Warbs admits players could leave – but who?


With Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton’s startling admission that any Rangers player could leave in January for the right price, the rather worrying possibilities now start to fester that key players could be on their way after only six months at Ibrox.

To be exact, Warburton said:

“The fact of the matter is I don’t want anyone to leave the football club. (but) If they leave for a sum that offers value to Rangers Football Club, it means the recruitment has been right because they’ve produced a level of performance which has attracted a bigger club from down south that can afford to pay us a fee above and beyond what we’d want to get for a player. It’s simple economics. If a player comes in and gets offered quadruple his wages to play down south in lower Premiership or top Championship, we aren’t going to stand in his way as long as we get the right fee for the player. We don’t want to be a selling club but it’s the nature of the beast. If the price is right for all parties it’s going to happen. What we provide here hopefully is a shop window. You look at it and say we are going to achieve what we can achieve, hopefully go up, hopefully get back into Europe and then if we lose a player for the right sum our job is to replace him.”

Currently Rangers’ marquee players include Lee Wallace, James Tavernier, Jason Holt, Barrie McKay and Martyn Waghorn, all of whom have shone wonderfully at Ibrox under The Magic Hat.

Andy Halliday has been slightly wasted at defensive midfield but has done a decent enough job, if not one that might see him cherry picked; but his peers certainly have excelled and could be vulnerable.

The most obvious targets are Tavernier and Waghorn, who absolutely exploded onto the scene at Ibrox and are viewed as vital cogs in the Warburton machine, but Jason Holt’s impressive displays will not have gone unnoticed either while McKay’s emergence as a key player this season makes him vulnerable too.

Rangers would do brilliantly to sustain the existing squad but, sadly, as Warbs said – if an EPL or solid Championship side wants anyone at Ibrox, assuming they stump up a lavish enough fee, it is unlikely the player will remain.

The nature of the beast”, as Rangers’ boss puts it.


  1. None have proved themselves at any sort of decent level. The only real test was against St Johnstone and no-one really 'shone'
    As a fan this pleases me as I'd like the team to stay together (with some new faces), for the remainder of the season. Next year will require at least 7 decent quality players in order to pose any threat to Celtic.

  2. Thought we were trying to build a team and Warburton is coming out with comments like that , it's almost alerting teams to our players, where is the ambition ? It's almost as if he's been told by board sell before you can buy. If this is the route they are going down quarter of the way through a season I don't see much of a future for Rangers. I for one won't be renewing my season book if we are going to turn into an out and out feeder club for others

    • Face it, the we are four leagues full of selling clubs, it's the climate and not going to change anytime soon north of the border. We need to be realistic, we're not going to hold onto any player where we can make a much needed profit. I would think Warburton has been transparent to his players to ENCOURAGE them to play to a higher standard.

      Scottish football is essentially one big shopping window.

  3. And whats the shock of Warbs statement?, Stevie Wonder could see that for the longevity of our club in the future if a big enough bid comes in for one of our players and the management team see fit that its in our interests to sell we see, days of big money buys are long gone thank feck look where that got us- the sooner us fans realise we need to live within budgets the better for our club.

  4. Really is this anything new . How long is it since any Scottish team and I fact most of the teams in the world could turn down a good offer for any of their players. As long as we get a decent fee and the timing is right that's fine. This reall looks like scaremongering

  5. the club will do as they need to do and its all good so far, we all need to stand firm behind our club to get us back to the top no matter what,, in king our trust,, WATP

  6. Instead of some of our fans worrying what players could be sold we better hope the best signing of the lot doesn't get poached back down south ie.our manager mark warburton,first QPR were linked now sky sports today is reporting that fulham have 'the magic hat' on a five man shortlist to be their new manager

  7. My Celtic mates are even laughing at Warburtons comments it's a come and buy sale at ibrox. If you are going to be a feeder/selling club don't advertise it all over the papers get a good team together first then if a prem team wants a player for silly money then sell , we haven't even got up yet and warbs is already trying to punt players, don't trust king never have but now I'm doubting warbs too. If we are are going to be another Dundee utd and sell on sight I'm not going to pay full price for sb next season, reckon board want us to pay for everything, team doing ok but beating painters/cleaners etc week in week out, would rather rangers stayed in championship for ever than go to spl and be mugged off and look like idiots, where's kings money?

