lee to stop the second one so be wary, be tighter in that area (defence).”

The issue facing Warburton is that after initially feeling on-loan Tottenham Hotspur defender Dominic Ball was the answer to the problem, his colossal error in the first half demonstrated that he too, at the tender age of 20, still has a great deal to learn about reading the game, and he is more vulnerable than his impressive previous displays suggested.

The White Hart Lane stopper had replaced the very shaky Danny Wilson who has failed to impress for some considerable time, and probably is still the best option of the two for the time being, but there is no denying the manager will be looking to strengthen that area come January.


  1. We need to make allowances to the fact that Mark Warburton has had to basically build a team from the ground up, but saying that….we should be aware that as it stands just now….we are far short of the standard needed for the Premier league.
    "Rome wasn't built in a day" and Mark Warburton has made progress on the park and setting a formula off it, that Ally McCoist failed to see and put into motion when he had the oppertunity years ago.
    We should never forget the state of the team under Ally McCoist and just be thankful that at long last there maybe light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

  2. Our defence is quite vurnerable. We get caught out with the long ball and at set pieces. I still think we need a quality centre half, a play maker in midfield and a top class striker who will bury teams. I think we very much light weight and getting bullied to much. Some of our young players are not up for the fight, one tackle and they fear the rest of the game. All in all,, its a work in progress,, I'm sure Mark and Davy will see whats neeeded and will strengthen in January. Id get rid of Shiels, Law, Bell, to free up wages for fresh new talent.

  3. When is Dave king going to straight with the fans and state how much funding is available for players? Getting sick of him saying funds will be available if needed and is he actually going to put a penny into our club? More questions should be getting asked of him, he is only being let of the hook in the meantime because the team are doing well at the moment.

    • Your having a laugh aren't you. King is no better than the last lot.
      Never mind the bollocks about "cant spend money till January anyway so lets just wait and see." He has had since he took over to "show us the money" and he hasn't. Simple as that.
      How do you know when King is lying??? His lips move!!!
      I am not one of the bears getting fooled so easily.

  4. He has done well in the transfer market. He has only had one window and I expect in the next 2 we will get 5-6 new players plus get rid of a few of the present squad and overall be in a much better position

    • No he hasn't!!! free transfers and loan deals, wages being paid by loans from The three bears and Ashley. Where's the money Dave??

      I agree with Sparkybear, it's only because we are doing well against a bunch of part time teams that we are forgetting about his whatever it takes I will spend shite. What happens when we face low quality premier league clubs? St Johnstone, Motherwell !!! exactly!

      I predict that on the 31st January we will be saying, he doesn't need to spend anything till the summer. I don't believe the shite Warburton is spouting either about not wanting to upset the team with new players, this is part of any football team FFS.

      I pissed myself last week when Timmy got pumped in Europe, but reality kicks in when you see how far away we are from the premier league never mind Europe!!

  5. Let's be optimistic look how far the bears have come in the last few months.we could probably do better in Europe than that other Irish mob even with the squad we have now. ..lol

  6. Well said sparkybear don't trust the bloke one little bit hasnt put a penny into the club and never will and how can someone who lives in South Africa be at the helm? Wish he would put up or leave just wish we had got Brian Kennedy in really fear for the future

  7. Fecking blah blah blah blah kings this kings that, get a grip who do u thinks keeping the place alive the noo….. There's bar cunt else chapping at the door to put money in but maybe you's would prefer the days of Mike Ashley back and David Sommers in charge???? Naw did I think so fecking wake up will yous

  8. So David scott , how much has King put into club ? 1.5 million and he had to borrow that open your eyes up and stop being an naive idiot , he has already said other board members and not him would be lending the clubs funds to keep it running till the end of the year, he isn't going to give the club another penny so get used to it

  9. David Scott , hope you aren't moaning next season when we are sitting midtable and King hasn't gave us any money for players not giving you grief my man , don't like King and doubt he will be good for club , just my opinion ,seriously hope I'm wrong. WATP

  10. Apparently Dave King hasn't got any funds as it's all invested in companies. The south African government is famously known for not allowing money to leave the country and even on the rare occasions that they do allow it they charge between 15 and 30% fees on any amount moved outside the country, so even if King got his hands on some money I doubt he would pay the charges required hence why he lives where he does, he couldn't live the way he's accustomed to in the UK ,so fellow bears don't expect any funding anytime soon, just wish he would come out and admit this to the fans.

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