Rangers striker appears in court


Rangers striker Nicky Clark has appeared in court following a disturbance at Queen Street Station in Glasgow, according to reports.

The former QoS front man was allegedly involved in an altercation with transport police along with his brother, who is said to have been concealing a weapon.

Quotes from unnamed sources claim they acted in a “threatening or abusive manner” and did not co-operate with police “in the execution of their duty”.

Clark’s brother Gary was also charged with aforementioned alleged possession of a weapon, and neither made a plea at Glasgow’s Sheriff Court – they will return to court at an as-yet unset date having been bailed.

If this story is true, and there have been no counter claims, it will upset the harmony and spirit manager Mark Warburton has so brilliantly cultivated into Ibrox. The striker, 24, never really proved himself at Rangers and has played a fringe role under the Magic Hat – his contract expires next summer and an extension certainly seems unlikely at this point.


  1. I dont know the ins and outs of this…but if he has behaved like a thug then I am afraid there can be only one option for the manager…freeze him out and show him the door…Rangers and everyone associated with the club need to be almost "squeaky clean"at this time…We dont need idiots behaving badly and giving the enemy ammunition to fire at us…its bad enough dealing with all the other shite they throw…WAT…people.

  2. Anybody know the difference between "to" and "too" on here?You're making us look like the rotten mob.Regarding Clark,chase him"to" f***!

  3. Hopefully that'll be his time with us up. If this is true then he should be booted out the club ASAP. Shoplifters, gunrunners and child neglecters might be OK for Ceptic but it won't do for our great club. Cheerio!

  4. Its not the first time Nicky Clark has been caught acting the d***. The guy gives it the hard man when hes out, if you have ever see him in the nightclubs you'll know what I mean. The guys an average to okay footballer but nothing more with an attitude way beyond his talents… contract expires end of season, should NOT get a extension..

  5. One comment was made earlier Innocent until proven guilty. The lad has been caught up in this because he was targeted (only because he plays with rangers) by someone trying to make a name for themselves time will tell. whatever happened to Rangers Loyalty

  6. The manager will pick the bones on this and deal with it accordingly. Warbs doesn't like anything or anyone upsetting the group and if Clark is found guilty he will be shown the door. Just have to wait and see.

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