    • Pure p**h mate.He's merely stating that if we receive a bid over and above the coappers we paid for Waghorn for instance,then the Club would seriously have to entertain it.Where is the surprise in that statement?He's not trying to punt anyone he's just stating facts.Its different days mate you best get your nut around that reality.As for the painters/cleaners quip,Alloa are the only part-timers in the Championship.Your timmy mates who are laughing at you are in the same boat.Every player at the Piggery is for sale at the right price too so stop being a balloon and get behind the Club.

  8. There is a note in the accounts from the auditors that cash flow would be enhanced by the sale of players, so no surprise there.

    But something not quite right with the PR blurb.

    Only the day before Warbs was talking about spending £1/2m pounds on a player if he could enhance the squad and expected the board to back him with hard cash.

    Whose running the show? The manager talks about spending decent money, in Scottish terms, yet almost in the next breath we could be selling.

    I've no issue with that as the cash shortfall will be far more than King and his Co investors can deal with, however Warbs may be seeing the Chairman in a slightly different light!

  9. I'm not a nutjob Tam burns I realise if a stupid bid comes in for a player we would need to accept it but ffs don't advertise it to the world when you are barely 3 months into building a side, it fucking reeks of desperation and gives us little chance of keeping mediocre players, just hope you aren't moaning next season when we get 6th or 7th at best in the league because this is what will happen but it's better than where we were so be happy and don't fucking whine like a girl when we don't win anything for years oh and I've had sb for 21 years will support us always I've got an opinion and so have you WATP

  10. Possibly Warburton will get to spend 1million on a player next season but it would take the complete squad being sold off, Dave king dropping his wallet or a bunch of gold bullion being found at Govan neither will happen P.S if anyone has found Dave kings wallet hand it in at the nearest police station, sorry no reward will be paid as it was empty

  11. Warbs will leave Rangers at the end of the season, at the end of the day King won't give him a penny to spend on players and fuck working with your hands tied behind your back. The bloke seems ok but if I was him I'd be off. If Rangers was a dog it would have been put down ages ago.

  12. Warbs has bought an entire team with 600k and got 5 high earners off the books so to me that's evened out at nothing spent what happened to all the money king was putting in?

  13. We have to look at the long term. There is no future for Scottish football. Rangers and Celtic's playing budget is dwarfed even by Championship clubs. 20 years from now we'll still have our amazing support, maybe win the league every other year, but it's unlikely we'll ever make a dent in the Europa League, never mind the Champions League. Same for our Tim friends.
    We're both big fish in a tiny pond. It's funny by the way that no one is screaming right now about Celtic's playing budget being 9 times higher than anyone else in the SPL gives them an unfair sporting advantage…
    Anyway, what I think we have to do is have Dave King camp on the door step of the FA's president and beg him to admit Rangers into the English setup. Even if it means starting at the lowest level, we'll take it!
    Eventually we will get to the Premiership. This is a painful process, but the alternative is a lot worse:
    2035 – 4 big games each against Partick Thistle and Hamilton Accies!
    2050 – more big games against Kimarnock and Falkirk!

    • good comments about English leagues. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this door will ever open. Dave, get your cheque book out, call in all your favours from English businessmen and get it done!

  14. Mark Warburton and staff are there to create the best Rangers team they can, that's in terms of academy players and finances available. If any EPL or English Championship team would like to spend decent money for 'developed' players under Warbs and staff guidance then by all means take them. Frank McParland is still to show his eye for talent but if Warbs trusts him then we all should!

    We should follow Portos example. Develop youth/buy in half decent ex academy players and sell them on. They won the Uefa Cup and Champions league and have been a respected European side for many years. And remember they play in an inferior league!

  15. I can`t understand why fans are getting over excited about this. Warburton is simply saying that every player has a price, the same thing any realistic Manager in World Football would say.
    He was not offering players on the cheap, or inviting other Clubs to a potential fire sale .

    He, more than most, knows the value of his squad ,,, and their capabilities. Considering the Football he has our Team playing this season and the modest amount he needed to bring in several players , who managed to gel and hit the ground running with existing players, is no mean feat.

    Calling for Dave King to splash the cash, to me, is ridiculous. Do we want to return to the days when we appeared to have more money than fiscal sense?

    The mhedia and the haters are dying to see us back in the dark days of admin and we all know they will assist when they can.

    Enjoy the Football being played at Ibrox and get behind the Team, neither Warburton or Weir are mugs and won`t be concerned at all about words being taken out of context and suited to other agendas.

    The Most Successful Club In The World , WE ARE.

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