Rangers winger reveals his secrets


Rangers’ wing trickster Nathan Oduwa has revealed what actually goes on in his mind before attempting another of his mind-boggling repertoire.

During his On The Spot turn for Rangers.co.uk, the young English winger (who may elect to play for Nigeria due to parentage) admitted that his tricks, flicks and all-round skill vary in scenario, and depend on what needs to be done.

Asked if his play was improvised or planned, the 19-year old said:

“Yes and no. The more advanced skills, like the rainbow flicks, the flip flaps, the step overs, then I would say yes I do think about them and I know what I’m doing. But if it’s in the tight areas and there are two or three people on me it is like my feet think quicker than my head in those situations.”

In other words, when it is a lavish trick, he puts a lot of thought into what to try, but when surrounded by opponents he improvises entirely to get out tricky situations.

Oduwa has had a sparkling start to life at Ibrox, and is surely part of a full-strength XI. Whether we will see him beyond next summer, though, is another matter.


  1. Whilst he does have skill he still has an awful lot to learn, when to pass when to hold it etc by the end of the season we should know if he has what it takes.

  2. It is so important that when Rangers winger Nathan Oduwa is in the starting eleven that they give him the ball as often as they can, so that he can make the maximum impact on a game. It is also the way for the very talented Scotland under 21 winger Barry McKay to get the ball early and give them the chance to run the full backs ragged. When they take their men on, that's when our two wonderful full backs should be right up there with them to win the ball back if they fail to beat their man. They both have to be given the ball at the earliest to see what they can both do.

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